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    Because of you abusing your admin powers of the cheating in and utilizing those spawners.

    Yes, I did. I understand my "crime", but I won't agree with what you did. Banned me from everywhere, without giving me the reason for it. I utilized the spawns, but I won't agree for cheating stuff in. All I cheated was 5 nether diamond ore for 40 diamond dust :sleeping:.

    Also, in the beggining let's make a mining age, always day, savana / pains tiled biomes (savana - ruby, emeralds and stuff like that, plains - Bauxite, Iridium and stuff like that) / no underground things :3 ? (Just so we don't destroy the overword witht he mining cuz I get really often in situations like that... :D)

    alright and yea we will be resetting and then you can rejoin from there. I should have the server rolled out tomorrow because sty1sh donated the needed fund for the invoice, Wanna help? head to the website for details!

    As soon as I get money in my paypal I will donate... for now I can't :X Also consider adding all the mods that you was going to add (Example - ExtraUtils) and would be awesome to add Soul Shards.

    Yea don't worry I'm going to do a stress test on one of their 2GB servers once the last couple of dollars rolled in from the maturation process. Because it's is really the world corrupted or is DoanVPS really overselling their "8 hyperthreaded CPU with 16 uqiue threads"? I'm going to find that out once I do once the last couple of bucks rolls in.

    As I told you the world is corrupted, but I understand your reasons ^^ If the map is restarted, please tell me so I can come and play some if possible ^^

    Leave the port forwarding... just make sure in the config you have Querry enabled and password for it set (must be the same you specify in the website). Note that the password is not an option there so you must enter it yourself. Search google for querry password on MC servers.

    Just download the mods / configs folders and replace them. Enter the folder and at the top right corner there is download. Press it and choose ZIP.

    First off, fluid enrich mode is used to create fluid construction foam, you pump water into the first tank (can maybe use watercells?) and you put the cf mix (I forget the name, but its the thing made of stone dust) in the second slot.

    Second, MOX is a nuclear fuel that I think lasts half as long as uranium, but you get an energy multiplier based on how hot the reactor its running in is, up to 4x generation. When you thermal centrifuge the depleted MOX cells you will get 3 full plutonium per cell, 1 small pile of plutonium per cell and a certain amount of iron dust based on the cell type, so essentially MOX uses no plutonium, it is more of an upfront cost/catalyst to cause the U238 to react.

    Easier explained, MOX is a fuel that generates up to 4x (I think!) normal depending on the heat of the nuclear reactor.

    Same thing happened to my book once, but I was in the overworld :X You should specify where is the book you used so when I get online I can bring you a book back. Also MC systems are down again and I can't play online...

    Alright I banned someone who's doesn't care about my hosting.. Quality managed servers are not cheap by any means! I checked the usages and they are not tipping over 50% for both CPU and RAM for two players online (staying around 36% most of the time). I don't host on insufficient hardware like some cheap skates that try to put 20 players on a 4GB server.

    What do you mean by that?