Cobblestone and macerators

  • I'm running buildcraft and industrialcraft, and i have a system which transfers the mined material into a series of chests, which then in turn is passed through a macerator. I'm still left with a literal mountain's worth of cobblestone and i was wondering if there's something i can do to pipe out the various dusts into another chest and the cobblestone into another?

  • yes, simply use Dimaond Pipes in Buildcraft to filter what items you want to go where, you can filter all your dusts to go to furnaces or chests and the cobble to go somewhere else like a box, macerator, or recycler. i recycle almost all my cobble and dirt, and have all the ores go straight to individual macerators and then send the dusts to a furnace and then the bars go to auto-crafting tables where it makes them straight into blocks for storage purposes.

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  • When i piped the cobblestone into a recycler, it spat it back out again, same with the macerator and both are powered. I guess i did something wrong?

  • When i piped the cobblestone into a recycler, it spat it back out again, same with the macerator and both are powered. I guess i did something wrong?

    I think clobbstone is added to the recycler blacklist, and since you cant macerate clobbstone it spit it out.

  • Was there about a full stack of cobble in the recycler/macerator? If there was a full stack of cobble in the machine as the pipe attempted to add cobble, the cobble would be ejected into the world even if there would be room for it about a second later. I usually get around this by using the advanced insertion pipe (from Zeldo's additional pipes) and the iron pipe in conjunction.

  • if you got zeldos pipes mod thing you could use that distribution pipe and distribute 1/3 of your cobble to a series of maceraters and macerate it into sand then to a couple of induction furnaces cook it into glass thean combine that other 2/3 of the cobble left over with the glass in a auto crafting table to equal... 8 cobblestone pipes (you can recycle them or use them for your piping stuff). OR you could send all your cobble to a auto crafting bench and have them be cut in half (using redpower saw) into RP slabs and use that then.


  • Cobblestone is not on the black list, at least for 1.81. Been using it for ages. and yes it matters where your pipe is. place the input pipe on the top of the machine, preferably an advanced insertion pipe so that you don't have excess cobble fall out of your system.

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  • What Zudguard says is true, as well as Cobble can be macenated into sand, always has been even back in v1.

    My processing center recycles 2/3s of all inbound cobble the rest is then split between smoothstone and glass.

  • I picked this trick up somewhere else, but if you have a chest before the macerator, have it go from this chest to the macerator and loop back to the chest so that anything the macerator doesn't do fast enough gets recycled back into the chest. You're not connecting the output of the macerator to this, simply looping pipe back to the chest at the input of the macerator.

    Now I haven't gotten into efficiency just yet, but you can power upgrades on the macerator to accept 512v + some speed boosts and that shit will plow through a chest in minutes.

  • Or you just fill it with Redpowers Tubes instead of unintelligent and bugged BC-Stuff

    Amen, and you can also have an RP timer pulsing only as fast as the macerator can macerate.


    Or give an MFSU to an enderman and whack him till he teleports to the right place and puts it down.