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    Or change mixed metal ingots to use lead instead of tin.

    Right, i should change it :) It's prett cool idea use Lead instead of Tin, so Advanced Alloy(another name for that) should have that protect in better ways, for radiation and also, for blow up.
    Maybe if there'll be RailCraft or/and Greg-Tech installed, it can too use Steel instead of Refined Iron Plate, or better, steel plate :)

    Hey Greg, can u please reintroduce the aqueous accumulator? I know there are pumps but they aren't as cool.


    "aren't as cool"? Really. Be sure you tried it! "BEST WAY FOR EMPTYING OCEANS"...

    And, actually, if you switch OFF infinite water sources, you can be really happy, i mean REALLY HAPPY if you craft your Cover for draining water from rain... Even if you don't want to turt it off, it's still soooo cool :) You can put water source exactly on machine and it drain water by self. And pump? Well, i think the best pump of all pumps :D Be sure you search all options of using Greg - Tech machines, covers etc. This give you thousands ways ho make something what'll be million times cooler then "aqueous accumulator", which is already added by T.E. Why Greg would implement already done things? It's hard to came up with originally idea.

    Personally, i can't wait for another cool things. Make survival soooo much harder. It's cool, no more wasting time babies :D

    Personally, I'd just be happy with an insta-break crafting table. Crafting, even with mod, always seems a few blocks too far or a few crazy buttons away. A simple, real portable crafting table- two right clicks to place and craft, one left click to take back, that you can even place at the workshop and not carry it all the time, could get a long way over the fancier stuff. Maybe just 2 tin (for legs), glass (pole),, and an iron plate (for top)?

    I do like the idea of a Master Machine interface, that can view and use all machines around it without needing to hop around. (MaMI?, MaMa interface?) (isn't there something similar in one of the MFFSes*?)

    *I need a plural for MFFS.

    It's interesting idea. Maybe if it looks something like this? (I make little playing ;))

    I like the bronze colour :P I hate the pipe's colouring though, blue = green!

    Maybe the whole IC2 crafting table could be added, but only does the machine actions as well if the machines are touching; so it automatically puts the item in, changes the mode of the machine, the machines processes, and the item goes back into the ultimate crafting table thing. That'd work.

    NOT BAD! Industrial Fabricator probably let myself inspire this at addon making :D

    I can't understand that maths at 100%. So, if it was something like that, but are you able to write it on better way please? :/
    Something more mathematical, without words, or better explain. You mean...

    EU Generation for THIS BLOCKS? I try to resolve that algorhythm, but i cant :D

    I don't see how iodine will help in nuclear absorption. Anyways, it would be pointless to add a material that has no use. And how would you get it? Why not just use lead? It's already present in the game. They block alpha and beta radiation and reduce gamma radiation.

    Rubber is really cheap and tanks will just become too cheap to even bother about the higher tier ones (e.g. Railcraft Steel Tanks). And don't forget lava in rubber tanks. Makes sense? However, I do see maybe vulcanized rubber having a potential. Otherwise, bronze tanks may be better, and more balanced.

    Because it's basic Nuclear Physics. Rods are used to sides of reactor for cosnuming that "mess" from burning Uranium 235 & 238.
    That rods are in real world shield for make it safer then without it. After burn, it's too radioactive mess. It need be sealed in huge lead containers which have shadowing for no way to escape radiation, or, something like that, but you're right. Lead is there, and it can be used to.
    So maybe try to used in recipes instead of "just" Advanced Alloy, combine it with Lead Plate in some way, ir, possible more ways, and have that little better block.
    You know, im going out of blocks of gregtech. He add some new reinforced blocks to keep your reactor much more safe. So, why not something between so hard Iridium Reinforced Stone and Reinforced Stone. Probably, Lead - Plated Stone? Or something like that.

    Well, it's good to read your ideas, it's for me like brainstorming ^_^.

    And yes, rubber is cheap, but, thats point. Sooo much rubber for no use if you hard work with your Treetap :) I like your idea with "Vulcanized Rubber" and Tiering Tanks.
    Also, that option for tanks was just if you haven't installed Railcraft, or you cant install it or anything else. :) But, again you are right. "I MUST THINKING IN MORE WAYS. WHAT IF I HAVE INSTALLED OTHER MOD WITH TANKS. BALANCING!" Thank you :)
    Sounds cool. :)
    Can i added your ideas in this post? :)

    make addon.

    most things suggested plain boring and wont make game any better (reactor and multyblock changes just ...), large amount of creative tabs is joke, maybe suggest separate tab for each machine?

    It's good showing off yourself. YOU DONT understand me. Breathe, go away and read it later. It's boring for you, no boring for EVERONE. Thanks for your opinion. :P

    I know it can be laggy, but i don't write about things like 'this is order in which it must be'. It's just suggestions, for some kind of expanding part of IC2 which stagnate and/or aren't so much, or totally not re-created... Still, but it can be.
    But i think if here are coders that can make things like Reactor settings and functions, it couldn't be so hard to make it if you know, what you do. And even if you dont know, here are lot of people and coders who can help with it. It's just about speak them. Soaryn, Eloraam, CovertJaguar, Azanor, SirSengir,... They all have abilities to help with it, and what else, most of this mods are O.S. which can make help easier. And again, its just suggestions.
    I dont kno why your answer sound me so attackly, like if you are 'i know everything in universe'... But, jsut feel ;)

    Water: I wrote it, and i think really clearly and understandable. No generating in world, but, if itll be, probably sometime if Uranium Ore is touching water. I'll re-write my post for better understanding that. Sorry if you don't know what i actually mean.

    Halogens? Because Iodid Rods are normally used for reflecting and consuming overflow radioactivity. Using them can protect player, because, ITS NOT POSSIBLE to go close to reactor if it run and be able to live long time. Radioation and things surround Nuclear Reactor have pretty BIG ability to expanding, discovering etc. But, as i said, i re-wrote it. Maybe it'll help. :thumbsup:


    UTILITIES & Design

    - Set Reinforced Stone & Reinforced Glass NON-Movable by Piston's.
    - Add block which have same options like Reinforced Stone, BUT! This block have ability to be PIPE-Based & ITEM-Based(In case of adding Greg-Tech Addon and his Pipes).
    - Add Tank Block, which should be multi - block for storing liquids. No practical uses yet, maybe some designer uses, cause UU look good in tank.
    - Add connected texture to Reinforced Stone & Reinforced Glass ( Glass make little bit cleared - Suggestion from inspiring Greg - Tech Iridium Reinforced Stone; It could look awesome).
    - Make recipe for Glass Fibre Cable little bit harder, because in IC2 EXP can handle over 8k EU/t and with some imagination, recipe with Silver or/even Redstone should melted that cable.
    - Add Conductive Glass, which is used for making Glass Fibre Cable (Should have Reinforced Abilities for handle 8k EU/t) or/and maybe added to recipes Carbon Plates).
    - Make visual meter at block texture for "how much MFSU/MFE/BatBox is filled"(In IC2 EXP have blocks 32x texture so maybe 20px high meter for MFSU[40M EU:20=2MEU/1 point]).
    - EU Reader should be chargable and consume some small amount for operation.
    - Add Reinforced Pressure Plate which can be used for open doors, react only on player which place it and cant be destroyed by water.(Because especially I cooling reactor with surrounding water.)
    - Add TFPB for automatic setting surrounding enviroment be ready to farm (Farming Chill). Areas 9x9, in center water block and this can make 2 on every side(even corner parts).
    - Add wellet for IndustrialCoins(mostly little troll item), which have 27 stacks of Coins and is able to accept ICoins and even other coins.
    - Make Dynamite - O - Mote consuming EU for transfers and setting.
    - Added to enviroment world generation 2x2 rubber trees generetaing in Jungle Biomes and higher Rubber trees generetad in Taiga Biomes. Drop same saplings, but respectfull for biom-mutate.
    - Sets for RTG Fuel they are no more FOREVER and also they need be cooled by surround water. (More realistic, cuase RTG make heat).
    - Add new mode to Electric Wrench called "Only Rotate Mode". Because it happen lot times I by clicking again and again break machine instead of right rotation.
    - Add new mode to Electric Hoe called and it should be able to farms 3x3 area with increase of taken more energy from it. It's faster, but with prize.
    - Add Vulcanized Rubber which can be created like recipe below and have use for Tanks and also for HV Cable. I think normal rubber should melt if is there too high Voltage. :)
    - Add little and simple 2! Manuals. First one for Reactor components for In - Game know what is what. 2. maybe for In - Game Changelog.
    - Add Graphite generated 12> layer and surround mostly lava. Can be used for advanced moderating Nuclear Reaction.
    - Add Hopper Upgrade which actually can suck - in items from chest above machine and put them automatically into pre - processing slot.
    - Add Regulating Upgrade which can counting how much energy machine already used and after bypass count it emit signal / stop taking energy and slowly comes off. :)
    - Add machine based by Thermal Centrifuge, but for Cells, able to make from Grafite & Empty Cell Reinforced Graphite Rod which can be Reactor inventory moderator for sucking Radiation.
    - Update Hazmat Suit and Scuba helmet recipe more expensive using Lead Plates and / or Advanced Alloys and make that as new way of Hazmat and Composite Armor.
    - Add custom surface, rare dungeons / ruins based like something what broken house with hidden Personal Safe which can have inside little chance to be filled with some Tier 2 Stuff.
    - Add to enviroment more basic flowers with only design use (for now).
    - Add Iron Rod for use in Generator Recipes like new recipe for Water Mill which instead of wood using Stone Plates and Iron Rods.
    - Add to config ability to use UU for custom items by ID's and.
    - Add to config possibility to ban items via config.
    - Add Oxygene Quadruple - Cells and make them able to fired up heat / fired based machines like Generator, Geothermal Generator & Semifluid Generator maybe.
    - Add Oxgene Mask like an upgrade for Night Vision googles which can with electrolyzing water allow you to breath underwater using energy, but it's cheaper then Quantum Helmet. Because of clay.
    - Add "traversis" like decoration block for storage - based halls.
    - Add Energy Gun for killing mobs for longer range.
    - Add Enchantment "Energy Saver" which can decrease using at items by 5% by level. Max. lvl IV.
    - Add Enchantment "Stabilizing" for electric armor, concretely boots, for hold you on one place even if you're hitted by arrow.
    - Add Enchantment Energy Absorber which can protect you while someone shoot you with Energy Gun. That take energy from "bullet" and put it into energy armor / lappack.


    It's interesting i run it without any problems. Only one problem i have with co-op mods together was Forestry copper problem and that's all.

    I used older release of EXP IC2 and it worked. I try it on "Space Station"(Function of Solar Panels), and it worked. So, it's interesting you cant run it.

    Maybe i'll do little research and EDIT this with my opinion for inspire you.

    And one time again, im almost sure i used EXP IC2. 8|

    You have exactly two possibilities to make it. You can use MCPC+ or BukkitForge.

    Both are pretty unstable, so use it on your own risk. It's still hardcore to make server with plugins which is modded.
    But, MCPC+ is good opinion. Forum of that have already section for Forge ported plugins, or Bukkit ported mods for better use together.
    Just, give it a try. ;)

    Oh, that's not permanent UUAmplifier? Mmm... I was happy then old texture will be forever, just now for use it as BEST possible amplifier :)
    So, i can't wait what you added next times.

    Because i saw some lines and shapes in new IC2 EPX. which remains me Greg's ideas :)

    And, when it's UNIVERSAL, it mean's then there'll be more content and machines where we can use UUA? O:)