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    Forge Multipart :3 Screwed things allways, cause it's still very WIP I guess, isn't?
    Cause, it totally changing way gow works 1 blocks as Multipart and I also love support for cheaper covering some pipes / cables / ducts.
    Also would like to see this support in IC2 for covering cables instead of using Obfuscator, which eat up almost all energy to cover few blocks with ConsFoam.

    Your going to bed earlier tonight then. :P

    You didnt understand. If you WRONG make some part of code, ORE can acting as ENVIROMENTAL part of TERRAIN, not Minable Resorce. Like Grass, Dirt, Tainted Soil, Heat Sand, whatever which isnt generated through Forge "xxGenMinable" and few others. So, you wrongly register it and boop up.. Heres the problem. Ore want act as surface material / ground and that have allowed only 256 ID's... Exactly 1 - 256

    Ozone is poisonous.

    And actually pretty hard to smell if you need to be perfectly in that 3 mm thick line which really ozone ( o - zone ) is :D
    Thus reminds me I REALLY, REALLY need to rework textures for our ReStone_ :/
    Pretty bad, not greatly looking. Back it up to more basically stuff. Probably just recolor basic stone, resize to 32x and add edge lines.
    Also Master.

    It depends to 256, cause you wrong register worldGenMinable in classes or do wrong methods.

    Real and TRUE reason why it happen is, then Minecraft can calculate in WorldGen with 256 ID's, NO more, which is reason why Biome Mods using that for generating Surface blocks etc.
    That same what you try to do, but we want to make it for ores. Maybe if theres NetherMinable / WorldGenMinable etc. Also I think we should make separate worldGenHandler.class, cause it probably can be messy later. Also I think since we've got time. Please, refractory code :3

    While a Fusion reactor gives a lot of energy, such amount is not really needed for anything. I think that energy plant should be a tool, not a goal. Are there any plans to add some post fusion content, like building a spaceship or something like this.

    What the plans for further development, anyway? Which way the mod is going to be improved.

    Actually, you need energy everytime. Since I can say to Greg: " Please! Make in config choice to disable crafting of Solar Panel". That should be greatfull.
    Also I personally love Fusion Reactor for his "real feel", cause as I know ( and im not great scientist ), Nuclear Fusion / Fusion is way how make Plasma from H2 and H3 from ONE simple atom in EXTREME pressure, temperature etc. for making much more energy. It also be call "Solar Fusion", because way it work and way in real world people try do that is I guess to make "little sun" and reaction same as sun have. But, now in ALPHA Testing in scientist workshops, it work, but... Required much more energy then it can offer, i guess.
    Again, im not scientist, but....

    Also, plans for future can be viewed in GregTech Discussion I guess :3 Some of Dark Matter was there, Space etc...

    Probably because since its "GregTech Intergalactical" it has name for some purpose. Please, make Iridium generate only in ravines, like sediment from Meteor Rains :3 :3

    TE's crashing for me in basic survival / creative at all in latest version, probably dependent on it, but...

    Maybe you should try both form.

    Use it as Lib or use it in mods folder, which maybe, can stop crash game :/ Or, probably, put commit to page into their "bugtracker" :D

    But my crashes can be caused even then I update my Java stuff :D They promise they only add some security stuff.... Heck NO! They added somethin' what totally messed up my Dev - Env...
    Probably because I download 86x ( 32 bit ) JDK ( JDK + JRE ) ? :D

    Mahoe is not biome-dependent and you can breed temperature/humidity tolerance into bees. If you don't want to do that, alvearies let you regulate their internal biome.

    Of course they let, but if recipes dont change, it still required Royal Jelly ( Breed similar to Industrious ) which requires even Nether Biome at all. So even if you want make things "non - biome" dependent, still you need to go through world, because im sure you need at least Desert ( Common ), Swamp ( Marshy ) and few other cool things, just for Royal Jelly. But as said many times I check out some channels, Bee + Tree and maybe Butterfly breed is better start already in start.

    Also, I can recommend, if you need it yet or try it yet, push in game even MagicBees, which does great work with Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, TiC and few other cool mods.
    And if its not enough, still here are Binnie's ExtraBees & Trees ( Marble Hive, Water Hive, Rocky Hive etc. ) and lot of cool new bees for Surface, Nether & End, so I can say, then if you deal with GregTech, Forestry, IC2, Railcraft, NEI, NEI Plugins / Addons / Waila and few other things, game will raise into greatfull size and fun never stop. Especially great mods add still something better and you can be sure, they never stop expand / release / update. Oh, if I remember day about two years ago then I first try mods. EE2, IC and bunch of other cool mods, which are now dead... R.I.P. and thnx to Gregorius :3

    My mule just disappeared with 8 stacks of tetrahedrite (16 block stacks).....
    I crashed, and then when I logged back in, it was missing.
    Doing a search for ChestedHorse with value 1 in NBTedit....

    Greg, you thinking about adding robotic horses? :P

    Edit: Failing that, an autosave config option? Like, you can set an amount of time in minutes for the game to save automatically, in case of crashes or corrupted worlds.

    You mean same as OF do? :)

    You mean Textures? All the Stupid Material Items will work with Color Modulation soon, so you dont need to do that much, and my Machines are so simplistic designed, that it is really easy to make Textures for them.

    I mean just G.U.Y. :D ( Or GUI ). Well, it take for me long time to find greatfull buttons icons or / and make some to look just awesome as it should. But, 1.7 is still closer, my work to I hope.
    Btw. I'm really like I downloading new files almost everyday, cause without that I shouldnt be able to keep up with new things :D