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    1. Long distance chunks are unloaded and your setup goes boom because there is not enough buffer/autoshutdown
    2. Tekkit be Tekkit. They have a forum too.
    3. Pictures are more clear, I can't see the mess at it is now, so that would be favourable to identify the issue :)

    Lag isn't caused by whatever you manage to stove inside that recycler.
    Lag is created by the way you design your machine, by how intensive their CPU usage is.
    Cobblegens take CPU cycles because water/lava streams need to be calculated.
    Crops/farmables take CPU cycles over a longer course because their growth needs to be calculated.
    It really doesn't matter which way you do it.
    The biggest issue is the fact that most of the guys that make cobblegens aren't satisfied with 1 cobble/s and instead behave like MOAAR and build 256 cobble/s generators.
    There are other, less intensive ways to create scrap. Like the cobble slabs, requiring you to grind less cobble in total.
    I used excess ice from the Ice powerplant.

    Just think of something that doesn't involve a lot of block updates (water/lava/breaking blocks/etc).

    Imo, 1c/s to 6c/s generators don't cause a lot of lag, just make sure to set an auto-shutoff with a few chests as buffers.
    Greg's tutorial could be of help, it's in his sig which you can see pop up any moment from now.

    Let me cite wiki from one of the best mods I'm using ;): "Now, Minecraft has three Elements. Mine, mine and craft.1. Mine = it's YOUR world". Many mods have exploits. For example Railcraft is overall very well balanced, on a more conservative scale. But with RedPower you can change 4 charcoal into 1 iron, which is not balanced. IC2 with redpower give you a way to convert tin into iron, or bronze into iron, which gets worse with forestry (cheaper bronze). IC2 with compact solars give you similar exponential growth to EE (a little bit more expensive, but with 1 HV array you can just idle). Mining laser and nether ores is also very OP. In mystcraft multiple dense ores ages with forestry backpacks you can get more resources than you will ever need. While idling near them, Endenic bees grant you enough XP to equip your whole family with enchanted equipment. With a little amount of work you can make frame quarry, which will devour your whole world in no time, exercising only your sorting systems.

    These leave one question. Why?

    It is a lot better to use these features of multiple mods, which make your game fun. It is "your world", if you want to be god, you can be, but if you want to have fun, you can't be to greedy. This is sandbox game, you get objectives from yourself. Discussions about which mod is too OP are a bit pointless, you use these mods as tools to make a fun game for yourself. This is a thing, which I like the most in MC modding scene.

    Can do no other thing than agree with this.
    Essentially as I said, play how you want. I merely compared the effects of combining them.
    EE takes quite some time when run vanilla. The real problem starts when comparing it to other one's gamestyle.
    Which is essentially the exact thing you are stating. Everyone wants to play their own game, this is no problem :)
    It's just when people start comparing 'their' playstyle to others :/

    It's your own world, your own fun. The problem starts when other people want to play in your sandbox, or start saying their sandbox has superior macerated sand, saying it will make finer glass than your sandbox. Etcetera.
    And then internet happens.

    You are holding the mouse right :)?
    Also, read what I said, I merely stated that there is no reason to force obscurity, look at the UUM recipes situation, people would just use other methods of obtaining said info, it happened before, and is probably one of the reason it won't be done this time.

    I remember using EE while following DW20S2.
    I got bored by it and it completely destroyed my willpower to build anything interesting.
    However, stopping right there is not the true description.

    EE has a couple of flaws when coupled with other tech mods:
    -Time investment equivalence:
    The amount of time investing is in unbalance. Alchemy was always described as a tedious process, yet at the moment EE2 can transmute any item within milliseconds and create matter our of nowhere.
    This could be fixed by:
    1. Setting variable time-scales to transmuting stuff from lower tiers to higher ones.
    2. More separation between kinds of matter. (ie: atm it is Fuel/Matter, It might aswell be divided in tiers of matter, low, valuables, etc)
    3. In contrast to it's name, configurable losses per transmute or exponentially rising costs when creating high-tier items from lower tiers. (Mass reed farm into mass iron, etc)

    - Learning curve:
    Currently the EE tech tree is literally
    Get collectors
    Get more of them
    Get the next tier
    Spam those too
    *Viscious cycle of EE.wmv.*

    Whilst combined with IC/RP/BC/PC/Whatever tech mod, this learning curve is unbalanced.
    Sure you could create this awesome autofactory with RP computers and retrievulators, but why would you when a bunch of condensors could do the same for you?
    (Note, this was my main drop on the mod in question)
    On servers this problem also occurs, to be a bit competitive qua construction skill, it did not matter how well you were at setting up factories/stuff. Your neighbour with his 400 collectors had more yield and used literally 20% thinkpower for it. This could be a possible demotivation too.

    Sure one could say that the main point is having fun, and if you have fun with EE then that is fine. There are some that say that they mess with IC/BC/RP/etc just because they have EE, fine, everyone can play on his/her own ways.
    I use EE too, but on a local bukkit server with most recipes disabled, edited/whatever. Just to make sure that my build is not easy-to-win.
    Everyone is free to differ on this. I'm merely describing the phenomenon I see.
    The whole conversation about EE being imba is a bit biased, EE just needs some improvements here and there.

    -Decay/loss of invested time.
    As far as I have seen, almost No EE tool ever wears down or loses it's worth overtime. All tools never break, all invested time is repayed on an unlimited timeschale.
    This contributes to the ''Time Investment vs Time repayed'' debate.
    This could essentially be fixed by making ALL EE tools dependant on fuel, which would actually make sense.
    And with 'Fuel dependancy' I mean an actual drain, that is scalable with the income from collectors/potential mined materials.
    I know of a guy named sp0nge(Or his dev) that made his EE config have an additional setting: Breakcostmultiplier: 10. Which multiplied the block-destroy cost of each tool by that respective number. So using a Dcatalyst would make mining 1 block cost 10x the normal cost, while 10 may be a bit over the edge, this is made so because using a tool that saves you time should backfire with one or more dependencies/downsides. IC for example demands energy and materials+setting it up to start mining, along with the time it takes.
    Redpower demands complicated circuitry/contraptions, BC just needs energy and time.

    A D catalyst has none of that, it consumes a little bit of fuel and instantly repays that cost by mining 64 deep holes for example.

    In my eyes these are the main problems EE has, and EE3 has some interesting features that will compensate for that.
    Maybe I'll give it a shot, maybe not, I'll see what the future brings.

    Biggest part of IC is freedom and having fun.
    I have the most fun figuring stuff out myself and apply it. Discussing effective designs, etcetera,
    There is no real reason to hide it, if someone is determined they would just find a way to get the same effect.
    If they get fun that way, let them have it :)

    On-topic, neat, new toys to play around with <3

    No, driving current through water is cheaper and E-net seems to be super CPU intensive.

    water currents could address this.

    ./irony off.

    Friend, this suggestion is a bit too short and a bit too fastly done.
    In my eyes it seems like a useless addition since it would require some kind of abysmal code to check every touching waterblock.
    What would it's use be? Electric traps aside?
    Yea sure you got water-disguised electrical trap, but it's just not really worth the time of the devs in my opinion.