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    `Their power consumption is only high at the warmup, which is the reason they warm up sequentially, after that it isn't that much compared to how much the reactor outputs.
    About the snowgolems, well, their still is the issue about them dissapearing on server reloads, /killall or butcher commands from crazy admins.
    So there are about 5 different kinds of security to detect failure.

    It is kinda true about the cheatish way of using snowgolems. But bucket CASUC's are way too inefficient and dangerous on servers. Also, the ice travels per stack which is less system intensive than moving 1000 buckets :).

    Inefficiency vs system-resource-usage, system wins. You can build more with the same amount of lag :)
    Besides, the reactor produces enough UU matter to basically continuously provide the solar factory to spam HV solars.

    In my eyes, HV solars are only useful at this stage, HV's are the most system-efficient generators out there.
    Price doesn't matter at this moment either, having 2 frame miners + reactor provided enough materials to churn them HV's out fast.

    ps: I enjoy this talking about advanced-gameplay ^^

    Well the only thing i have to say about that is, making it modular, if you dont set it to 10000. :P

    Are you using EE-Ice for CASUC or what? Ice is very valuable without EE, I would never scrap it.

    Pah, EE? You insult me :)
    We did try to make it modular, this is at the cost of speed. Besides, we cannot change the value, and it feels a challenge to build it within reasonable limits.
    About the snowgen, we made 2 benches with I believe 16 snowmen each, produces 326 snow per second, fet to advanced compressors with 16 overclockers inside.
    In case of pics or it did not happen: (Skip to 5:20 for the reactor)
    Continued here,
    In case of

    Please note that the issue with frames was E-net bugging. Since the pipeline just moves energycontainers (Lapotrons) They worked fine with 0% errors.
    The enderchest is for remote emptying only (regulators on the main base).

    Mobile bases aboard the frame miner is loss of efficiency, you only have 1000 blocks to play with (Unless you set it to some other value).
    And Ice cascucs give excess ice to massfabs :)

    Besides, a frame miner is a lot more resource (system-wise) efficient than a massive 1024 blockbreaker machine ^^

    Pics were moved under the spoiler.


    I made a Framequarry, because its producing so much Cobble (less laggy, than a huge Cobblegen), and it doesnt need much maintenace

    First and foremost, a simple 1 blockbreaker+item detector on stall mode connected to a double/silver chests should be suffice for crafting. At least for me. (And I'm almost never thinking small)
    Second, A flying frameminer like this one:

    Is in my eyes superior to a quarry, sure it takes some more time to build, but once it runs, it was able to autonomously run for 24hours without the code bugging out, or the gps getting out of sync.


    (It would need nearly no maintenance with Enderchests).

    On board storage is part of that, an assembler and blockbreaker can be used to break/place them for emptying the onboard storage.


    Of course i didnt use the IC²-Miners, because of the many Bugreports about them (now its fixed)

    I have used IC2 Miners since 1.95 on frames, they worked fine, Used lapotrons and a MV/HV solar to charge them.
    Saves space too, you only need to run a cable and a magtube.

    All in all, a Quarry might be easier to setup. But in my eyes it would never be able to miner this amount of uranium under 24h.
    All the pictures you might want to see. The multiple engines you see where meant to work together with the slave/master principle, the project has been halted for some time.

    that does not make sense. Logisticspipe is an addon.
    Therefore I feel myself elligible to use one too.
    I would take Immibis retrievulators and a redpower computer.
    Might not have the fancy GUI but again, no magic blocks/stuff.

    Why would solar panals work less in desert biomes? Shouldn't they work... better?

    They already work better, you never have problems with rain :O
    If anything gets implemented like this i'd see more logic in plains giving bonus to wind. (No obstructions), but that is biased too by the fact that hills would naturally be higher...
    Both features, obstruction and height bonuses are already implemented.

    Report addon issues directly to the creator please.

    Btw, did I just saw that you placed ALL mods inside the mc.jar?
    That is bad. Only forge and NEI go there, The rest usually goes into the mods folder.

    mod_ModLoaderMp : Available (minecraft.jar)
    mod_TooManyItems : Available (minecraft.jar)

    Forge does not need modloader. And use NEI instead of TMI.

    It is really simple. You place a retriever underneath said project tables.
    [p] [p] [p] [p] [p]
    Then you make sure the bottom is connected with tubes.
    You attach a retriever to the end of the pipeline with a itemdetector in front of it.
    You attach a button to one or more project tables.
    That button should trigger the retriever once, then everytime an item passes it should tick the retriever again.
    This will auto-empty the inventory slots of the project tables.
    Once it is done, doesn't consume any more systemresources. Just tick it once with the buttom and it runs untill it is empty.
    I would have made a nice screencap for you if I were not on my nettop.
    Will come tomorrow if you require it.

    Doing it like this, posting it like it is an honour for the modders to have their mod in your modpack, will never, ever work.

    Sending a kind message to the modders in question, Alblaka, Atomicstryker, Cpw, Immibis, Thunderdark, F4, greg and many other people that work hard for their code, is a lot less intrusive than this.

    Besides, as you can read in the official release thread the copyright from Big Al is very strict, and demands that YOU, get explicit acknowledgement from the project leader, (Alblaka).

    Sorry if it very harsh, but it is the truth.

    EDIT: You ask modders to accomply with giving you entire control over the use of their addon. Which is outrageous.

    Still, atleast you asked, I know it must be hateful to get the entire community on your neck, but the reaction is predictable.

    Please, IC miners are much more efficient :) They skip the useless cobble and mine straight for the valuables.
    A Frame-engine

    plus attached modules with IC miners. Flies around mining stuff.
    I have made one that has 6 modules on it, inspired by BrickedKeyboards 7 module design. His is a lot better, (especially the Forth lol.)
    Anyway, ever since I have used frameminers I just cannot go back to quarries, they just seem so time/energy inneficient to me.

    The autoprocessor could have used EU-detector cables to detect when a machine has work to do. (Or regulators when advanced machines)
    That could auto-pulse the retriever, starting the chainreaction.
    24eu/t seems a bit low, unless you have this high buffer. Couldn't see.
    Something that I find very useful is a button to flush my project tables.

    I haven't messed around with Thaumcraft , but it seems nice.

    Good work though, I hope you can put some of my points in consideration for Gregtower2.

    Redpower+IC2 all the way.

    And Greg, why not use retrievulators :) ?

    I usually start out with mass wind. Then a simple massfab, then start working to a frame miner, gathering materials with normal miners in the meantime, then work to a nuclear gen. Rinse n repeat.
    Expand, Expand, Expand.

    And Zjarek, Redpower has never caused issues for me if you know what to do.
    Timers on <6 are usually unneeded. There are clockless cobblegens, there are clockless sorters. Etc.
    And Redpower, with all the machinery, feels more legit than BC's magic blocks or Magicly Moving Materials.

    Crafter, I saw someone asking for a modpack, so I reacted, and about your post. Go re-read this piece of text please:


    You may modify any or all of the content, but are NOT allowed to public any of it.
    As well, noone besides the author and persons elected by the author are allowed to provide any download links. Everyone else is NOT allowed to public any sort of download, though he/she may hand out links to this website/thread instead.

    i was not talking about Mushroomhostage's Github, which is completely clean and only contains config files.

    I usually tend to build my builds in compartments where possible (Damn How I love frames)
    That way I can actually move individual parts.
    This also makes it possible to pre-build basic shapes.

    I would just get an all-round frame construction assister and dismantle it.
    (Engine with an arm and block breakers.