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    Maybe combine lappack and jetpack + increase engine power 30% (height limit 256) and energy consumption 50% more. It's will be 300 000 eu and can supply power electric tool. This is very convenient.

    exactly what I was about to suggest, basically a cheaper, lower tiered version of the gravitation chestplate
    I also wanted to suggest maybe a change to the advanced tools.

    for an advanced item, they still kind of lack the advanced feeling for me.
    it'd be kind of boring to suggest something like a 3x3x1 dig function for the drill for example. but I was thinking of something similar to that.

    for example I was thinking of a right click ability for the advanced mining drill, when right clicked you point the drill forwards, and you rush forwards aswell, drilling a few 2x1 blocks further.
    this ability could also be used above ground, increasing the distance you rush forwards. it'd ofcourse consume some EU consumption, but it could be a good alternative to sprinting all the time.

    for the advanced chainsaw I was thinking about a right click charging ability. by holding right click with the chainsaw for a few seconds, you'd be charging your chainsaw for a more powerful move.
    if you'd use it on a tree, it'd work similar to the axe of the stream of TC3, chopping the tree down from top to bottom, but only a few logs at a time. with mobs it'd provide a bigger damage and being able to block attacks.

    maybe if you'd add modes to the Vajra you could perhaps make it so that with each mode it changes it's shape and appearance.

    since recently the quantum helmet requires certain food items to do certain things (such as cans to replenish hunger) I thought it'd be nice to have something similar to the toolbox.
    I don't know about other players, but I often have quite a full inventory, and to now have extra items in the inventory for the quantum helmet the inventory gets even harder to keep clean.

    so I thought an item like a lunchbox would be nice. if you have it in your hand and right click it, an inventory opens up with about 9 slots, in there you can put in items like food cans (I don't know what other items the quantum helmet uses for different effects since the wiki uses placeholder images) the quantum helmet will first take the items from the lunchbox, and when the lunchbox is empty it'll start using the items from the normal inventory. it wouldn't matter if you have the lunchbox in your hotbar or not, as long as it's in your inventory.

    I have noticed a bug and it may only just be me, but I thought of posting it anyways.
    whenever I open a LV charging bench (the only thing I crafted from this mod yet) it automatically takes my batpack from my armor slot and puts it in the charging bench armor slot even though I didn't shift+clicked it in. and when it does that it also doesn't autotically charge the batpack, I have to take the batpack out and put it in the normal charning slots

    it's nice to hear that overclockers are getting a change, I'm interested what will change :)
    I guess there's not really a use to complain about the new recipe and suggesting another recipe.

    and I must be honest, I did kind of whine about the tin :whistling:
    usually I have about 4 overclockers in each machine type before moving towards advanced ones, but I put 8 overclockers in one machine and it sucked up the EU like madness.
    I always used a watermill setup to supply EU, but since redpower hasn't been updated yet I haven't made one, so now I acutally saw how much EU a machine with 8 overclockers uses...

    Why would you need an overclocker in early game?
    They were made as an late-game upgrades for your machines, instead of implementing some addon.

    because machines are not exactly fast without upgrades. I don't feel like waiting a long time to process all my items.
    and I do not believe upgrades are late-game items, since a batbox can provide enough energy to a machine with 4 overclockers.

    12 tin? Seriously?
    Even in original IC2, without additional mods, its VERY common.

    common yes, but that doesn't mean it's not expensive. it might be cheap in end game, but early on it's still quite expensive.
    it'd be nice if for example the overclocker would now only need 1 coolant cell instead of 3

    with the new reactor changes the coolant cell got a new recipe, containing a water cell surrounded by 4 tin.
    now I noticed when crafting an overclocker that the overclocker recipe uses the new coolant cell. but that means you need 12 tin total to craft 1 overclocker...
    IMHO that's really expensive for just 1 overclocker, so I was hoping the coolant cells in the overclocker recipe could be changed to something else instead...

    that actually sounds alot more awesome, having several types for the suit specializing in that type.
    I'll be honest, the idea of the power suit kind of got inspired by the Iron Man suit xD with the nuclear core as the core reactor, the mining laser as weapons, and the GUI view/menu as jarvis.

    it'd be cool to have it disable some things like normal inventory view and such, that way it feels more like you are actually in a suit, but a mech might be a bit too... hard. idk, like I said I don't know nothing about coding, so I don't know if it's possible.

    I know people have proposed something as a power suit before or something similar, but I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I really want to share my piece of thought.
    if it's rubbish you can just ignore it...

    first let me talk about the tool modications. when the upgrades for machines was introduced I really liked them, and the longer I played with them, the more I was thinking how awesome it'd be to use them for the power tools aswell.
    you would have to right click+m (as with the mining laser) to open the interface of the tool you selected. there you can find a few slots where you can place upgrades into.
    the energy upgrade would allow more EU to be stored in the tool. the overclocker upgrade would make the tool go faster, but using up more EU. but this wouldn't be able to be applied to all tools, since for example having an electric treetap go faster wouldn't really make sense. an efficiency upgrade would make more sense, this could either replace the overclocker, or be a new upgrade. the efficiency upgrade will optimize the tool's function, but in exchange use up more EU.

    for this upgrade the current items need to be changed a bit. for example the drill would need to be slower, a chainsaw would only be able to cut down wood, an electric treetap would only be able to get 1 resin from each resin hole, the electric wrench gets a cooldown so you can only use it once in a certain time, the mining laser will only have short range and the nano saber is the same as an iron sword. by putting in the efficiency upgrade, the tools become better. the drill mines faster, the chainsaw can now cut down things like leaves without breaking them and sheer sheeps, but only dropping 1 wool and the possibility of hurting them, the treetap can get more resin from resin holes, the electric wrench can be used more, the mining laser will have some more long distance modes and the nano saber becomes stronger.

    now the diamond drill will be gone, but will be replaced with an upgrade that requires 3 diamonds (so not exactly gone, but can be crafted in a different way) I don't really have a name for this upgrade, maybe call this the overclocker upgrade, but this upgrade is not only for the drill. this upgrade can be used in any of the tools, increasing their functions. for the drill it'd be able to mine obsidian, and mine blocks faster. combined with the efficiency upgrade you'd be able to mine hard-to-mine blocks much faster, but ofcourse for alot more EU usage. for the chainsaw this upgrade would mean you'd be able to sheer sheeps, the chainsaw has become so sharp that you can sheer sheeps for more wool without hurting them and can be used to hurt mobs, but not as strong as it used to be. the treetap has become so sharp aswell that it can tap a resin hole dry with just 1 click. the electric wrench has the 100% rate without cooldown, the minig laser will get scatter, explosive and super heat modes and the nano-saber can now 1-hit kill mobs.

    the transformer upgrade will also have a function for these tools. this upgrade will be needed when you change from a batpack to a lappack. the lappack outputs more energy then the tools can handle, so you need a transformer upgrade for the tools. if you use a tool with a lappack without an upgrade, the tool will explode in your hand and damages you alot. with the gravity-suite addon you would need 2 upgrades to be able to safely use the tools with the Ultimate Lappack/Gravitation Chestplate.

    with these upgrades being able to be added to the tools the tools can change their look, depending on the upgrades that are added (for example the diamond upgrade gives the diamond tip to the drill, and maybe a diamond outline to the other tools aswell)

    this was the tool modifications/upgrades I was thinking about. now onto the power suit.
    the idea I have for the power suit could also give it the nickname nuke suit, because this suit doesn't gets charged in batbox/mfe/mfsu
    rather it powers itself, with nuclear power.

    the power suit is not an upgrade from the nano or quantum suit, it's rather a suit on it's own.
    the crafting recipe is similar to a nuclear reactor recipe. each suit item requires a chamber, and the chestplate holds the nuclear reactor itself.
    to store all this power the chestplate also contains a MFSU.
    the rest of the items are reactor components, advanced alloy and refined iron.

    an important thing with this armor is that you wear it complete, if you do not wear it complete the suit will be very unstable and might cause a nuclear explosion.
    with this said, yes, this suit can harm you if used incorrectly, just like a nuclear reactor would.

    if you wear the suit you'll be able to press a hotkey to open the suit's interface.
    in there you will find a menu, but I'll talk more about that later, for now you can access the nuclear core in the menu.
    when you open it you will find a similar interface as you would with a nuclear reactor.
    in there you can place nuclear components and uranium to power the suit. with each suit part a chamber is added, which allows for more components to be added for a great EU production.
    but again, if used incorrectly it can cause a nuclear explosion. the suit can hold a total of 10 million EU because of the MFSU

    now the energy generation part of the suit is explained, now onto the rest.
    about the menu I was talking about, you can access several functions of the suit.
    if you wear the helmet of the suit, you vanilla view will get a GUI, which is configurable through the settings in the menu of the suit.
    mostly it's to keep a check on the nuclear core, but you can also add some new upgrades such as radar (adding a simple minimap) sensors (which allow you to see health of nearby mobs for example) or view some other stats of the suit.

    that brings this to the next part of the suit, power tools. you can add the tools you normally hold in your hands or on your back, into the suit itself.
    you have 2 arms and 2 legs. the legs are limited, you can add an electric jetpack on each leg, giving you the ability to fly, much more stable then using a jetpack on your back (it's like creative flying)
    the arms are a bit more... interesting. on each arm you can add a tool, so you won't have to hold them in your hands.
    all tools and the jetpack get powered by the suit itself, and because they are in the suit themselves, their potential gets much better.

    you could for example put a drill on each arm, which will make you able to dig a 3x3 area instead of the normal 1x1.
    if you put a treetap on your arm, you will be able to completely tap a tree dry with just 1 click, all resin holes get tapped.
    when you use a chainsaw, you can chop down a tree with 1 hit, if you use a wrench, you can actually pick up machines and place them down somewhere else.
    if you use a mining laser you can attack enemies much easier and the attack is much stronger. you can also send lasers in a 3x1 area.
    and the nano saber, yes, the nano saber. the nano saber will be so strong, it will have an AoE.

    but, ofcourse the energy usage won't be cheap, these items will suck your nuclear core dry if used too much in a too short time.
    that brings the suit to another dangerous part, if the suit needs to output more energy that it can currently provide, the nuclear core will become hot very fast, and thus making the core unstable with a possible nuclear explosion as a result.
    you can keep a check on the energy usage with the added GUI view, but it's wiser to have the nuclear core first fully charge the suit before using the items.

    the suit does have another downside, you are wearing a suit that uses nuclear power, ofcourse it'd have consequences for your body.
    you will need to supply terra wart to your suit to stop yourself getting poisoned.
    the more the core needs to work, the more terra wart the suit uses.
    if the suit runs out of terra wart and you keep using it, the suit's resistance goes down, when it's at 0 (from 100 to 0) the suit will start to damage you.
    you then need to take off the suit, but if you take it off in that stage, you'll get several negative effects casted on your body for a certain amount of time.

    well, that's about it I guess, again, if it's rubbish then just ignore this idea.
    I tried to balance it out with making the nuclear core the same as a nuclear reactor and the energy usage that can cause the core to be unstable.
    I also tried tiering out the tools a bit more, with better functions with more upgrades, but bigger EU usage.
    I do have to say I have no idea about coding, so I have no idea if this is even possible.

    I found quite an interesting bug.

    I first thought that the Batbox, MFE and MFSU now output on other sides aswell instead of just the output side.
    I tried it with all 3, I place them down, charge them up, place a machine directly next to it (not on the output side ofcourse) and wire them together.
    I then run the machine, and cut the cable after a minute, but the machine keeps drawing EU from them, even without the cable connection.

    But then I tried placing a machine 2 blocks away from them, do the same, and cut the cable. but the machine keeps running.
    So it seems that the cable I broke somehow stayed behind, and keep supplying the machines with EU.

    I tried putting a block at the machine at where the wire was, but the machine kept going
    I also left it processing a stack of items, but the machines just didn't stop.
    I even broke the Batbox, MFE and MFSU, which stopped the machines.
    but when I put them back in the same place and refilled them, the machines started working again :D

    I have encountered a problem with my diamond drill, the problem is... its not running empty
    it charges fully up, thats not a problem, it also takes energy from my batpack, so thats also not a problem.
    but when my batpack is empty, and my diamond drill is low on energy, it never runs empty...

    it just stays at the lowest energy bar and I can keep using it on and on.
    for some this is problably not a bad thing, but I might aswell switch on creative mode like this...
    it used to work before, but since I died once and my diamond drill dropped, it started doing this after I picked it back up.

    I tried to do some things like using NEI to give me a new batpack and diamond drill, but it didnt work.
    I tried using NEI to give me the materials to craft a batpack and diamond drill, but it didnt work.

    I tried using my chainsaw to see if the chainsaw did the same, but the chainsaw can run out of enegry.
    I tried unequipping my batpack and then use the diamond drill, but again the diamond drill does not run out of energy.

    as for what mods I use, it'd be the fastest way to say that Im using the mods that Direwolf20 uses in his current LP.
    I also am using his configuration files, and with that I thought it might be a wrong configuration, but I haven't heard about DW having the same issues, so it's probably not the configurations.
    so I was hoping if someone could help me with this.

    I noticed that the solar arrays didn't have any special sprites, they pretty much look the same as normal solar panels
    I don't know if this was intentional or not, but I was bored so I spend a few minutes making different sprites for them.

    the design from the MFS/MFU were used to make these solar array sprites, and I thought you may like them and use them.

    they are not that special, but it'd be nice to see the different between LV/MV/HV solar arrays.
    as you can see the on/off state is slightly different

    Nope, Name one machine in the whole game that does everything for you, from extracting the ore (in the example of the macerator) to introducing the ore for macerating to send the dust to a furnace to make the ingots to send the ingots to make something, There isnt right? Because IC2 isnt about automation. BC and RP2 are fine examples of mods that can be used for automation. Doing everything for you its a bad way to define IC2, making everything a little more easier would be a better way to say it (Also energy producing and blowing stuff with nuclear power), and your machine screams "Bahhhh im lazy and i dont want to focus my attention on these annoying plants".

    even with the way you define IC2 as "making everything a little more easier" then I'd still suggest a machine like this, because you wouldn't have to go out to your farm and harvest it all yourself or keeping an eye on it the whole time to see if it grows well.
    but I said and I'll say it again, suggestions are based on a player's experience, you have your view on IC2, I have mine.

    Like i said in another post, IC2 spirit has never felt (to me) about automation. And iirc albaka had said that Agriculture its just more of a side hobby for when you reach the endgame and such.

    for me IC2 is more about automating things and having a compact and good looking setup. if this machine would exist, it'd mean I would no longer have to build quite big farm constructions for plants for which I would always have to use redpower aswell to automate the process.
    everyone's suggestions is about their way of using IC2 and how they would change things, and for me this machine would make the farming process automatic, very compact and also good looking, so exactly what I am looking for in IC2.

    lost my first post because I forgot to add the suggestion tag to the topic title, so I am trying it again, but it will probably be not as good as the first post.
    to throw my idea out there, I saw in direwolf's video the new crops added to IC, and it looks pretty nice and interesting, but IMHO it looks to be alot of work you have to do to keep it all growing, and for me IC is more of a mod that lets the machines do the work.
    so I spend a bit of googling to come up with a suggestion, and the result was the Plant Incubator.

    with the plant incubator you can enter your seeds into the machine, and let the machine do the harvesting for you.
    but this machine is not a cheap one, since it'll require alot of EU to give light to the seeds and it requires some items for the machine to work.

    the plant incubator either needs an Energy Crystal or MFE for power. it also needs an Electric Hoe to harvest the seeds.
    optional items are Hydration Cells to water the seeds, Fertilizers to fertilize the seeds and Lava Cells to produce the right temperature for the seeds to grow.
    as said, these items are optional, but providing these items to the plant incubator will increase the growing rate alot.
    and because this is a machine we are talking about, the machine is able to precisely use the items without wasting it, thus the items can hold 2x as long as when you'd use it yourself.

    the Plant Incubator also has a 2nd tier, called the Cell Incubator.
    the Cell Incubator needs a Lapotron Crystal or a MFU for powering it. the Cell Incubator's biggest improvement is that it's able to crossbred seeds.
    just tell the Cell Incubator which seeds you want to crossbred, and it'll try to do the rest of the process for you.
    the Cell Incubator also has more storage space, and it now also requires a Cropnalyzer to work. the Cropnalyzer is used for the crossbreeding, so the Cell Incubator knows what seeds it needs to crossbreed and what sort of conditions the seeds need to grow.
    with the Cell Incubator you no longer need to provide Lava Cells, because of the high EU usage the Cell Incubator is able to produce it's own heat.

    I'll be honest and say I am not really good at balancing this machine as for example with EU usage and such, so I'll just try to do what I'm best at and so I made this image to hopefully help with how this suggestion works.