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    I've already had a ~45 minute long chat regarding the possibilitys of this idea. We even went as far to discuss whether one could call it a formal Turing-Language XD
    Don't bother working on it, this WILL be a part of IC²... even if it may takes a while.

    Ok, I'll look forward to it.

    And, warbaque, yes, it's 54, not 60. I was thinking all this time that there are 10 columns:)

    Still, glowstone has limited accessability, compared to infinite wood.

    What about terraformer is not creating stuff out of nothing, but reach into corresponding nether point and drags blocks out of there, replacing them with overworlds block? it's like Nether flows through terraformer into Overworld and vice versa.

    Beauty of this is that such thing can do a lot of things, from mining to terraforming to construction to transportation. And also be a sink for huge amount of surplus EU:)

    I think I can code it myself, probably as a standalone mod, that can be integrated into IC with extras, so in vanilla it will run on coal, but in IC will be able to use MFE or batteries.

    Here is a mockup of the program, using vanilla items only for special commands, instead of custom elements. Can someone find what is it doing and find an error in the code? :)

    I also feel lack of endgame applications. i even installed millenaire with sole reason to have something to use ic powers for :)

    So, my ideas of Epic Stuff are mostly related to space

    1. Artificial Sun.
    2. Space rocket, taking player to another world. "Other world" can be generated same as standard, but with heavy tweaking of parameters different proabability of minerals and biomes, different lengths for days and nights, different sky, etc.
    3. Player is making a settlement for settlers from another planet. kind of millenaire, except player do all himself, and settlers are spawning and despawning just like mobs, so they do not hog cpu, like millenaire, and player can decide what form buildings are (with some limitations). As a "rent", player get "space credits" that can be used to buy things, unavailable otherwise.

    Mob that have 60-place inventory, that doubles as 60-line length program. When powered, loops through inventory, looking for special items (elements) that makes it do things like go one step forward, turn for set amount of degrees, pick up nearby things, dig, take and put things in chests, or place blocks. Each action consumes energy. Also there are special elements that marks start of subroutine, commands to run specific subroutine or repeat next command set amounts of time.

    i can write it in more details, if interested.