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    Fuel is what is put in generators by automation in 90% cases, but only 1/6 of sides can be used for that. Which is often inconvenient. It is especially big problem with Railcraft - it's possible to provide for machines to sides using one simple unloader, but only one from bottom, and with much more expensive advanced loader. It could half needed Logistic or Insertion pipes too, if those are used.

    One word: chunkloader.
    I did not use specialized chunkloader, but probably filler or something work as one now. So, when I am not on server, everything works, engines eat through their fuel tanks, etc, but trees do no grow. So, I have to give some cans of fuel to engines to jumpstart whole process again.

    This is only problem in SMP, of cause.

    Update: No problem, actually. BC quarry keeps chunk loaded, and crops (trees) growing. Filler probably loads chunks as "inactive" (as I was told), so machines worked, but trees did not grow.

    Well, all green gens are "free". Only cost is initial setup and lags.
    Milk works great with logistic pipes. You can have a dispenser or turtle at one point (with a cow, of cause), providing milk and collecting empty buckets, and then at any point of network you can have unlimited refills with liquid supplier.

    But if you want to have hundreds of MJ/t for MassFab, then most pricy thing are engines, and with using biomass you can make 5x from same amount of engines. Making sufficient biomass is relatively cheap, if you use logger efficiently.

    I've used a [reed farm -> fermenter -> biogas engines -> transformers -> EU] setup in multiple worlds and it works just great.

    What do you use as a fermenter?

    If you can simply burn one bucket of milk for 40000 MJ in a biogas engine?

    Milk is good early, but for Industrial amounts of electricity you will have to use too much engines. So, biomass, or even seed oil is better.

    Don't get me wrong, I love Forestry and Buildcraft and Power Converters, but I think it's time that either SirSengri or Krapt rework the BC energy system to something more practical and less fictitious...

    I think APS addon address some of issues.

    Googling for "macerator" returns mostly IC2. Is it a real thing?I thought macerators crash to dust and centrifuge ores or something.

    Also think that difference between "technology" and "magic" in IC2 is mostly cosmetic. Give Thaumcraft stuff technological-sound names and graphics - and it will be as "tech" as IC2. May be more :)

    It's more like several ideas, based on same idea. And idea is that heat is a measure of energy.
    Heat is the only energy form in vanilla (furnaces). Most, if not all, mods that have any kind of energy, has means to convert heat into energy or use energy to make heat.
    Also, there is always a confusion about rate of conversion between different types of energy, and heat can be universal "currency" of energy.

    "Heat battery" is an item that holds heat. Simplest form is a stackable "small" battery that can hold tiny amount of heat - namely, heat, equal to heat generated by furnace in 10 seconds (200MJ, 500EU, one smelted item). It's 32k per stack.
    It has no charge level, just two forms - empty and charged. So, just by adding furnace recipe, it can be made chargeable in all furnace-compatible devices - vanilla furnace, IC2 electric and iron furnace, BC APS furnace, and even in RP2 blutricity furnace.

    Such batteries can be unloaded in geothermal generator (may be at less-than-100% effectivity). Geotherms should have extra slots for empty batteries (can be also used for empty (former lava) buckets)

    Recipe can be - redstone at top, tin in corners, water (bucket or cell) in center, iron on sides and bottom. Giving several - 16 or so - small batteries.

    Second battery type - "big" battery. It is not stackable, but can be charged gradually, up to equivalent of 60k EU heat (or 24k MJ, or 20 minutes of furnace working).
    Recipe is the same as for "small" batteries, but with Lapis instead of Redstone (so, 4 tin, 3 iron, one water and one lapis), and gives only one battery, instead of 16.

    First, it can be charged in furnaces. Not sure it's easy to make it chargeable in vanilla furnace, though.

    And it can be unloaded in geothermal generators, naturally.

    But it's main function is to work in reactors. It does following.

    It absorbs all heat dropped into it, like condensators do. It adds this heat at a certain ratio (1eu per 2 heat or so) to it's own heat charge. And it reduces reactor eu/t output by same amount. So, several of those used in reactor can easily drop output to zero. Justification for it is that while other cooling elements only consume part of heat, passing most of it to reactor's integrated generators, Heat Battery consumes it all. Then that cells are supposed to be taken out and cooled/uncharged in geothermals.

    Effective EU/t for such setup can be up to 37 eu/t per uranium cell (compared to 42 eu/t for 1.2.5 CASUC), but instead of 4-8 bucket deployers, it require huge amount of geothermals - around 150 for tightly packed reactor. As well as logistic system for rotating cells.

    Compared to condensators, it does not require autocrafting table (so, BC (or CC) is not mandatory), cobblestone generator and mass fab. It is more expensive (in iron, especially), but gives more energy per uranium (can be changed by altering reactor heat-to-eu ratio). And, yes, it feels more "realistic" and "industrial" to operate with heated water and generators, instead of magic manipulations with lapis. For me, at least, it is a plus.

    Depends on what you consider "OP". If it's "makes manual digging obsolete eventually", then most mods, involving some kind of automation, are OP by themselves. EE, BC3, RP2, ComputerCraft, even Thaumcraft2.
    But yes, Forestry probably makes this "eventually" a little too close and a little too easy.

    That was just stupid (if you were creating Ice with Compressor + Pumps, and plz do not talk about EE --' ) since the numbers of compressor/pumps was high (it could have been more Solar Pannels ...), the number of cable + Pipes too (and if you got RP, you would just had used WaterBucket CASUC, not Ice one). And it's not realistic thinking the energy needed to produce ice in order to cool a nuclear reactor is probabbly bigger than energy produced by the Reactor.

    You know how to make a good breeder in 1.2.5 without ice cooling? By "good" I mean one that breeds 8 cells per one used and make dozens per cycle.
    In 1.3.2 breeding is trivial (and boring), so I'd not care much if ice is not working.

    When you getting power from the sun and the nether, you have a jet pack and full quantum armour, you don't need anything from a recycler and three full crystal chests of wood blocks?

    Then you start making other things from UU. Recipes list can be found on Techninc wiki, for example.

    I agree, can somone make a mod that adds more uses for wood. I use my Tree farm as a Apple gen but i need a use for the excess wood and Saplings. i have them right now going to either a Anti-Matter relay in 1.2.5 or into a void pipe in 1.3.2 (which is kinda a waste, but i have nothing else i can do with it)

    This mod is called IC2. Just burn wood in Generators as scaffolds or coal, or recycle it as wooden slabs.

    Answer 1: I define it as a satisfactory completion of a task in terms of the person doing the task. In some games (recent sonic games+ Pokemon) i strive to be a completionist and do everything possible

    Answer 2: I never used breeders as I had enough power from geo-thermals, water mills, MV solar arrays and prototype Super Fuel, I never needed a reactor. To say nothing of the fact i had a hard time finding enough Uranium

    Err, questions were not for you:) I just wanted to point that without effective breeders giving you 7x uranium, you just can't feed casuc, and effective breeder was something very few people did. And that making billion or two EUs in MC is not "winning", so you can't "win" by just building a simple casuc.

    "Winbutton" is actually Windmills+tin buckets+alloy furnace :) My CASUC was collecting dust in 1.2.5 because it was just not making much difference with 8 windmill pillars working.

    Wood production is balanced with new apiaries/alvearies (one alveary uses more than a 6 stacks of wood, one proven frame uses 16 wood). I wonder what will happen when arbioculture gets implemented, there is already teaser in NEI with new plank types. For tree chopping there is always computer craft, felling program (for EBXL fir trees) was my first "hello world" lua script.

    I think Forestry wood production is balanced with arboretum in mind, not the crazy sapling carpet farm I use. And, my limiting factor for alvearies was wax more than wood, but it is probably because I suck at bee breeding.

    I know that, like, half of CC programs written are about falling trees:) But again, they are usually oriented on less massive/dense forests.

    Gotta try using quarry. It will waste a lot on cutting leaves, instead of trunks, but could still work...