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    Corrupted zip.

    Just curious how the Forge chunk loading hook works, is there any way to use this to force other chunks to stay loaded as well? I use the ChunkLoading block from Additional/Tele Pipes, but haven't run into issues with them yet myself, what sort of problems can they cause? Sorry for the ignorant questions.

    The chunkloading block is using a very hacky code which is considered unsafe for most modders. Forge chunk loading makes the chunk never get unloaded(on SMP if you go far away) and also loads it incase it gets unloaded (on SSP World load). I haven't done much of a research but that should be it. Although the chunk loading hook maybe unfinished but just in case.

    Forge bug. Go and get forge

    It's not my first though(this does not include the Induction Fix). 2 MFSUs = 2mil EU 20Mil EU. Yes it's pretty useless and overpowered.

    This is a addon that i've been working on this week. It's not that good but well enough to make you satisfied. This is still initial release. Expect bugs!

    News: Update to 1.2.4 is slow due to a major re-write(probably will take a week and maybe released when IC2 for 1.2.5 is released). You'll find it soon.

    Warning: A known bug have reported that it will regenerate the chunk the block it is in if it's full. Please becareful or your house might get incinerated.




    Please do not use my source unless you gave me credit and ask me for permission. The source contains examples for forge packet handling as well as gui things.

    Before you download USE FORGE!