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    Found a weird bug.

    I have computercraft and when i start typing some word this appeared:

    	at mod_ModularForceFieldSystem.KeyboardEvent(
    	at ModLoader.OnTick(
    	at EntityRendererProxy.b(
    	at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:738)
    	at Source)

    First off Quat really only use for those tools is the hoe, everything else is ddrill/ chain not my primary target to rip into, the nano is; First off nano, have you seen the recopies? it's your ENERGY crystal tier Quat is your Lapotron tier. The tools, don't get me started there, 9001% USELESS(save maybe the hoe again), by the time you're up to nano armour you batpack and drill, usually dimanded = dimand pick power; having nano that is only as strong as iron is rather a waste of space/item ID's.

    edit: >.>; murdered the spelling

    Useless or not i'm just releasing my work here. Depends what ever that you like. And i'll try to get nano to mine like diamond not just iron
    And make quantum and nano overpowered maybe some special power(which is planned)

    This is the mod that i posted in MCF(Minecraft Forums) but i removed it(by the request of me) and move it here.


    I'm bored of ic2 having only some tools. So i made this.
    More pictures/screenshots coming soon. I don't have enough time to get all of picture.


    Credits and tools used:


    Please report any bugs that you encounter. Including crafting recipes, etc
    Server version is coming. I'm studying how server works. This extends BaseModMp though(and for those that doesn't know java, it's based of the class file BaseModMp which also extends BaseMod from modloader)
    If you got any server coding knowledge please tell me!
    Feel free to give me suggestion and some optimization(not code) to the current tools. Like tin should be softer etc.
    *please don't mind my first post here*