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    i would like to install this on just one texture pack how would i do that?

    You know, in the minecraft.jar the sprites for IC2 are located in "ic2/sprites/xxx.png"
    If you open your texture pack, create a new folder called "ic2", go inside that folder and create another folder called "sprites".
    In the "sprites" folder, you can throw all the texture files, such as "block_0.png"/"item_0.png".
    Now when you open Minecraft, the texture pack will load, which includes your sprites.

    Okay, I'm just a little upset right now.
    Situation was like this:
    I've been re-building my house, aka re-arranging the walls. While mining the old walls off, I accidently hit my MFSU, which broke. But, i've just klicked it once by accident. I mean, I didn't mean to break it. (Been on a smp server, so stop get tmi and cheat it back, lol.) After testing in SSP, I can confirm that breaking it takes roughly half a second.

    My actual point is, what do you have to build a case out of reinforced iron, advanced alloy and even carbon plates when you get something you can break twice as fast as a cobblestone? I mean, for physics sake, a MFSU (and all other (at least) advanced machines) should be mineable as fast as the machines in IC1 with a drill (which means to be way slower). I mean, I didn't need to fear to break machines in IC1 by accident, since it took like 5 seconds to mine them (with a ddrill)... but now.... yah, there goes my MFSU, and I won't get it back "'cause its my own fault".

    although the whole process seems way to complicated, I think something to the effect of nightvision goggles would be cool. It could run off of a bat-pack or re-charge ina mobile charger, and allow you to see better within a certain distance.

    Yeah I've made it like that because I hate to get the real endgame shit too fast. Want it so that its damn hard to reach, and therefore you can feel special when havin it :D

    Sup everyone

    How about.... adding gen manipluation to the game?
    We have those laser-eye-operations in real life already (yeah thats not gen manipulation, leave me qq), but thats boring. I'm talking about the really cool stuff.
    Like, adding a gen manipulation machine (which is 3x3 and by right clicking its used like a bed. aka lying on it) which is controlled by a... CPU(-block placed right next to it? :P. (therefore, 2 people are required to run it)

    Lets start up with the first step...

    Since those effects the machine will apply to the player are permanent, it should be some man-im-playing-30-minecraft-days-now-and-still-cant-afford-materials-to-build-that-fuckin-machine. thereforce, as expensive as possible. therefore(Liking this word, stop bugging me.) I dont have a recipe yet (oshitoshityourpart)

    Next step would be...

    Powering it
    Since its badass very advanced, it requires 4 power supplys located on one of the sides which have to can have 1024- EU/s flowing through them constantly to power each part of the machine constantly.
    One operation will require 25 15million(5 fully charged MFSUs) EU, therefore it will need ~60 minutes to charge up. (If this is wrong, leave me and my math skills already.)

    kk since thats pointed out, lets get to....

    Finding essences which would be able to gen manipulate a human (or creeper, but i doubt you'd get him into the machine.)
    Since any resource found on the earth wouldnt have the ability to make creepers getting scared of humans,
    lets expand our knowledge to space. ...or wait no... actually just resources of the space. In other words, meteorites (which, obviously, contain awesome stuff)
    These will come down of the sky very rare.
    They can contain 4 essences, which are your part,your part,your part and your part. (my creativity is aweful, you kno')

    After throwing these essences a dozen times into any machine the industry currently contains (guess what.... your part),
    you will receive shining,sticky,looking ugly and fluorescent liquid (which you maybe can mix up. (I am not responsible for any damage given to you, your house, your dogs or whatever).
    (Hint: Since the gen manipulator has 2 slots, 1 for the liquid and one for the hopefully not used for feeding it battery slot. Could try to place 2 differend liquids there... but.... just sayin')

    Last part would be..

    Just running the damn thing already
    So, after everything is set up correctly (aka powered up gen manipulator, strange liquid placed into the upper slot of it, player one inside the gen manipulator and player 2 configurating the cpu),
    It will take 10 minutes to complete 1 operation.

    Well, but after doing all this shit, you want your reward, dont you?
    Note: These properties last permanently

    - Increased Max. Life | 10/20/30
    - Increased Max. Def | 10%/20%/30%
    - Increased Max. Speed | 10%/20%/30%
    - Increased Max. Jump heigh | 10%/20%/40%
    - Increased Mining speed | 10%/20%/30% (... aka strengh.. actually... If not using a drill)
    - Creeper Vision (my fav. part) | 25%/60%/100%
    - Ability to see better in the dark | 15%/30%/50%

    Those abilitys all have 3 levels, which you can upgrade by simply repeating the steps above with the same liquid.

    For life: 10 stands for 1 heart -> 6 hearts in total
    For def: Not really sure right now... maybe modifying it so that its possible to jump of deeper cliffs while taking no damage.
    For speed/Jump heigh/Mining speed: Duh.
    Creeper Vision: Oh thats cool. It will light up animals&monster. no moar sneakin up creepers which you cant see without cheating by pressing F3 (hey, if they sneak in your back, dont blame me.).
    ATSBITD (lazy): It will light up blocks in a certain radius.

    So yeah... That'd be all which I have in my mind right now (dont blame me, its nearly 3am here.)
    Feel free to leave suggestions/criticism ^^
    (But, I swear, If i read criticism like "nah sux do it better", I will buy woodoo dools.)

    Would be really really cool if you could whitelist me too. <:
    Got lots of IC and some BC experience, and played on multiply IC(/BC) server already.
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