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    I get weeds even when there's something growing in a spot sometimes. I'll look away for a second, and then when I look back there's a weed there when there was previously flowers or something growing there.
    Though yes, some WeedEx would be wonderful Alblaka. I look forward to it.

    I've been breeding vanilla wheat (growth 1) and I've gotten 7 weeds in 5 minutes. I can't help but feel like that weed growth is tied more to how bored/malicious minecraft is feeling is at the current moment.

    Hmm... Try 5 weeds in 1 minute. That's probably about what I'm getting. And that's just on one square. I'm tending to 4. It's a full-time job.

    So after a looooong process of boosting my stickreeds up slowly, I've gotten 31 growth, but only about 9ish on gain and resistance (working on resistance now). It's really starting to irritate me how often weeds show up now though. It seems like as my growth rate went up, so did the frequency of weeds. Anyone else had this problem? Any way to combat it?

    I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning, but crossbreeding seems to improve growth, gain and resistance above that of the 'parent' plants. After several generations of crossbreeding, I've gone from resistances between 0 and 2 to between 3 and 5, and similar growth in, well growth. My gains seem to stubbornly hover at 1, however.

    Mmhmm. That's the focus of crossbreeding over and over with the same plants. Both discovering new ones and bumping up the power of existing ones. That's how I'm boosting my crops up into the 9's for growth rate.

    Well, after excessive farming on 64 3x1 fields and lots of crossbreeding between reeds only, I've gained:
    Pumpkins, Stickreed, Venomilia, Wheat, Tulip, Dandelion, blackthorn, Rose

    From my more focused reed growths (4 3x1 fields) I've been slowly bumping up the growth rate. I'm at 9 for my highest right now, slowly clawing my way higher. I expect about a week or two RL before I'm to 31, maybe more, though I highly doubt less.

    Ohh... That could be the reason. I was using glass panes. So, glass panes will still get destroyed, but give 0% chance of item gain?

    It seems that when you overclock a recycler sufficiently, it stops producing any scrap. I just fed mine 2.5 stacks of items and it didn't get a single piece of scrap. That's definitely not a 1/8 return.

    I've put 6 overclockers into my recycler to get this effect, but it seems to produce diminished returns when loaded with 4 or 5 overclockers.

    My bad. Nevermind~.

    I've done some fairly small testing and gotten these results so far. I plan on going into a gigantic scale here soon. 64+ crossbreeds of plants going at the same time. Might try to just do Wheat x Wheat and see what I get and if there's any benefit to it.

    Original plants in MC:

    Wheat - I
    1: 1, 1, 1 (original)
    2: 1, 0, 0 (reed + wheat)
    3: 2, 0, 3 (reed + wheat) *replaced original*

    Reed - II
    1: 3, 0, 2 (original)
    2: 1, 2, 2 (reed + wheat)
    3: 2, 0, 0 (reed + wheat)
    4: 1, 0, 1 (reed + wheat)
    5: 4, 0, 0 (reed + wheat)

    Rose - II
    1: 1, 1, 1 (original)
    2: 3, 1, 1 (dandelion + rose) *replaced original*
    3: 3, 1, 0 (dandelion + rose)

    Dandelion - II
    1: 1, 1, 1 (original)
    2: 0, 1, 0 (dandelion + wheat)
    3: 1, 0, 0 (dandelion + rose)
    4: 1, 1, 0 (dandelion + wheat)
    5: 3, 0, 3 (dandelion + wheat) *replaced original*

    Melon - II
    1: 1, 1, 1 (original)
    2: 0, 0, 0 (Melon + Rose)
    3: 0, 1, 1 (Melon + Blackthorn)
    4: 3, 3, 1 (Melon + Rose) *replaced original*

    Pumpkins (Not accessed yet)


    New crossbreeds:

    Blackthorn - II (Black rose produces Ink Sacs)
    1: 0, 2, 1 (x2) (dandelion + rose)
    2: 0, 0, 0 (melon + blackthorn)

    Fiddly archive. :B

    Although you give OV/OD scanners, those aren't really... helpful with finding ores. They only detect below you, and detect a large range. All you know is that "Yes, ores are in this 5x5/9x9 area. From where you're standing to bedrock." You're not told what kind, how many, anything like that. If you happen to be looking for coal, that's going to be hell and a half to know if there's any nearby or not, or even if there's any in the in the area at all. Same deal for iron, gold, lapis, etc. etc.

    OD/OV scanners give you: Yes there's ore here. It's under your feet somewhere. Get digging. Slave. No I'm not telling you what type it is.

    My proposed item gives you: Hey, dude, there's [insert ore] nearby! You're X distance from it based on my beeping noises. You're getting warmer~! Op, cold now. Warmer! Warmer! Red hot! You found it~! Whoo! Good job, have a cookie, oh and the ore too!

    Though, if I cannot sway your opinion, thank you for your time to at least read my suggestion.

    First thing I want to ask: Why do we have to put Suggestion: -name-? This IS the SUGGESTION subforum afterall... >_>

    Anyways, getting right on with it.

    Material/Ore/Metal Detector

    I remember quite a long time ago there was a mod that was just "Material Detectors" or something to that effect. Long since lost in the sea of mods that were made and never updated. (Though I do recall it updating a few times still.) Anyways, short and simple: It stopped updating.

    What these were, were tools that you held in your hand, and when you had them out, they'd chime/beep if you were near whatever it was you were looking for. They had "battery life" which drained when you had them out searching for ores, but wouldn't drain otherwise. It got faster beeping as you got closer to the item you were searching for, so it was a fun little game of hot-cold.

    There were 8 different tools this mod had. A basic searcher, one for coal, iron, gold, and diamonds. Then there was the Advanced searcher for each of those which had double the range, double the life, and were a little bit more expensive.

    Now, I'm not suggesting a direct copy of that mod, but something along the industrial lines would be pretty cool. Especially if you could give it an inventory of what to search for (one item only maybe?) and then have it run off battery power instead of magical redstone dust.


    I'm thinking something along the lines of:
    :Refined Iron: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:
    :Intergrated Plating: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Energy Crystal: :Advanced Circuit: :Industrial Diamond:

    The integrated plating is just placeholder blank spots.
    I'm thinking refined iron for the frame, a diamond for a "resonating crystal" that will search out whatever you're looking for, a battery (or energy crystal), and a circuit (or advanced circuit) to make it work right.

    I'm unsure how costly you'd want this to be? Or maybe have two versions like the old one I knew with basic (battery and circuit) and advanced (energy crystal and advanced circuit) ones?


    So, yeah, I know we have Miners and Mining Lasers and stuff like that that prettymuch makes something like this obsolete, but sometimes you just feel like digging. That's my case. I don't even build Miners. I go down and do all the dirty work myself. It's what I like about Minecraft, the Mine part of it, where I go down into the caves, strip EVERYTHING that isn't stone out of the walls (yes that includes dirt and gravel too), go up, deposit my ores, and then head right back down.

    So, let me know what'cha think folks.

    EDIT: Ok, now that there's more information on the blog post, I'll need to rework these a bit. I'll get to that soon.

    Well, time to throw my own nutty plants into the mix.
    Most of these are put together with consideration of crossbreeding for better usefulness, each with pluses and minuses to itself, whether it be their growth rate, drop rate, or resistance to destruction, or other extra effects.

    All names, appearances, and tiers are very welcome to improvements and changes. I'm godawful with names.
    All abilities and production values are welcome to suggestions.

    Name: Darkwheat
    Tier: 2
    Short Description: Basic wheat that grows better in the dark than the light.
    Appearance: Possibly the same as wheat, maybe a dark/purple top to it?
    Gain: wheat (1), darkwheat seeds (0-2)
    Attributes: Food, Wheat
    Special abliities/effects: None other than growing better in darkness instead of light.
    Growth speed: In light: Slow, In darkness: Medium (Or, if not possible, just similar growth rate to normal wheat.)
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Hellweed
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: Fiery red plant that only grows near lava.
    Appearance: Possibly like one of the flowers. Red in color.
    Gain: Hellweed (1), Hellweed seed (0-2)
    Attributes: Red, fiery, fuel
    Special abliities/effects: Hellweed is a fuel with a 1:1 efficiency. 1 hellweed can smelt 1 item in a normal furnace. (10 seconds) Usable in generators as well. Will light anything standing on it on fire.
    Growth speed: Slow, and will only grow within 1 block of lava.
    Resistance: Strong

    Name: Creeping Vines
    Tier: 5
    Short Description: Very fast growth rate plant, attracts creepers, drops vines which can be crafted into gunpowder. (9 vines into 1 gunpowder)
    Appearance: Tangled mass of vines (possible creeper-face look?)
    Gain: Creeping Vine (1), Creeping Vine Seeds (1-3)
    Attributes: Attracts creeper, craftable, green, fast growth
    Special abliities/effects: Attracts creepers to it. (Or spawns them nearby.)
    Growth speed: Very fast.
    Resistance: Medium.

    Name: Dognip
    Tier: 5
    Short Description: Slow growth rate plant that attracts wolves
    Appearance: Plant stem with a bone on it.
    Gain: Dognip seeds (0-1)
    Attributes: attracts wolves, weak
    Special abliities/effects: Spawns/attracts wolves to it
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Fragile. Will break easily if walked on. Wolves can and will step on and break this without protection.

    Name: Chernobyl's revenge
    Tier: 12
    Short Description: A very slowly growing plant that will create very small deposits of uranium within itself. (9 harvested plants on the crafting grid will make one unrefined uranium. I'd say more, but 9 is the max you can go without requiring more intermediate items.) Will only grow within 1 block of nuclear reactors (additional chambers do not work.)
    Appearance: Sickly-looking withered plant that appears to glow with a faint light.
    Gain: Uranium bit (0-1), Chernobyl's Revenge seed (0-1)
    Attributes: Green, glowing, uranium.
    Special abliities/effects: Glows faintly (roughly equivalent to redstone torch light output?)
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Fragile

    Name: Waterleaf
    Tier: 3
    Short Description: A hardy plant that requires a lot of water near it to grow. (Water within 1-2 blocks) Can be used to craft a water block ("held in place with plant fibers which break when they hit the ground. ~Imaaaagiiination~" :B 9 waterleaf makes 1 water block.)
    Appearance: Bluegreen plant similar to a pumpkin/melon stem with a large leaf on top of it.
    Gain: Waterleaf(1), Waterleaf seeds (1-2)
    Attributes: Grows near water, bluegreen
    Special abliities/effects: Damages Endermen standing in it (possibly without making them teleport away?)
    Growth speed: Medium
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Flintvine
    Tier: 6
    Short Description: Sharp plant that slowly grows usable flint.
    Appearance: Grey plant with flint-like leaves growing in a spiral.
    Gain: Flint(1-3), flintvine seed(0-2)
    Attributes: grey, damaging, resource-drop
    Special abliities/effects: Will slowly damage anything walking through it.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium (Can withstand 1 or 2 tramples without breaking)

    Name: Recycler's Plant
    Tier: 9
    Short Description: A rare plant that grows near recyclers (within 1-3 blocks). It tends to look like a pile of junk, and produces an ample supply to keep the recycler going for a while.
    Appearance: Messy-looking plant that sags on the ground.
    Gain: Recycler Leaves (4-7), Recycler's Plant Seeds (3-4)
    Attributes: High drop rate
    Special abliities/effects: None
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Dustcrop
    Tier: 14
    Short Description: A rare plant that grows trace fragments of minerals on it's leaves. Collecting the dust off the leaves once fully grown usually results in a decent size pile of iron dust.
    Appearance: Rusty red crop with sharp leaves pointing in various directions
    Gain: Small Pipe of Iron Dust (1) (Not the one that makes an ingot, but the one that needs to be combined to make an iron dust.), Dustcrop seed(0-1)
    Attributes: Strong, red, mineral production
    Special abliities/effects: Slowly damages anything that walks through or stands in it
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Strong

    Name: Farmland snare
    Tier: 8
    Short Description: A plant that tends to attract farm animals to it. Sheep, cows, pigs, and chickens all love to gather around it.
    Appearance: A small white stringy plant that loops and coils all around.
    Gain: String (1-2), Farmland Snare seed (0-1)
    Attributes: Attracts animals, white, string production
    Special abliities/effects: Stops anything that stands on it from moving until broken. Attracts farm animals to it. (Preferrably does not spawn them nearby, only attracts them.)
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium (immune to trample)

    Name: Staticweed
    Tier: 13
    Short Description: A plant that produces an abundance of electricity stored within itself. Releases a shock upon breaking.
    Appearance: A short plant that zigzags across the ground and sticks randomly in the air.
    Gain: Staticweed(1), Staticweed plant(0-1)
    Attributes: Electrical, yellow
    Special abliities/effects: Shocks whatever broke it for 2 damage (1 full heart), can be put in the compressor to receive 1 non-rechargeable battery.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Low

    Name: Sappling
    Tier: 4
    Short Description: A small plant that produces an abundant amount of resin sap around itself.
    Appearance: Small orange-ish plant that looks somewhat like a rubber tree sapling
    Gain: Resin(2-3), Sappling seed(1-2)
    Attributes: orange, resource production, slowing
    Special abliities/effects: VERY slowly spreads resin on nearby blocks, slows anything walking through it.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Medium

    Name: Glowing chrysanthemum
    Tier: 15
    Short Description: A brightly glowing plant that grows in dark areas only.
    Appearance: Yellowish plant with bright flowers that glow when fully grown.
    Gain: Glowing Chrysanthemum Bulb(1) (Usable as a seed OR able to be macerated for 1 glowstone dust)
    Attributes: Glows, yellow
    Special abliities/effects: Grows in darkness, glows at 13(?) light level.
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Fragile

    Name: Black Fiber Vine
    Tier: 16
    Short Description: Long black coiled plant that produces a considerable amount of carbon within itself.
    Appearance: Black mass of tubes with small black flowers on the tip when fully grown.
    Gain: Coal dust(0-2), Carbon tube(0-1, Very rare), Black Fiber Vine seed (0-1, Very rare)
    Attributes: black, resource production.
    Special abliities/effects: None
    Growth speed: Very slow
    Resistance: Very fragile, prone to falling apart at the slightest touch.

    Name: Slimebush
    Tier: 10
    Short Description: A small shrub that produces a viscous slime that almost seems to have a life of it's own.
    Appearance: Small green shrub covered with a layer of slime.
    Gain: Slimeball(1), Slimebush seed(0-1)
    Attributes: green, slime
    Special abliities/effects: Walking through one is like walking on ice, you slip and slide a bit. Very rarely spawns slimes near itself (normally the smallest size if that's controllable.)
    Growth speed: Slow
    Resistance: Strong

    I believe I know the reason that this happens. It happens with my macerator when it's being run by a single solar panel too.
    Sounds play on start-up of a machine, and the way that the ambient water around the water mill works is that it provides that little bit of energy (thus, starting up the machine) before it shuts down (drained of energy output), and then once it gets to the next time when the ambient water is checked and provides energy, it starts up again. This happens so fast that the thing seems like it's never shutting up.

    Edit: As far as it playing after the removal of the watermill, it could be that the sounds play, but the time between startup and shutdown are so fast that the sounds start to pile up, and never get removed/resolved, so when you break it, it starts pulling from that stack of sounds, and just keeps going... and going... and going...

    Of course... I could be 100% wrong, but that's just my thoughts on this subject. I only know very basic programming logic.

    I have a thought about these failures. They tick me off when it happens, and when I'm playing a map like a Planetoid generated one, this gets exponentially more frustrating because I have to go searching for those meager scraps of tin and copper, or hope my recycler can manage to spit out a few chunks of the stuff.

    My suggestion is that instead of everything just disappearing, it just becomes dismantled into it's base components (maybe minus 1-2 (types of) parts).
    Because... Really? If you DO have to move something that is meant to have a permanent residence, don't you have to take it apart at least partially? This will require you to head back to the workbench and rebuild the machine (and replace missing parts). It's a more minor punishment for moving your shit, but it's still more of a pain in the butt than *click, move, click*.