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    I am sad noone was willing to respond, but I finally was able to ask ChickenBones in IRC if he knew why this occurred.

    he said it may be that his API just might be inadequate for mod author's use in select cases
    (such as the seed bags using the same item ID I assume)
    but admittedly I did not ask him to look too deeply into it yet. He seemed willing to cooperate with mod authors if they contacted him,
    so I implore the IC2 team to do so at their convenience (and CB's please)

    what he actually had to say was:
    " <@ChickenBones> Get the mod author to contact me, my API may prove inadequate for his use case. We should be able to work something out"

    I realize and respect the fact that my request is not a priority, and that the developers already do so much;
    I just came to say please, because this is important to me.

    I hate this "get nei" philosophy.

    It's less a philosophy as much as it is a suggestion to make people's life easier in the meantime.
    The experimental build is in a climate of change so to speak, so making a wiki would be great for
    those who choose to use it before it's final- but for those making it a wiki is kind of a distraction
    from focusing on the real work. I'm sure they'll get the wiki set up once things are fairly concrete.

    as far as 20 fps drops- are you really running around with your inventory open?
    I've never experienced any drops from having it installed- are you sure you got the right versions?

    I prefer (IC2) copper and tin over any other mod which adds it.

    The fact that our preferences are polar is mostly why I wanted to appeal to both parties to add
    the function to use one or the other in the first place, but I will need to settle for a workaround
    unless those to whom I make my appeal like the notion of adding such functionality and are willing.

    Ofcourse you can still use the OreDict Unification Config to use other Mods Materials if you want,

    Is this something users can do already? or do you mean what devs generally do?

    Wait why? What's wrong with IC2's copper?

    I prefer the look of TE's copper ingot, and there's nothing 'wrong' with it per se-
    mostly I don't like that both mods can't stack with one another despite the fact that they are
    wonderfully interchangeable in recipes.

    I also think the tin cable looks more consistent with the TE tin, and I wish the tin plates
    had a slight bluish hue. I believe that if IC2 2.0 got new textures for the ingots (and plates)
    the colors would be best if they were a happy medium between the current ones from both mods
    (but not so greenish lead, not as dark as TE's- more of a gunship gray with blue undertones)

    Hi all. One of the issues that has annoyed me for a long time is items that won't stay hidden in NEI.
    I started playing IC2 back before the crops and matron were added, and at the time whenever I played the nano saber and fuel can
    would never stay hidden. I stopped playing Minecraft for awhile, and when I came back- some friends invited me to try the new tekkit.

    I was put off that IC2 was no longer a component and set out to compose a modpack because tekkit without IC2 is just craptastic.

    Now with the experimental IC2 2.0 stuff the seed bags will just pop back up; this seriously annoys me because I use NEI in recipe mode
    as a sort of TODO list. IC2 is not the only mod that does this, but I wanted to ask here if all players have issues with the same items,
    if anyone is familiar with why this happens, and what if anything can be done to fix the issue.

    I posted on the NEI thread on the minecraft forums, and after getting no response, hunted down the irc info for CB's channel
    and was told while there by someone that the issues lie with respective mod devs because the NEI API had not been used correctly.

    I noticed that the seed bags seem to share an item ID- could this have anything to do with my problem?
    (mariculture's fish do this too and I can't hide them either)

    EDIT: Is noone else having this problem? not having this problem?
    Thinks the full moon has something to do with it? anything?

    We've still got CF Foam though, it seems unnecessary to replace something that is already fine.

    There's no need to replace it, as much as add the additional functionality. As far as replacing existing cabling,
    is that not a caveat of using an experimental version- that things may change in the interest of progress at any time?

    I can appreciate if the devs simply don't want to do so, but I always like when mods play nice together,
    and those that can do so usually give the impression of being more polished, useful, and solid.

    Hmmm. I do prefer TE's ingot visually, but greatly appreciate your advice to unify things. Thanks!
    will have to look into this. anyone else know of mods that are capable of unifying outputs?

    If you can still use the metal to craft what you need, what difference does it make?

    I was actually going to post regarding this.
    Is there any way it could be set up to where smelting tin/lead/copper can produce TE's ingots?
    (I also hope to ask them to add a feature to produce IC2 ingots in configs if this is possible)

    I ask because I really like that configs from both mods can be set up to prevent ore generation and that
    either mod can use the ore that is left enabled, but figured I would ask (beg really)
    if ingots could be unified as well.

    My opinion is that the difference it makes is that the ingots from each mod will not stack with the other, thus
    occupying more inventory space than is neccesary. Additionally, It's nice to be able to glance in one's inventory
    and immediately recognize (that's tin!) rather than (is that this mod's x ingot, or other mod's y ingot?)

    Things do work currently, and there's no true harm, but some of us really appreciate when things are
    tidy and uniform. Obviously this would not be a priority request, but if at all possible please consider
    adding some sort of config option like: "custom tin ingot output: 'Item ID # here' "