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    Thanks Omicron for that clarification on the MFSU, it was what I thought prior to the meltdown but I'm just examining all the possibilities I could think of.

    I'll allow that it could have been misplaced components, I guess I need to be more careful next time and do a side by side screen with the template and the reactor.

    I also did not check the components regularly for heat damage since I had not experienced that previously with this design, that may have given me a warning of the issue.

    Had a catastrophic meltdown using this reactor

    I've built that reactor several times on several worlds with no issues. It was on it's second set of fuel rods. I had just built a second reactor of the same design and both were feeding an IC2 MFSU. I started noticing i was being radiated even in a suit when i got near it, unfortunately I didnt get a chance to see what exactly was happening inside it b4 it blew. It did leave a HUGE crater. I basically lost everything. There were a few items floating around but I was unable to recover most of them due to filling inventory quickly. I was using Direwolfs latest updated modpack. Still trying to decide whether to try and salvage that world or start a new one.

    So I'm wondering if overdrawing power would cause it to overheat? I had full set of ore processing and mass fab and replicator setup all over clocked and transformed to 512eu/t

    Would two reactors right next to each other cause one to meltdown?

    The one that melted down was just reaching the end of it's second cycle and I was preparing to change out the rods.

    Do I need to do a step up transformer between the reactor and the MFSU? The MFSU was at about 1/3 capacity at the time. I never considered that it might be able to overdraw power from the reactor, is that possible?

    I'll try to post screenshots of the crater. Right now I'm spawning at night in the middle of a pack of zombies that have killed me several times so can't really do it at the moment lol.

    I think next time i'll just bite the bullet and build a blast proof reactor room. I hadn't been doing this because the reactors I've been using were pretty tame and hadn't had any issues.

    Hope someone at least gets a laugh out of this. :D

    Success! My first IC2 reactor is online and pumping out a whopping 100 EU/t :P


    I built the little Beginner #3 just to get started but I've already built 6 more chambers and I'm working on the components.

    Thanks again for the help. :)

    Thanks Sirius, I'm actually not sure how I missed the thermal centrifuge.


    OMG THERMAL CENTRIFUGE!!!!!!! Holy Ore multiplication Batman!!!! :) :) :) :)

    Also, I'm now making a hazmat suit lol. Taking the first refined uranium from the centrifuge without it was funny.

    Good day gentlemen. I've hit two walls this weekend using IC2 in Direwolfs modpack. UU matter is one (wow, what a convoluted mess) and the other is manufacturing Uranium cells. I have the purified uranium dust from the ore washing machine, but the compressor won't accept it and I can't find a resource on what to do with it next in order to get it into a cell. So, once again I prevail upon the graces of you fine gentlemen for a little help. Wading through search engines and wiki's on both subjects has given me a headache. If I can get a fuel rod this weekend I would be eternally grateful.

    Thanks again for all the help. :)

    Since when?

    This is based on the comments about UU matter in a post from Aug 2013 where the mod author states he didn't care about it and wasn't going to update it. I found that interesting since the lack of UU eliminates the top tier of armor and renders at least two machines I've crafted useless. That, coupled with the lack of updated recipes and process tutorials make IC2 seem to be a bit of an orphan. Perhaps I'm wrong, and I genuinely hope I am. Up to now this forum has been the only reliably informative resource I've found and I've been very grateful for the help I've received here, particularly building nukes.

    I loved the old IC, I'm definitely having growing pains with IC2 although there are several things I like so far.

    This weekend I've hit a wall with both UU and, and how to process Uranium once it's gone through the ore washing process, so I'm a bit frustrated.

    Thanks for any help. :)

    yeah, this has been discussed many many times already :p

    I followed the suggestion and did a search. Wow, what a convoluted mess. Ive read through several threads on both UU liquid and the mass fab and I'm even more confused. None of them had a concise description of the process or the machines involved.

    I would think this issue would be important enough for a sticky somewhere to help out those of us who are coming in to the game late.

    I certainly don't think it's asking anyone too much to give at least a vague description other than "do a search". After all you took the time to read the thread, would a small bit of info hurt, or do you just enjoy letting people flounder about? Personally, when I have knowledge others don't, I feel an obligation to share or educate.

    BTW, I did in fact do several different searches before posting and for whatever reason it turned up nothing , I'm not sure why that happened.

    I'm also getting the feeling that IC2 is going away?

    Hi, I just built a recycler and Mass Fab with high hopes of getting some Iridium post haste in order to make a quantum chestplate. Then I noticed it's a liquid? NEI doesn't give me any hints on the process and when I checked the wiki I was disconcerted to see this, "now produces Uu-Liquid and needs much more energy and time." Can someone tell me or direct me to someplace where I can find the process for getting from the liquid to creating Iridium?

    Thanks! :)

    I'm also assuming I can't just craft UU in a crafting table anymore. :/

    Update: I now have sticker shock just trying to make a Batbox. Batteries are ridiculously expensive on tin. Please tell me this is from Gregtech and I can somehow turn it off. Otherwise, I'm seriously considering cutting my losses and moving to another mod pack. I was actually having fun till i saw 4 tin ingots turn into one plate for battery that requires 4 plates. That's 16 tin ingots for ONE battery, not including the cable. That's not balanced, that's completely irrational. I'm starting to regret leaving Unleashed for the Direwolf20 pack if this is what has happened to IC.

    Hi, I just started a new game with some friends, and one of the first things I tried to make was empty cells for lava to feed turtles. The 4 tin recipe does not work, and I noticed all the recipes seem harder. Is this because of Gregtech, or the new IC2 experimental? I don't see Gregtech in the launcher, but it's in the config file. If it's just harder I guess I'll have to live with it, but to say the least...very much disappoint! lol :)

    Just an update. I'm running two recyclers being fed by ME/AE, and single mass fab feeding from the same mod . I suddenly have more UU than I know what to do with at this point. The ME automated feeding system is far superior to Buildcraft.

    Thanks for the help, comment and ideas. :)

    They do make the massfab use up to 6x less EU per UUM, however if you overclock your recyclers too much, you won't have a positive "energy boost" on mass fabricators.

    IOW, as the other poster was saying, I would be washing out the energy gained by using scrap, by making it too fast. In any event, I've lowered the OC's to 7. This was to match the recyclers speed with the input from a Redstone engine feeding it cobble stone from a chest. I've got a totally auto mated system now using Buildcraft, wish I had tried that modpack sooner. :whistling:

    Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions. :D