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    I agree on pretty much everything you said. Now we lie in wait.............

    Sorry for my repeated dPosting :P

    I am running this list (0bv 1.6.4, but 1.7 shouldnt change too much):

    Chicken and His Bones:

    Code ChickenCore

    Those Silly Mods that Run on Extra Unusual electricity

    GT (You know, we should remove this super OP mod that has like zero content)
    Frogcraft (mr10movie SPOTLIGHT NOW DAMMIT)
    Unidye (what a silly mod I mean what guy makes a Unidye :P)
    Electric Rails




    Pam and Her harvesty Craft
    Growthcraft All modules

    Rails and other silly things/ misc

    Project Red: Illumination, Integration, Base, Lighting
    (all those client side mods, WAILA, OPIS etc)
    (all those server things, OPIS, EVOC)


    Chisel/ Autoutils
    Carpenters Blocks

    Worldgen sillies

    Glenn's Gasses

    Thoughts So Far:
    This pack seems to be quite nice. That's it. No problems, nothing wrong. It has a good feel and I would definately reccomend this for 1.7Kirara. It consists of most of the suggestions and honestly I love it.

    UB is quite laggy in terms of worldgen, and I thought most of the PFAA lag was related to the startup, not chunks generating? Anyway, I'm liking how this list is turning out.

    It is quite easy to survive with HO. Dont run. Dont Jump. Dont swim. Just collect food and build SLABS (you are welcome greg) around your base.

    IT is an awesome mod, but needs a LOAD of tweaking to work with GT. It messes with stacksizes, speed on different terrain, and block hardness- all things GT does. It isnt a particularly good idea if we are playing GT hardmode- fits vannila much better

    Thank you, that was a really big help. And yeah, the whole realism aspect can be quite daunting. Then you just make some silly thing and call it a texture :P

    You named it tile.BlockMetaID_Machines
    Thats why it isnt working

    EDIT: Yup, remove the "s" in machines and the GT textures work splendidly.

    Thank you, that was a really big help. And yeah, the whole realism aspect can be quite daunting. Then you just make some silly thing and call it a texture :P

    Ok. I was bored. Thank you Sirus for posting the new GT texture pack, by the way.

    All weekend I have been trying out some of my computer software, messing about and I did like 61 or so GT textures. Most are complete shit, but I was wondering how some of you like them. I give full credit to Sirus, for both his templates and his style and his pack. I built my "test"/wip whatever pack off of his old one.
    Here it is:…/

    EDIT: Basically, are these decent in any way? I am creating a mod and was wondering if my texturing skills need work.

    You can already place Batteries in the Battery Slots of the Basic Machines, but in addition to that, this Slot will also recharge the Battery if the Machine is inactive, so you can use that Slot as a replaceable Battery Upgrade. But basically it lets you swap your "Battery Upgrades" when you got better Batteries, since the Battery itself is not considered an Actual Upgrade anymore.

    Are the batteries Duracell or Energizer Bunny?

    I was as well, but oh well.

    I've noticed that not many of us have been on recently (there are newer people on, but nobody older). Every time I go on, there is either nobody online, or only new people (haven't seen Linus on in ages :P). We seem to be spending less and less time on the server. Hopefully the 1.7 update changes this.

    Funny, we always log off right before the other one logs on, you linus and I

    So I haven't logged in for some time now. Mostly due to IRL stuff.

    So I need to update most of my mods, but I can't seem to find a Iron Chest dl that is the right version. On the official dl it only gives me 1.7.2 versions. Could somebody post their version so that I can download it.


    IronChest's dl pg has a legacy builds link, click that for 1.6.4

    Server restarted without galacticraft being present. I just logged in to my early electric base and the server did not crash. If this does not work the next victim will be Unidye. I of course did make a backup before taking this drastic action :)


    Fixed it for now. The problem is near ishis old base. Every time M3GA or I logged on we loaded it, so it crashed. So something near there is the issue.

    May just be coincidence but every time i open the advMiner it crashes- is m3ga near the new ishi base?