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    Built by the players, legitely. That would be awesome.

    What you could do is have a set amount of land allowed per player and then players could trade that land, and after you reach a certain point you could grab land as much as you wanted (like early American expansion) and sell it cheap (land speculation). Then something like HO would be nice, discouraging early exploration until you are set up and then providing extra incentive to go explore. Less abandoned messes and unused chunks wasted that way.

    Well, i suppose with hunger overhaul and such, it will estimulate people to gather together.
    Where we could possibly build a town and each player has a "plot" (of at least 64x64, expandable given need and possibility), everyone can build their machinery either alone or together and have public farms.

    That would be awesome. I would love to manage a town.

    Also agree. It would decrease chunk footprint. You could "buy" plots of land, and possibly have separate areas for mining and living. We could also set up spawn Mindcrack (Vanilla) server style.


    Completely agree. Thaumcraft is well done, balanced, and fits well as a reprieve from tech.

    I like the idea of naturalRegen off, and using PFAA instead of UB. Also we should add chisel and remove GC (who really thinks that fits anyway?). I think we should also add JABBA (are barrels really that OP?) and possibly something like Zombie Awareness (make it a bit more difficult) and Hardcore Ender Expansion (great for servers to make the ender dragon a legitimate challenge). Morpheus would be nice as getting a whole server to sleep is ridiculous.
    To encourage exploration (not just sitting and doing machines the whole time, making survival and expansion worthless) we could add a dungeon mod (and decrease spawn rate by a lot).
    I love the idea of adding Mo Creatures but lag would be an issue.
    Add: naturalRegen off, PFAA, Chisel, JABBA, A dungeon mod/some survival mod, HC Ender Expansion
    Remove: UB, GC and of course IC2 and GT (I mean who uses those anyway) :P
    thats my list of suggestions

    Have you guys considered PFAA in the near future? I know how difficult it is adding worldGen lategame (especially massive game-changing worldgen), but I think PFAA fits Gregtech far better than Underground Biomes here. It probably would mean a map reset though... not very fun or easy...
    Anyway what are your thoughts?
    EDIT: I really meant do you guys like the look of PFAA on any server, I realize this came out sort of mangled.