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    Using what package type??? For example a LV converter outputs 128EU/t but in 32EU packets... I think.

    I like to have build craft quarries mine in the ocean/rivers. Anything to fill them with water. I end up with nice ~20x20 pits full of water that go down to bedrock. My question is: if I build a reactor in the middle of one of these pits down at around y=35, what will the explosion of the reactor do to the sides of the pit? Is it absorbed by the water? Or does the force just pass through the water until it hits something solid?

    I would test it on a creative world first...
    It should be fine, I would just run my cable straight up, if this is in ocean by the time the explosion gets to the surface it won't have enough strength to reach land...

    Router is completely screwed up (won't support multiple connections!?!) so the server is practically dead, it's also the cause for the crippling lag. Also one certain person (not me!) has decided to play MW3 (that insanely expensive DLC for MW2) 24/7 which slows it down even more.

    I would like to join your server, because most of the other servers are either pay2play or other mods besides IC.
    My IGN is randalpik. I have my own server as well (but it's not IndustrialCraft.) I'm relatively new to IC but I feel pretty knowledgeable about it. I have read and will abide by the rules. Thanks for considering my application!


    I noticed the server downtime, it's my modem, I will look into a solution- probably putting it on a power cycle so it is restarted every once in a while...

    Please add me to whitelist.
    Some informations about me: I play mc half a year. I red and I accept rules. My nick in game is: skore13
    And I have 1 question: is PvP enabled?

    You and M11xStryker will be added ASAP (SSH access isn't available to me right now).
    EDIT: Added.

    May I be whitelisted? My username is "Deathzore". I am a "master" at redstone (very very good with it). I don't greif, and I would like to play on a somewhat ungreifable server (there's probably going to be a small amount due to the whitelist killing most of it). So, i hope i may be whitelisted. :D

    Deathzore hey?
    Ok, you have been added- make sure you read the rules.

    The modem dropped out and the log files get erased when it dies (making them useless), nerveless I am getting it all back and running.
    Edit: Everything fixed, will look at new modem, also maybe I can setup a 'internet failure' alarm on my server in-case the modem crashes. If I am leaving for a long period of time I will put a timer thing on the modem so it is turned off and on every couple of hours (maybe a cron job to warn users??).

    Due to a issue with our modem we are unable to continue hosting, sorry!!
    Sadly my modem is unable to support more than 512 TCP connections causing it to crash far to often.