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    What way can I set up my wind farm to make it to produce the most power/efficiency? (in multiplayer)

    It appears people put them high but then put them very close lowering the effective height below 80 so they don't explode (Effective height = hight - amount of blocks nearby; see the wiki) while keep efficiency/compactness high.

    Wind mills over 80 can explode in storms :(.

    Using 128EU/t is viable option too. One pulse every 16ticks (every 0.8 sec) is enough to catch anything trying to pass through cable. In that case, only 75*length in EU is lost every minute ! It means only 25EU/t for 400 blocks long cable. Medium sized fence can be powered only with single Geo generator, which is very effective imo.

    Yeah I was going overkill :). I'll try this out ASAP.

    If you want people to join make the installer in ENGLISH. Alternatively make it a Russian server (If you want it to be both you still need a English installer).
    Finally the viruses are most likely false positives. Really scanners should tell you the issue e.g. "This file has code that modifies packaged JARs" or something. Chances are that the program looks like a virus after all it edits other files...

    It is the stupid new spawn code!!
    Mobs only spawn when you are generating the world and only if the limit isn't hit. Kill the cows and go exploring!

    Maybe the Energy O Mat should have two slots: a "price" slot only accessible by the owner and a "pay" slot for the user. Below threse it could have a number with buttons to increase/decrease it which is the amount of EU you get when you place the resource in the "price" slot in the "pay" slot.
    For example if I placed 2 iron in the "price" slot and set the number to 2048 then for every 2 iron you put in the "pay" slot you get 2048EU (in actual play I would never charge that much!).
    IC2 coins are defunct.

    Industrial craft seems to tap into alot of other mod's APIs (for example Buildcraft and Craftguide) it runs fine without them but I am unable to decompile :(.
    Is their a way around this???
    BTW for decompilation I am dropping the contents of the IC2 JAR into the Minecraft JAR.

    You will get the problem when other biome unloaded.

    I'm sorry?
    If the chunk is unloaded the the generation will stop just like it does right now... (most people get around this using chunk loader blocks from Zeldo's Pipes).
    It's really nothing to do with my suggestion, unless your suggesting that the Biome data will be wiped on chunk unload (which it shouldn't be, Notch was discussing the new file format when he mentioned Biome information being saved for each chunk).

    Note: While detecting biomes may not be possible right now as of the next update biome data will be stored for each chunk.

    A implementation that adjusts power generation based on the biome the generator is located in.
    Right now no one uses power grids because anything that can be done in the power station can be done at their home without the energy loss/infrastructure costs. With this addition it becomes cheaper to use power generated in certain Biomes and have it sent to people who wish to live in a nicer biome.
    Specific Rates
    Solar Panels:
    Swamp/Jungle: 0.5EU/t
    Grasslands (lots of open space): 1.5EU/t
    Deserts: 2EU/t
    Other: 1EU/t
    Swamp: 0.4EU/t
    River Biomes (It is a Biome, must be between level 56-64, limit per chunk?): 1(or 2)EU/t.
    Windmills (multiplier on current value):
    Desert/Grassland: 1.8
    Jungle/Forest: 0.6
    Extreme Hills: 2.4

    Finally I think some type of Geothermal active 'fault lines' would be cool...

    Actually renewable is your best friend.
    What we really need is location based power, for example special areas where you could run real geothermal power generators, or solar panels producing twice or three times as much EU in certain Biomes.

    That way people get cheaper EUs if they draw power from a desert solar plant but they may wish to live in a forest, thus they have to have power lines.

    The simple fact is that EU must be cheaper to generate out of the persons home, that way it can have a profit margin to pay back for the infrastructure. Imagine if Finite Liquid was integrated with MC Forge, real water power anyone? With that done then it would be ridiculously cheap to run hydro electrical power but it would have to be built on a river, meaning you would have to have either one dam per person or to have a power grid (which could be expanded to other dams as well)>

    More of a simple suggestion that doesn't have to be implemented for it to be used.

    Basically we could follow this way of naming EU amounts:
    EU = 1 EU
    kEU = 1000 EU
    mEU = 1000 kEU / 1Million EU
    gEU = 1000mEU/ 1Billion EU
    tEU = 1000gEU/ 1Trillion EU

    Pronounced Killa-EU, Mega-EU, Giga-EU and Terra-EU respectively. It would be handy for these to be implemented into ingame GUIs (eg once the BatBox is storing >2000 EU it would use kEU instead).
    Out of interest does anyone have a gEU or tEU of power stowed away???

    Please read my logic, as I pointed out the system can only output 512EU/t so it waits 4 ticks between each burst meaning for every 100 blocks you need to supply 25EU/t, which isn't that bad. With even more work you could half (or quarter) that (but it may not kill the targets as fast).

    I am not sure if the damage dealt is related to the amount of power (in which case the parts near the end of the cable will not deal as much damage- but in a single second it can emit 5 shocks). I will test to see if HV does as much damage...

    For those who need some 'security' this may just be your answer!
    Running a uninsulated HV cable 1 block under the ground will kill any players who walk over it, the main issue is that power must be flowing through it. Luckily using EV it will run 2KM! So evena 500x500 base can be surrounded.
    My design generally involves:
    Power Source -> MFSU -> HV trans (powered) -three dot face> HV Cable (can handle EV) -three dot face> HV Trans (unpowered) -> MFSU. I am pretty sure you could link it back around to the other MFSU. But you lose 1 EU for every block, as the MFSU only outputs 512EU/t the HV trans outputs a packet every 4 ticks meaning x = y * 0.25, where x is the power loss and y is the length of the cable, you must supply Y to keep the loop running.