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    I was thinking it would be really cool if Tesla coils had a more feasible range? I would love to build a giant nuclear powered wall of them but you end up putting them every few blocks :(.
    Also the textures could be made cooler I guess...

    I kind of feel the Tesla coil is a tiny bit neglected, which is a shame because they are so awesome.

    Cool! Have you found any of the mountain biomes yet? Also the next release is going to have some very nice forests (which shouldn't be invaded by RP2 rubber trees either).

    First things first I added a new Macerator, Extractor and an Electric Furnace, as you can see I moved the wiring into the trench and added a BatBox. There is some wire under the generator to run the power from it to the BatBox. I also added a door in the place of the fireplace.

    Next I added a room which will be the electrical corridor coming off my machine room (you can see the side of the generator to the left) on the right is the walk way and on the left is where the power stuff will be. A MFE will sit on-top of the LV transformer which feeds to the BatBox. The corridor will eventually be extended and branch off to other rooms.

    I changed my upstairs room a bit, adding a double chest for refined material and two automatic crafting tables (they don't drop items when closed)

    The start of the solar array, as of IC2 this is the best pattern with a straight tin cable and solar panels on either side. The tin cable runs down to my 'corridor' into the LV transformer (when I place the MFE it will run into that instead).

    A quick shot showing my solar array and base.

    Note: Opti-fine started trolling me throughout this part.

    Waiting for one furnace to smelt? Pah! I also rearranged my room to be more efficient (and have more storage).

    With a new Macerator built I start smashing, did you know all machines/storage blocks accept redstone? 200EU a piece (enough to macerate something).

    And suddenly!
    It's so pretty, I luv my mountain biome.

    After seeing the sights (in the middle of the night!) I retreated inside to get to work on my machine room. The cabling will run under the machines in the trench via a BatBox, but right now I'll just run it in a straight line to avoid energy loss.

    Back to the mines we go! This will make a good lava source for geothermal...

    A good while later I return, it is still snowing!

    In the next episode I will work on my energy storage...

    I used Caesium to reduce these images- on rather high settings, they might be a little over compressed.…ium/files/latest/download
    I'm also using my own World Craft:…-v010-interesting-worlds/

    I found a nice little spot with some oil, sadly a creeper blew up part of my house...
    I got well into rebuilding it, I also planted some rubber trees.

    Cleared out what will be the basement.

    Started work on the basement, because it's on a hill I can have a window looking out. This will be the center of my industrial operations.

    Finally, a nice cozy house, although maybe a fireplace is in order.

    The rubber trees, trimmed and ready for harvest.

    Ahh! That looks like a house worth living in.

    I dug all the way to diamond level to find only copper then I hit this!

    Digging out some of the stuff in the cave I find:

    Sadly I had no iron, I went back up and smelted some then returned. After a very little mining expedition (like 10 blocks of cave) I had this:

    More to come! Mainly some machinery.

    Hey just a quick question, have you been having any crashes with this? Without it runs fine, but once installed it MC crashes allot on single player (fine on SMP) but without the shadow mod (but IC BC RP OPTI etc) it runs fine.

    If I had red power I wood put them in a tree and run a tin cable down the trunk with RP2 cover plates/strips (surrounding the cable, it would be a bit larger than a regular block but could be quite stealthy).

    Or you could have a charging station where you have a set of MSFUs that are filled by solar panels then you can carry lapatron crystals to and from.

    A cycle is the time it takes for a uranium cell to run out of power, so if a reactor can run 1+ cycles you can put in your uranium and leave it until it runs out (make sure you let it cool off before refueling). I think a uranium cell lasts for about 1 million reactor ticks- no idea how many reactor ticks in a second.

    I don't see why EE is such a hated mod...I mainly use it for converting annoying leftovers into useful blocks. The ability to churn out diamonds is something I use every now and then....although the current ver is a bit OP...48 shrooms/ 24 pumpkins = diamond but I don't think Ill do that too least for IC items

    Partly because of the people who set up a process using macerators that gives them unlimited materials which they can turn into diamonds & iron.

    Nice but, hide the wires and do some spring cleaning... Also do you have the ability to refine? Plus I recommend you build a macerate and smelt system. And possibly clean up the underground walls...
    7/10 for effort (would give you nine if you hid those cables).

    It runs.
    The Mass Fab will run as fast as you can pump juice into it. I believe it can take up to 512 on each face so it goes as fast as 3000 EU/t makes it go. Having scrap makes it go even faster.
    Depends on your power grid but a MSFU is a safe bet.

    You could hook up multiple power sources to the wire running to the mass fab, like having 120 solar on a single tin wire.

    What I call Phase 1 consists of 1 generator, 1 macerator, 1 electro-furnace, and 1 rechargeable battery. That’s bare-bones for a mining setup. That way you’ll start macerating your ores and smelting them down. You’d have to use tree taps and the furnace to (inefficiently) extract rubber until you have enough resources to add an Extractor to the setup, along with wiring and probably a bat-box in Phase 2, solar panels are added around that time too.

    Use insulated copper wires instead of a handheld battery...
    Also redstone is worth enough power to Macerate an ore so I normally use it to make the dust for a generator.

    Could you change it to a percentage (or just add a percentage somewhere), eg if I lose 32 EU and I am using 128 EU packets it should have 25% loss somewhere- would be very handy :D.

    i really like this server, but i think with all the technical problems i will be taking an break of indefinite length. i'll keep an eye on this thread so i can see if they're fixed but in the mean time good luck with all your minecraft ventures.

    I know, I am actually looking at switching to a new ISP that has lower pings and we had a guy come and do a test from the house and gave a symmetrical 20Megabit/second connection, so that looks like a good idea...

    I might just switch to a BC/IC2/*possibly RP2* server for my friends once IC2 is updated- you can join if you are interested. But sorry about the server falling... If anyone wants to try hosting I can send you the world files and stuff...