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    I ask the same question.
    The only thing I want to give my donators is a yellow text colour (and of course a listing on the donator page) but on the other hand servers where donators get to use creative mod and such get reaaly boring (you build a statue only to see someone who donated paid 50 cents has built an exact replica in 5 minutes out of iron blocks.

    Batpacks were never intended to break, but as I remember, we needed to get a Forge hook or some such to prevent it from occasionally happening. I think the fix in the latest release official took care of it for good, though.

    Hey Drashian, guess what i'm going to say:
    SMP Please?
    I don't know much about the server side code but I guess it should only involve changing the server code?

    Dear IC2 dev team:
    I apologise greatly if this breaks a rule or is in the wrong section if so please delete/move.

    How to decompile IC2 with MCP
    The first stage of modding is decompiling this tutorial will give you the code for IC2.
    Grab a clean minecraft jar and install ModLoader ModLoaderMP and Forge. Test to insure it works.
    Get MCP/eclipse
    Download and install MCP (out of the scope of this tutorial but should be relatively easy, guides are on the MCP wiki). Get (and setup) Eclipse. Trust me, it makes your life far, far easier.
    Get IC2 into that Jar
    Download the IC2 Jar and move the contents (the stuff inside the IC2 Jar) into the minecraft jar. Go into the "ic2" subfolder and delete anything with Integration in the name (eg the bcIntegration folders) otherwise it won't decompile properly.
    Get Ready
    Put the bin folder containing the minecraft jar (now with IC2, ModLoader, etc in it) in the "MCP/jars" folder (the bin folder should contain a couple of other things).
    You should have in the "MCP/jars/bin" folder: A folder called "natives", jinput.jar, lwjgl.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, md5s, minecraft.jar (which should have all the mods inside it) and version.
    Run the decompile script and wait for it to complete you will receive warnings about the missing server jar, the modded client jar and possible a hunk reject or something akin. The final test if any of these caused a major issue should be if their is source code in "MCP\src\minecraft\net\minecraft\src".
    Have fun!

    To test your code run the recompile script and then the test game script- if your are using Eclipse just save your files and hit the green play button.

    overgeneralization much? I've got one that's 80%+ efficient yet isn't certified, been working great for a long time.
    It's a Xclio brand. It's one of those same manufacturer as a big brand sort of deals, I forget who though but I did do a bunch of research beforehand.
    Chose the genericy one based on good (professional) reviews as it was the only way I was going to afford a modular one.

    still: i'd recommend hitting up hardocp to check on a review there, they've got the best review process i've seen. (very hard on the PSU)

    Fair enough.
    If the reviews from independent sites are good than it should be fine. I'm just saying that certificate is held in high regard, I personally would always buy a 80% certified PSU mainly because it is responsible for supplying safe power to all your chips. Once again research is good, I imagine the certificate has costs so it may not be on more budget PSUs. Just check they say something about the typical operating efficiency being a decent amount (if you get a 500watt PSU with 50% efficiency your only getting 250watts and if it that bad it may do worse).
    I normally just go for Corsair.
    As Alblaka said "to each his own".

    Does anyone else get the feeling that in the light of recent updates Industrial Craft is more Minecrafty than Vanilla Minecraft?
    Personally building a giant automated recycle-fabricator is feels more like Minecraft than going on a quest to the end and watching the credits.
    Just my personal thoughts.

    Also now is a better time (or at least equally good time) than any to say thank you Alblaka and the rest of the dev team.
    This mod is insanely balanced and fun. Much better than running around in a sky dimension doing the exact same thing you do on the ground with new textures.

    Also on this note how is that a pixel-textured game with a mod can consume more of my time and bring more enjoyment than a the most anticipated game of all time (Skyrim).

    While this seems like a really cool mod I am kind of put off by the update times :(.
    Perhaps you make a simple place-holder mod that just preserves the blocks and meta-data (things inside) which should be much easier to update so I don't have to wait for or even skip IC2 updates.

    You lose 216 EU per 2048 EU packet (about 10%).
    Just a note if you are using EV then you need a HV transformer at each end of the HV cable with the three dot face facing the HV cabling (that will be transmitting EV) and the input one (on the reactor side) toggled with redstone.
    By the way 45 blocks should be sufficient. Put it say 100 blocks away to be safe cutting your loss to 80EU a packet or %3.9. One or two layers of reinforced stone will help as well.
    At 270 blocks the chunks may not load meaning the reactor will not produce power (unless you have chunkloader blocks) 100 blocks may be to far... I ahve no idea how many chunks MC loads at 100 blocks you 6.25 chunks away at 270 your 16.8~ chunks away.

    So after much searching I could not find a report of this bug:

    When my MFE on a server gets completely full, it completely stops emitting energy. I was wondering if there was a fix for it. It is really annoying to have to turn off all power generation to drain it partially so that it will function and power machines again.

    Tolled :D
    Do you have a power converter nearby? When they get full they emit redstone power, (if configured that way) meaning any nearby converter will stop converting downwards...

    Ehm... HV-Cables cost you at least an MFSU to emit it (theoretically you could use a HV-Transformer powered by many MFE etc.).

    Oh and a Tesla-Coil wasted less energy than HV-Cables. They lose 1 EU every block, since the Tesla has 4 range you need 9 Blocks HV which means a loss of 9 EU/t, while the tesla-coil uses 2 EU/t, the Tesla-Coil needs to fire every 35 seconds to use as much energy as the HV-Cables.

    You could run like just under 400blocks of lethal HV cable powered by a single Geothermal Generator and a MFE :).

    Doesn't work.
    Animals on the HV line die but if you have a block above it (so it is hidden) it takes a good 8 hits (at which point them normally have wandered out of range) still good enough for above ground cabling...