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    As i have said befor its is not a blueprint and only a idea.. i will not take anymore time to draw out a plan cause you are fucking assholes..... i have real life shit to deal with AND REAL EQUTMENT to work on... fuck off you assholes, you think people need to do shit your way cause you think your so smart with code.. but couldnt change your car tire..

    No, it's a sentence without a purpose. It does absolutely nothing apart from waste a couple of kilobytes of Alblaka's web space. We still don't even know what a steam gen does! Does it generate steam, generate power off steam?
    I don't think I'm smart with code, also what real equipment? A cardboard box with a chainsaw painted on the side by a five year old is not a cutting apparatus, however hard you try.

    Yeah, there is a mod for GMOD that does this. "Gravity Hull Designator" when you designate an area it creates a room in the middle of nowhere. Then everything inside the area is moved into the room, when the rendering stage is reached it is teleported back to the area in the real world (and then put back once it has been rendered).

    I actually am leaning towards ice now, I'm considering using enderchests. That way I can generate the ice on the surface, put it in an enderchest and pump it into the reactor (they will both be in the same chunk for safety).

    So, I recently decided to step up from LV panels and build a nuclear reactor. Obviously, I want it to be CASUC so I can get a decent bit of power out of it. Now, I also want to completely in case it in two or three layers of reinforced stone (and then use a filler to fill the quarry hole I will put it in with cobble to further shield it) without breaking the bank. This lead me to believe a water bucket CASUC reactor may be better, as it can be far more compact than a ice one.
    I am using BC, RP2 and IC2, what would you recommend (I also have tons of mods, I am considering using an enderchest. Generate ice in my bunker and then transport it using the chest into the reactor chamber?).

    No one is asking for help in the last page or so.

    Yeah, the launcher is secure. I used it for months with no problems. Something about sending the username/password combo to the same Mojang servers as the regular launcher.

    Yeah, it just calls the Mojang website. Does anyone know if it does it via SSL? It should. One thing I really hate is the entire GUI. It looks like AOL is attacking the modern day web :(.

    when you get off your horse, go fuck yourselfs assholes!!!! i was not looking for the idea to be a full on blueprint only a idea.. I just put it out for people to think it over. to the people that didnt talk shit thanks for not being assholes.. all others fuckoff

    You didn't even explain what a steam gen is? Does it involve pipes, does it involve heat sinks is it a GUI like the reactor? etc.

    [rage] It is very rude, to join a forum and post a crappy, terribly formatted idea. And then when people ask you to actually post a real idea, with actual information you tell them to "go fuck yourselfs" (year 2 grammar?). We can't receive your idea telepathically, so you're going to have to get off your lazy, bad mouthed ass and explain it to us. [/rage].

    Thanks for the support! My friend was reading the wiki and wants a teleporter hub on the server now as well! I hope the gets added soon :).

    Also, could the multiplier be default 1000? Or support decimal values (this may be hard, I've heard float variable aren't very accurate for some reason)? Also, I was thinking, what would the possibilities of having a teleporter be able to feed off the power provided to its "sister" teleporter (the one it is connected to). This wouldn't allow you to transport power (as it can't be extracted from the teleporter), but it would allow you to create remote teleportation sites (I was thinking, when we find a mushroom biome we can just use teleporters to take mooshrooms home, but it would be a pain to haul a giant setup out there to power the teleporter.

    I'm a PC guy, I like not overspending for the same hardware. I mean after all a MAC is simply PC hardware, with a nice shiny case and a little apple logo. Gaming is really driven at the PC market because most people use PC's. I hate how the schools have all MAC computer labs, thankfully I have my laptop. I need to move into Linux more, I dual boot it, but I need to play with it more, I know its really awesome. Oh yeah one last thing, I like being able to open my devices up to see what makes them tick/upgrade them, I really don't like being locked out.

    Agreed, my school has the sense at least to use Windows PCs. My old primary actually used Ubuntu, which is a pretty good choice considering they're a small rural school who can't afford the massive fees for Windows.

    A feature, which has been overused, and user who has been contacted by me to not overuse it in future.

    Thank god, on my school internet it nearly crashes me having all the flags load (they load with the meta text and then get turned into images, which makes the page jump up and down).

    hmmmm i can't use this world. it seems that my minecraft can't find some of your blocks, especially frames, which causes everything to be floating in midair......
    it's actually a very interesting problem, since it tells us to submit the config data together with the world.

    He did include the mod pack he is using didn't he? But yes, a zipped file containing the config/ redpower/ and buildcraft/ folders would be nice.

    Finite Liquid practically kills my computer, and that's when the water is standing still. I do not want to think what realistic air would do to it. Thermal simulation is CPU expensive even on a 480x640 2D grid.

    I like to use a extractor (or compressor) with a wooden pipe running into a project table. Then all the cells get placed into a project table ready for crafting. Project tables are awesome for crafting any more complex devices.

    Yeah, I'm not really sure how the code works. It seems the cables are already physically smaller than a full block but you still can't place anything within the same block space. It's a shame really because microblocks are an excellent idea and really add a lot to the game. Perhaps Alblaka could collaborate with Eloraam to incorporate microblocks into IC2? These developers are coming up with some awesome things on their own, imagine what they could do it they worked together!! :D

    Read Eloraam's EAQ:


    It’s impossible. It’s not a matter of adding cover plates to another block type, but making a block type work inside cover plates. Covers require a huge amount of code, including a lot of custom rendering, and any blocks that use them have to be written, from the ground up, to make use of them. Anything using them would require RedPower Core to function, even if it was possible. So just use the RedPower equivalents.

    While it could *possibly* be possible if both Eloraam and Alblaka put a lot of work in it would be hard to implement without making IC2 dependent on RP2, Eloraam has shown she is reluctant to allow other people to work closely with RedPower.

    I personally find teleporters stupidly expensive, by the time I have the energy to run one I will have a Quantum suit which I personally would prefer (because, sending myself over any long distance is ridiculously energy intensive. While a Quantum suit gives me the scenery on the way). So instead of getting in a flame war over balance could we simply have a multiplier value in the config. By default it would be 100, setting it to 50 would half the cost, setting it to 200 would double.

    Build a basic house.
    Mine for a good while.
    Build a generator.
    Build a macerator.
    Upgrade to geothermal (if I have the lava).
    Get solar (I don't use water mills, way to overpowered)
    Then I progress onwards, I'll normally get a rubber tree plantation setup pretty quick. The next task is a sorting system using Redpower, followed by a tree farm to get saplings. Then I build a biofuel plant which I use to power a quarry for resource gathering. I want to try some nuclear engineering soon.

    Or wind or nuclear if you want cheaper energy. Solar power has a terrible output/resource ratio IMO.

    Manned water is disabled on my server. I have about 30 panels, getting the same output from windmills without risking them exploding would be a pain, nuclear energy needs refueling (I'm on SMP with loaded chunks). I do plan to build a nuclear reactor now I have the resources to afford the shielding.

    SSP is a lot less aggressive with chunk loading than SMP. So yeah, these things can happen.

    You know what else is "extremelly annoyning"? Barely readable sentences.

    Back to the point, this sounds like a realistic feature. I would think that you need light to grow plants, which seems to be the standard vanilla behavior. I know vanilla plants check for a path to the sky, however IC2 crops deserve to be a lot more specialized.