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    It would cause less Annoyances, if the Defaultrotation would be 2, 3, 4 or 5, instead of 0 (downwards)

    I could see that ending badly, most people seem to wire power from a direction other than the default. This is good because what happens in an MFE is to turn around due to this glitch and blow up a set of low voltage machines?

    This is a relatively simple addition, and I think it would be cool either as a addon or part of Industrial Conflict. Perhaps it could be integrated with the EMP suggestion? That would balance it for PvP (EMP could be used to disable it).

    Use it or lose it bro. If you had put more time and effort and explained recipes and the niche of use this unit could use, I could be convinced.

    You have a typo :D and you're in need of a few grammatical corrections.
    Is it really that hard to pop 10 MSFUs in a row? IC2 is designed in a way to force people to put a *bit* of effort into their work.

    Nice try ee2 user! so basically you want ic2 as unbalanced as ee2? Balance is dificulty of obtaining something (effort-result ratio). And that balance is, at least in my opinion, that what makes ic2 worth playing.

    It's funny because this suggestion would make EE look like Terrafirma craft in terms of balance.

    I use RedPower for things like my auto sorting system which is in charge of sorting incoming items, macerating ores and cooking dusts. For factories I still prefer Buildcraft, its much nicer with advanced pipes to say "send 2 iron to the circuit machine and 8 to the machine block crafter" than to have everything done constantly. I don't want 8 circuits for each generator, I want 2 :).

    You do realize that's completely possible to do both without Tekkit and with Redpower transposers right? Most people here use Redpower and I personally hate when a reference to Tekkit is thrown in without any logical reason for it

    Yeah, I swear most of the people these days don't even know how to spell the mods they use, the just go and download a mod pack. Poor mod authors :(.

    Really, you should be moving to geothermal/solar as soon as you can.

    I'm sort of careful regarding the marketing of stories ^^' The last time I tried, I've wasted a 4-digit sum.
    Eventually I should try the Kindle route of selling stories, I think there are less costs for the publishment.

    Ouch, yeah I can't really see why there should be any costs regarding publishing to Kindles. You put it up on Amazon, they sell it and take a share of the cash you get the rest. Then again, since when have things been that simple?

    Dogfort Please PM to explain what that terms means, I couldn't find a translation and I doubt it's related to actual dogs. ~ Nvm
    FenixR I should have mentioned, whilst possibly using prominent persons, you canot use other names as terms.

    This could be interesting...

    setting random block in aoe to other biome will never change biome properly, something like if more then 512 blocks in chunk belong to selected biome - change chunk completely will do job well.

    also biomes are mostly useless and nothing expect grass color will change (some IC2 features affected by biomes are useless junk and does not play any role currently)

    Biomes are a massive part of Minecraft. Grass color (to me at least) is very important when I'm choosing a base, IC2 crops grow best in swamps and if you're using other mods (which many, many IC2 players do- if you're going to ignore them then why even bother with Forge?) like Forestry that have biome dependent features (eg bees) then this is even more useful.
    I'm confused about your first paragraph? What do you mean? All the terraformer has to do is access the NBT data and change the biome INT tag. Have played with this myself, I can say it is per X,Z column (instead of chunk). Perhaps the terraformer should have a GUI showing the conversion of the surrounding area?

    I do like the idea of a new "radiation block" basically, when a nuclear reactor is running it creates a unbreakable block. This block takes the texture of the block it replaced with a green tint (so the inner layer of your reactor would become tinted radioactive reinforced stone). It damages nearby players but will diminish over a long time. Then you could massively buff the output of a nuclear reactor while maintaining balance (who wants deadly green blocks lying around, after it is used you would be forced to shut off your reactors for a good while).