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    You must always admire those who use Overclocked Heat Vents with MOX designs. Even if it is pretty dangerous and dependant on Nuclear Control working.

    Haha thanks :D
    Figured I'd make the best of both worlds (in my case anyway) high risk reactor that you can't really set it and forget it and putting Nuke control to use :P

    Fired up MC 1.7.10 with IC2NuclearControl-2.2.5a-GoingForTheKill + industrialcraft-2-2.2.795-experimental and found an old MOX design I made months ago...
    Not sure if it applies to today's IC2 as I haven't updated it but here it is:

    It'll put out 600 EU/t if you tweak the heat limit a bit more but it blew up on me after I paused and unpaused the game so best to keep it set lower like I have it.
    It'll hurt you if you go near it so yeah watch out.

    Just thought I'd post it. Maybe it's a terrible design, maybe not you guys tell me :P
    I like it though. I like pushing setups to the edge 8)

    I see from the changelog we are preparing for machines again?Aww yeah! Can't wait to fully get back into GT again. Minecraft is pretty empty without GT. Though Rieka's mods do a good job of filling the gap for the meantime.

    Edit: Yeah once I make generic Cables I will also add Axles and Gearboxes and things. However, Heat Energy won't be transportable. At least there won't be a Heat Cable/Pipe or something

    Speaking of which, is there plans to let one use Rotarycraft's gearboxes, shafts and such for the new machines? Just asking that's all ;)

    I'm also just wanting to know if GT6 will be completed on 1.7.10 or "ported" to 1.8 or whatever and finished on that version? Not asking for an ETA, just want to know if I'll have to use a newer MC version to get the final GT6 build.
    Other than that, Greg keep up the good work! You're doing quite well for a one man dev team.

    Placing a block of cobblestone in front of the burningbox's air space DOES NOT stop it from creating heat while it is actively burning whatever is in it.

    Is this intentional?
    I noticed that it won't burn the 2nd coal piece if I place 2 coal in it, light it then put a cobblestone block in front of it though.

    Isn't there some kind of way to regenerate certain aspects of the world, i think it's called something like retrogenning or something, i recall thaumcraft using it to generate its aura nodes in chunks created without it. Wouldn't that be a good addition for GT, too?

    Use MCEdit's Repop option. I think it's located in the chunk control or something.

    This marks chunks to be regenerated BUT, everything you placed and built stays.
    Yes, you get the new ores AND keep all your hard work.

    I Re-populated my whole world once I installed gregtech. So now I get the GT ores plus all the other stuff from the mods I added after generating the world! 8)

    Remember I said I'd never have to use the crucible?

    I take it all back. I need to use it to get some iron ingots but I can't seem to shape the mold..
    I place it horizontally to the crucible and then I right click on it with my chisel and nothing happens. Not even in creative.

    So can someone point out what this dumbass is doing wrong please?

    Also thank you Greg for allowing me to smelt down my old tools now! :thumbup:

    Various arrays of IC2 reactors + solar arrays + water mills
    Efficient, semi-renewable, not cheap, powerful+

    GT Diesel generators + geothermal generators
    Efficient+ non-renewable, cheap, powerful

    Various arrays of 1 chamber IC2 reactors + solar panels + water mills + kinetic wind generator
    Efficient++, semi-renewable, semi cheap, powerful+

    Now using this:
    6 core fission reactor from reactorcraft
    Producing 5K+ EU/t it's efficient++, semi-renewable (if you condense the steam like I do) not cheap+,but powerful+++

    I can grab screenshots of my 6 core reactor after I finish rewiring my base and complete the new 6core design. (I made it in creative and got over 5K EU/t)

    Why would you pipe the Oil? The best thing for oil is to make RAILS and use railcraft tankcart. By one ride, you can take about 8-10x 32 000 liters (with steam locomotive) and you can also automatize it with later is not limited by range, only by rails you have... (and with tunnle bore you have also semi-automatic build of that)
    and rails are fancy, too ! :P

    Huh. Guess I...... didn't think of that. :wacko:

    [CHANGED] The way Biome Temperature is calculated, after I noticed that the value could be negative, resulting in negative Kelvin in Taiga Biomes, what is not really logical. Warm Biomes now have 3 Kelvin less due to Water Freezing at a MC Temperature of 0.15 (what I see as 0°C), while Cold Biomes now use a whole "new" way of calculating Temperature.
    [FIXED] Diamonds Achievement for the different TFC alike GT Gems.
    [FIXED] Butchery Knife Color.
    [ADDED] Recipes for Gem Plates and Gem Sticks.
    [ADDED] Tooltips for Tool Quality, Speed and Durability to the raw Materials (Dusts, Ingots and alike).

    Oilberries? ;(

    I wouldn't trust transformers. They haven't worked voltage wise since the major E-net breakings that broke the EU-Reader. I mean you're not really losing anything, but they don't work right.

    Ugh. Wonder if they will finally get the E net working correctly again.

    But why did they even mess with E net? It worked fine before experimental....