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    You must always admire those who use Overclocked Heat Vents with MOX designs. Even if it is pretty dangerous and dependant on Nuclear Control working.

    Haha thanks :D
    Figured I'd make the best of both worlds (in my case anyway) high risk reactor that you can't really set it and forget it and putting Nuke control to use :P

    Fired up MC 1.7.10 with IC2NuclearControl-2.2.5a-GoingForTheKill + industrialcraft-2-2.2.795-experimental and found an old MOX design I made months ago...
    Not sure if it applies to today's IC2 as I haven't updated it but here it is:

    It'll put out 600 EU/t if you tweak the heat limit a bit more but it blew up on me after I paused and unpaused the game so best to keep it set lower like I have it.
    It'll hurt you if you go near it so yeah watch out.

    Just thought I'd post it. Maybe it's a terrible design, maybe not you guys tell me :P
    I like it though. I like pushing setups to the edge 8)

    Various arrays of IC2 reactors + solar arrays + water mills
    Efficient, semi-renewable, not cheap, powerful+

    GT Diesel generators + geothermal generators
    Efficient+ non-renewable, cheap, powerful

    Various arrays of 1 chamber IC2 reactors + solar panels + water mills + kinetic wind generator
    Efficient++, semi-renewable, semi cheap, powerful+

    Now using this:
    6 core fission reactor from reactorcraft
    Producing 5K+ EU/t it's efficient++, semi-renewable (if you condense the steam like I do) not cheap+,but powerful+++

    I can grab screenshots of my 6 core reactor after I finish rewiring my base and complete the new 6core design. (I made it in creative and got over 5K EU/t)

    I wouldn't trust transformers. They haven't worked voltage wise since the major E-net breakings that broke the EU-Reader. I mean you're not really losing anything, but they don't work right.

    Ugh. Wonder if they will finally get the E net working correctly again.

    But why did they even mess with E net? It worked fine before experimental....

    Yep, painting works but the transformers don't.

    I can't convert 2048 EU/t down to 32 EU/t
    For some reason the HV transformer outputs 2048 EU/t and the MV outputs 512 EU/t and the LV outputs 128 EU/t.

    Seems they are all one step up even though the GUI says the correct output. It somehow switches when I put power though them. :huh:

    Every cable junction dupes power, the calculations are a totally messed up, so you can connect a geothermal gen and 3 Solaris and be getting a small reactor's worth of power.

    So I noticed :D

    Well, I guess I'll go ahead and make my transformer station anyway. Just can't find a spot for it on my tiny island....

    What would be nice is if there was a way I can colour code the glass fibre cables I'm going to use according to EU/t, because the cable loss is too great with other cables so I want to use only glass fibre.

    Heh. Not like me to necro a thread, let alone necro my own thread but...

    Yeah so I changed that to true and nothing happens guess the IC2 team still haven't fixed the energy loss stuff.
    Using version 732 of IC2 exp...

    Can anyone else confirm?

    Also, is this a confirmed bug?:
    I connected 5 MFSU's together with Insulated Copper cable and fed a single line to a mass fabricator. The mass fab was then receiving 50K EU/t!!!
    Somehow the EU-Reader said every MFSU was outputting 10K EU/t.

    I tried this with batboxes and the same thing happens, though it wasn't 10K EU/t per batbox.
    Sounds like theres some messed up line of code in there.
    EDIT: Okay the above "bug" only happens with useLinearTransferModel = true

    I don't quite follow the logic of your claimed cycle - once you make a few boats, you should be able to shut down the reactor and start a new base once you reach the mainland, with a temporary switch back to manual tools if the buffers of your power tools (and of any batpacks/energypacks you brought along) run out before you've set up your energy production. I'm somewhat curious what you used (or plan to use) the cactus for.

    Anyway, the config already supports specifying lower uu-values for specific items in the "[balance / uu-values / predefined]" section. I think it would be OP to reduce the UUM cost of all items by a given percentage.

    Thank you! I somehow didn't see that in the config file before... :wacko:

    I didn't want to shut down the reactor because that would halt my EU production. I usually have my mass fab running constantly, using up all of the reactors EU output. That way, when I go explore, I come back to some freshly made UUM.

    As for the cactus, I needed to make pipe sealant for buildcraft! :D

    So I'll tinker with the config now and see if I can balance out the UUM requirements.
    I feel like that info should be more... announced.

    EDIT: okay what is the data name for sticky resin? I've tried IC2:itemStickyResin but nothing happens to it's UUM value. 10.86 buckets of UUM for one sticky resin is simply insane!

    Why are you trying to replicate cactus (or wheat, or tulips) with uu-matter anyway? You can easily grow them to make more, so I don't think there's much point in trying to balance the uu-matter costs.

    I'm on an island in the middle of nowhere.
    Nearest desert is 1500+ blocks away. :P

    I was just using cactus as an example since I was in dire need of some just now.

    I just discovered Orange dye is 600 MB of UUM for just 1!
    Considering I need 4 to make another hazmat suit, that's a lot of EU which I have a huge shortage of.
    I can't leave to discover new islands or try and find the mainland because my reactor would nuke my island. I can't afford to shut it down because I need EU to make UUM, which can be remedied by finding more land, but I can leave because... infinite loop eh?

    Point being the small simple items that most people can make easily are very pricey to make with UUM, and in some cases (like mine) I depend on the replicator to make these items. But I can't afford to make them which is a roadblock in my path of development.

    A simple config option to reduce the UUM cost by X % would be all we need. :thumbup:

    Me again with another (bug?)! :P

    Having the Thermal Monitor on or beside the reactor like so will cause the reactor to keep running when the thermal alarm triggers. Because it outputs a redstone signal when the alarm is triggered, so flipping the lever I had on the reactor had no effect. (IE wouldn't shut off)

    Oddly enough, this doesn't happen if the Thermal Monitor is above the reactor. 8|

    Sorry for making you have more work lol. :D
    Good work with the mod though I wouldn't have any bases left if it weren't for you. 8)

    New version: 2.0.8a. Does stuff. Blah blah. More info here .

    Normal Version

    As regards to the web upgrade, it is still unworking, this update does not touch it. It shouldn't cause any crashes or anything, think of it like mailing a letter to an address where the owner has left. Yeah. I think. I'm doing a Codecademy course on Rails though, so maybe it'll be back someday?


    Awww yeah!!! :D

    Thanks a ton xbony2! :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: