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    I envy your Uranium reserves.

    I have yet to make an IC2 reactor. What's there is from a 9x9 chunk area plus whatever the mining laser has generated. :)

    _Tim_, what is this nice pipes mod?

    Indeed, I'm quite liking EnderIO, lots of opportunity for compact and tidy builds.

    Here's the underside of a farm I have, showing power, items, fluids, and redstone all in one block space .. With space for more! :thumbup:

    I just pipe my water in from an aqueous accumulator. Here's my system for processing uranium ore, the back is a little messy, but it's simply extract -> pass onto next step.

    The cyclic assemblers combine the tiny piles into their larger counterparts.

    I've already allocated 3gb to Minecraft of my system's 8gb total. Not quite a potato, but maybe a space potato: 3.1GHz Intel Core i7, 8gb 1.6GHz DDR3, nVidia GeForce GT 750M 1GB, SSD, blah, blah, numbers, numbers, blah.

    I've played with various packs before with tons more mods and its always ran liquid smooth at 1920x1080 at just under 100fps. So I don't think my systems performance is an issue, somehow, somewhere, something is stumbling. :(


    I'm trying once again to get back into Minecraft, however I can't get IndustrialCraft² experimental (built 648, among other builds) working on 1.7.10 with Forge The game loads as per normal, however upon starting/creating a world, it plays for ~1 second then simply stops. Occasionally stutters for a frame or two, and if left for a minute or so, gives black screen. I need to force-crash Minecraft to recover, creating no specific crash log, the only thing I have is the game output from the console:

    The other mods I have installed and functioning are:

    If I remove IC² from my mods folder, everything works a-ok. I've always played with IC², so would love to have it working so I can try out all the new things the experimental builds introduce. Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated! :D