IC2 Experimental Pro Tutorial Video Series!

  • Looking for IC2 Tutorials?

    Hey guys,

    I'm someone that likes building very detailed IC2 and technical builds. I also make LONG and in-depth tutorial videos.

    If your looking for more information on IC2 and want some in-depth looks and examples of "how to build" IC2 machines, Nuclear Fluid Reactors, generate energy from IC's steam, Kinetic or Hot Coolants, or how to convert power from one mod's power system to another, then check out my channel for my IC2 Pro Series of videos, along with many other mods like Gregtech, EnderIO, ProjectRed, Railcraft, Mekanism and more!

    My Latest video:

    Learn how to build my IC2 Hot Coolant CHILLERS that are both extremely efficient and stylish!


    Sorry about the audio on this first one - I had an issue with my mic, but its fixed now.

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  • Chloe, i love you!Your tutorials are awesome and ic2exp good tutorials is what i was looking for, so much thanks!.

  • I haven't touched Industrial Craft in the longest time, I'm slowly picking up Minecraft again so this'll be a great introduction to what's been happening. I'll be sure to add this to my watch list, thanks!

  • Looks nice, gonna check it out ^.^

    Edit : nice tutorial :D

  • Just watched the video through and very impressive! I'll be sure to reference your video numerous times when it comes to building myself. :)

  • Yes thanks very Helpful Video.
    I nerfing an tweaking some IC2 Recipes be more balanced wen using with Gregtech together. After looking that Video I better know now the usage of all those different Machines.
    You make a tutorial using Gregtech Blocks as microblocks(Forge Multipart) . Can you make some Video for Immibis Microblocks too ?