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    While I do agree to add to the complication of the reactors (as if they aren't tough enough to get your head around), I do like the idea of having additional components to support the reactor unit and chambers. Perhaps not in the complicated manner as its real life counterpart, but some modules that give additional cooling, or improve efficiency, or output, etc. Much in the way of modifying a car with refined components to get better performance. Instead of punishing a bad setup with an explosion, perhaps give a negative effect on the efficiency or output.

    Ok, I've updated it rather quite a lot and am now including all machines listed under the "Machines" category in the wiki, as well as the transformers and energy storage blocks. I was manually calculating to compare with what was being returned and it all looks spot on.

    I redid the copper cable additions so that should be more realistic. The "debug" text will still show, comparing the old system vs new (try solar panel for an example).

    Click here for the new and improved resource calculator

    The list is becoming rather long now .. When I feel like rewriting it for the 4th time, I'll be sure to group the items (machines/generators/utility, etc). It'll get there eventually. ;)

    Let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right.

    I hope you find it of use, enjoy. :)

    Thanks for the response.

    The copper wire issue for generators I'm aware of .. Just pondering on how to do it "properly", as it will effect any other object that wants <6 copper wire. I'm fairly confident that I've got the advanced alloys and bronze calculating correctly, increases the resources in steps of 2.

    The other day I wanted to make some quantum leggings and boots, so added those .. It calculated spot on.

    I'll likely work on it more today, adding more machines (I've been wanting to add the MFSU anyway), will let you know how that goes. :)

    For the particular setup you're looking at using, it will last an entire cycle (up to 9 consecutively, without a cooldown period) without you needing to do anything, as it is well cooled; Just toss the fuel in and walk away! :)

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a resource calculator online (or list). For example, if I want to make 2 MFSUs, it will tells me how much of each resource I will require.

    I'm asking because I couldn't find one, and have made my own very basic one, just supporting what I am creating at the time (mostly nuclear related items). I know this reactor planner has an "Initial Resources" tab, but it gives half values, which seems a little strange. It also seems to give different results to what I'm getting, so am after something more definite to help me confirm the values my code is returning.

    Thanks for any guidance!

    What stays in Vegas ..

    This seems out of character for all those allegedly involved. Here's hoping this is some publicity stunt, though I do question its necessity if it is ..

    I've only made one IndustrialCraft world (still relatively new to it), but I do recall starting with the furnaces, then generator, batbox, solar panel, macerator .. Then I cut straight to Induction Furnace .. I was unable to power it for the longest time :D. Somewhere in there I concentrated on making a miner, so I didn't have to frolic around in caves. This resulted in a lot of lava cells, and resources, and expanded rapidly into trying everything IndustrialCraft has to offer. Still doing it, and still loving it. :love:

    Define setups; What are you after in particular about recyclers?

    Here's a screenshot of my 7 recyclers, they're automatically fed cobblestone (2 dedicated), dirt (2 dedicated), gravel, sand, and a manual input for miscellaneous items (usually sapplings). Any produced scrap is fed into the 2 chests on the left, which I then use with a Mass Fabricator. There's another chest before the items go onto the recyclers, which I use as a buffer area, or to collect some dirt or stone when required.

    I do need to sort out an overflow system for the cobblestone, my last attempt on that didn't work out as planned.

    Hopefully this has given you some insight! :)

    While I'm always careful about my reactor setups to ensure they won't go bad, just incase, I do wrap up my reactors safely with 5 layers of reinforced stone.

    I've altered the access walkway and wiring slightly, but you get the idea. I've got a source water block up 2 from the topmost reactor chamber, and back 3 (if memory served correct) and it hasn't vanished on me yet.

    Sure was fun getting all those metals to make the mixed metal ingot required for the reinforced stone! :pinch:

    Simple on paper, until it comes time to redstone the transformers so they upstep the voltage. Putting a torch on the transformer itself won't work. Putting it on a block next to it will also apply that signal to any other adjacent machine that can be redstoned

    I tried placing a switch on the unit itself, seems to ignore it!

    Thanks for your input guys, I've removed the HV transformers which does greatly simplify things. Nothing has blown up too, which is always welcome. :)

    Hi there,

    I've been toying around with IndustrialCraft² for roughly a month now and am enjoying it thoroughly (I much prefer machines over alchemy). I'm at a stage now where I'm feeding 2 MFSUs from my nuclear reactors and am pondering how to merge both their outputs into a high voltage (512EU/t) line, which will then be feed to my branches of machines.

    I encountered something a little strange and am unsure why it is. It seems that only 1 MFSU is being used to draw power, despite both being connected in what I thought was correct. I toyed around with several arrangements of cables, cable types, and HV transformers and still only 1 was being used.

    Below I've got a screenshot of what I've currently got setup (hopefully not too comedic!). I've 90EU/t coming out of the ground and is being split into an even 45EU/t into the MFSUs. They are then connected to a HV transformer (receiving redstone,as pictured), which is connected to another HV transformer (their 3 dots are touching!), and that goes out, onto my machines.

    I'm not sure if I've got the HV transformers connected correctly, or if they're even needed in the first place! After taking the screenshot I wired up a Mass Fabricator, as it was running I checked its power usage: ~1020EU/t! This left me a little baffled, as it's stated maximum input is 512EU/t.

    I would love to know on the "correct" method for combining multiple MFSU power outputs into one 512EU/t line, and why only 1 MFSU was being drained. As well as any suggestions to what I'm currently doing. Thanks :)