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    New kind of explosive.

    Has no cap to energy (or really, really high if there is code issues) and the explosion is based off of the amount of energy. Automatically triggers based on when it's set to explode. (IE: If set to 1000 EU it automatically explodes once it hits 1000.)

    Immune to fire, other explosives, and redstone signals.

    Requires Nukes, Iridium, etc, etc.

    Do you actually read any of these posts?

    You put in an item (circuit) and it saves the recipe for that item. Batteries, furnace, reactor, anything will work and the recipe is saved. It's added to a menu that you can select and, if the components to make it are in an adjacent chest, it will make that item. It won't construct all of the components, those will have to be done separately but they too can be stored as a recipe.

    So no. Not at all like the project table except for the fact that it can construct items. It doesn't need a prebuilt template already. Just the recipe and the ingredients.

    So, basically an entire room of automatic crafting tables and logistics pipes all in one block?

    Forge technically has updated to 1.2.5... Just not a very good build yet.

    Also support this. Maybe not an entire inventory swap (little OP), but the hotbar swap is a great idea.

    Sir, yes sir. Are you always this abrupt about subjects over which you have no control?

    My last suggestion post was deleted. I can only assume is was due to the fact that people in this forum chose to insult and antagonize me instead of offering any kind of helpful feedback. I really don't feel the need to do that again, so don't play high and mighty with me. I can suggest what I please. Perhaps this isn't the time for it in your mind, but the idea is out there.

    You can suggest what you please- And look all the more like an ignorant moron because of it.

    That's the ONLY helpful feedback you'll get until the IC2 War Expansion is released.

    Mass Fabricator- It Fabricates Mass out of Energy.

    UU-Matter- The basis of all matter in the Minecraft Universe.

    Industrial Magic through nanites is much worse then manipulating a glob of Protons/Electrons/Neutrons into anything we want.

    So.... No point. There is no benefit.

    because basically what we are suggesting if that you should be able to extract the excess heat off to make the reactors more stable and be able to create energy from it, making it more efficient, this would cause the reactors to be used even more. instead of barely at all :


    You're trying to make 'Efficient' mean 'More Used'. That's not how it works. The same people will continue to use it and will benefit more, and the people who don't use it to begin with will continue not to use it, and have even more reason not to as it's more complex then before.

    It's infinite compared to how often you hit something in melee while carrying a MiningLaser.

    Hardly! If I had a Mining Laser with a freaking Iridium Bayonet on it, I'd bring the laser JUST TO STAB STUFF!

    ...And, I actually use swords over the laser to kill stuff. I miss a lot, and hate terrain being destroyed.

    And I'm not arguing for you to add durability or anything- I'm just using math against you. :p


    some people don't. i got enough generators and power sources to make 1
    matter every 3 seconds without scrap when i have everything going. :p
    scraps don;t register it seems when the machine is going that fast.

    Scraps increase the speed by 8 times, so... It's impossible to see it.

    Besides, once you reach that point you aren't worried about the math behind anything. You're the god of EU->Matter.

    Common, the lappack its already an upgrade to the batpack and now you want another one? You people are difficult to satisfy >.> sheesh

    I wouldn't mind one, to be honest...


    The chances of this happening is the same as combining a QuantumSuit Chest, and the Lappack together in one item. (IE: Basically none.)

    that would be nice, then RedPower might become better then BC atleast until BC actually gets up to BC3 for SMP then blueprints will be epic. atleast until Alblaka bats their hopes down with his Space Compression buildings, which i'd use far more then BC. not to mention they've been "working on it" for like 4 months, i'm sure alblaka would have his idea implimented and in SMP way before they get their's working properly.

    This is all assuming that 1.3 doesn't come out before anyone gets any of this done, and makes everything take forever to update.

    yes but BC is kind of fading out thanks to RedPower Tubing and storage, the ONLY thing BC has going for it if Blueprints which are even available SMP and the Pumps.

    RP2 is adding liquid pipes, apparently. Might add pumps considering that.

    It's Iridium. Consider the amoutn of energy ned to produce 2 Iridium Plates. Divide it by 1000 for each hit if you're greedy.. amount of possible hits is still QUITE infinite. >> doesn't need durability.

    9,333 uses if you don't use UU-Matter to get the rest.

    Assuming you use scraps in the Mass-Fabricator (most people do).

    IT'S OVER 9000- But under 10,000. Infinite=9,000? :O

    Complaining about a mod being overpowered in what is, essentially still, a sandbox game makes you look like an ignorant moron who doesn't like other people playing the way they want. The ONLY reason to call a mod overpowered is if it breaks the balance of another mod. Then it is only overpowered for that mod, when used with it.

    Dear god people. When did so many people get so stupid to call any good mods cheating and overpowered? Mods themselves are cheating- they are not vanilla Minecraft. Get over it.