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    now your getting the spirit :D of course this would be more of an endgame item and you need to make and install all these tools to get these different functions

    My sarcasm is a bit rough recently.

    In other words... A Mega-Tool isn't a bad idea. At least, sometimes. Mining Drill and Chainsaw could go together. About it.

    Anything beyond that is a lot of code for... something not really needed.

    I don't think any item in ic2 gives you an inventory inside an inventory accept the crop analyzer and its kinda buggy. besides it should be simple load the tools like a normal toolbox and then hit m to select the one you want to use. just like selecting modes on a mining laser

    Step right up, folks! Toolbox that can mine Obsidian, Wrench Machines, Chop Trees, Everything! Step right up!

    I think we covered that part already, Raa was just RE-noticing the "Exploit" that everyone and their grandmas already noticed.

    Then he went how it could be abused and what was and exploit and i told him that tecnically you could see a lot of things in IC2 as exploiting mechanics. Or something along those lines my brain is in Derp/Genious(Meme) mode right now.

    IC2 has a lot of balancing issues (mostly based around the Mass Fabricator).

    Personally I'd like to see a tool that grabs the dye out of the sheep. Thus, sacrificing the sheep for a chance at the dye and slowing the exploit considerably.

    And April 1st requires Meme mode. Otherwise, you'll want to kill yourself, or someone else.

    Solar Panel->Unlimited Free EU. Makes Extractor Free.

    With Zombies dropping Iron, and Iron Golem Farms existing- Iron is free. (Don't argue against the 'legitness' of these. They exist, they count. Regardless of if you use them.)

    Have to feign the 'what for' part. Right now? There isn't one.

    But if there isn't a reason to exploit it, why would you want to suggest the ability to do it in the first place? (Good chance that's going to be interpreted wrong.)

    It doesn't matter what the chance is. If it exists, it's an exploit regardless of how much longer it takes.

    I'm not saying something like it shouldn't exist- But it currently has a loop hole.

    Not Dye. And you dont multiply the wool either you get a 1:1 ratio on the compresser.

    And if you find getting wool OP then you can uninstall minecraft or kill all the sheeps because i didnt suggest those. Those are free items that can be easily gotten, should i use creative instead for having a sheep farm in my backyard?

    So your suggestion is only good if you don't multiply the wool?

    I'm finding a hard time arguing against that. Other then the fact that it leaves a giant exploitable mechanic.


    And Second a CHANCE, similar to the recycler to get the dye. (In the extractor)

    Running off of Solar Power, it's unlimited amounts of free dye.

    It doesn't matter what it is. It's free, and an unlimited amount of it. Allowing an infinite loop like that, you may as well use creative mode.

    And technically, you can make a Death Star out of wool (which would require dye).