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    yeah, the suggestion of a lightning rod is almost to the point of a trolling/banning offence i think. lol

    It's already a bannable offense.

    Al just doesn't catch all of them. He's probably got Anti-Idiot Sunglasses on.

    Simply put:

    1. If the house is small enough not to require a TON of EU, it's easier and cheaper to just break it down and go through the teleporter yourself and rebuild it on the other side.
    2. If the house is anything but small, you can't store enough energy to power it. Not without a storage unit that can hold TRILLIONS of EU.
    3. It may even be above trillions.
    4. The '(Laser?) Teleportation Builder' is more realistic (IC2 standards here). It would still use a lot of EU, but would use less as it's moving one block at a time and not an entire building. Furthermore, it wouldn't use all the energy at once, so you could actually give it the power it needs.

    And see, that's why I didn't bother asking "How should I implement it". Booze is meant to be a lil sidejob, not something containing enough machine to rival IC by itself.

    The current implementation uses ONE new Block. Which is the Barrel. Which can be used for 3 different liquids.

    ...Can we put gunpowder in it with the canning machine, and toss it?

    Add in the cost of keeping the already teleported and the currently teleporting items from being put into the wrong spots, into random spots (allowing multiple blocks in one spot), or even all blocks in a single spot (thus, black hole), it would probably cost even more EU.

    Again. It's not a bad idea, or suggestion.

    But we don't have the EU capabilities for it.

    This is ignoring all chunk-loading issues, as well.

    hey guys if your thinking about the 2 warpdrive idea thing its not what the suggestor intended he wanted it to be like a starship from startrek goin into warp and then coming out of warp at a diffrent location (instead of a starship it would be a specified area that you choose to transport) so yeah.

    I commented on that in my post.

    The EU cost to do that is far beyond anything you can do.

    Sure, he could suggest that if we had a Tier 5 energy storage... But we don't. Which is why I diverted to the more likely possible idea of a Builder Teleporter.

    As Al said earlier, messing with the block updates is... bad.

    Furthermore, some other mod items use that (or something in relation to the day/night cycle) to run. Redstone Engines from BC REALLY get screwed up by the Watch of Flowing Time (from EE) when it's running. Direwolf, for example, has had his pumps manage to drain infinite water pools (3x3) with ease.

    So... Let's just say Steve knows how to manipulate time, but doesn't because it's bad?

    after that you just need to power BOTH warp drives and the Transportation process will begin Block by Block.

    Technically, the two blocks would be linked. I could understand needing a Lapatron in the 'Destination' one to kick start it, but once the two blocks are linked it should allow EU to transfer through it just like the blocks can.

    And the EU cost to instantly teleport an entire building would drain even the most insane and large Multiplayer server's EU storage- if they even had enough.

    So, let's expand on this suggestion:

    Al, I suggest that you add a config option for EVERYTHING in IC2. This is, of course, after adding alternative options for EVERYTHING.

    In fact, why not make a magical replica of IC2 and make that a config option too? Config options for the EU output/input/consumption of all machines and cables! And for how much EU it costs per UU-Matter! And how much scrap it takes! How much dust/rubber you get from machines! How much coal it takes to get a diamond! Config options for all the things you can make with UU-Matter! CONFIG ALL THE THINGS!

    ... I hope you see where I'm going with this. If they add config options for everything- they won't actually code anything new.

    Well i take my time with mining, tracing good tunels and checking every dead end, also placing torches every few steps to get rid of mob spawining and similar.

    To even reach a lava pool (Usually redstone its easy to find around those) it takes me like 6-8 hours of good spelunking.

    Yeah... That would explain it.

    It's not hard to hit Redstone in 10, or less, minutes if you mine down. Caves on the other hand... Meh.

    have to have someone constantly be watching it.

    No. This is not fun. This would make the reactor useless to even more people then it is now.

    Now: Needs good planning, and if set up really well you can run even the most dangerous ones safely.

    With this: 5 hours of watching a reactor, pressing a few buttons... When did this game get so boring?

    A good question is if the higher the resistance, the less ideal the crop's requirements will have to be.

    How much Redstone does that give at the moment, anyways?

    I mean whats remaining? RP only needs the Frames and Computers to be complete, BC is kinda like copying RP and IC², and CC is already kind of finished.

    Alblaka has a huge list of considered Suggestions to implement, now we ran out of Ideas and only have to report some Bugs and comment some bad Ideas or Ideas, which are not fitting to IC².

    RP2 probably has a lot more in store. Eloraam most likely has many, many more things to add.

    BC came before RP2, you know. So RP2 'kinda like copied' BC's item transport in a way- but that's all old news and shouldn't be brought up again.

    However I do agree there isn't much left- but once you run out of piratical applications of industry, you get things like this. Don't tell me people don't use technology/industry for crazy things.