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    Work around: use a 2x2 source. No single block loss will kill it.

    If you want double redundancy, use a 2x3.

    I thought about that, but the layout of my set up doesn't make that ideal.

    I figured out that the pump for some reason tries to grab the block below and 1 block to the east of it first, so I just offset the 1x3 by one block to the east.

    Is this a bug or working as intended? If a bug I'll file a report in the tracker.

    So I'm using a pump (standalone, not attached to a miner) to suck up water to supply an ore washing plant. I've got the water set out in the usual 1x3 config for an infinite supply, with the pump sitting above the middle block. The thing is, the pump seems to randomly select one of the two 'ends' of the 1x3 strip thus breaking the whole setup.

    Is this expected behavior? I seem to remember the pump only doing 1 block directly below it before, but I admit that it's been a while, so I could be remembering incorrectly.

    Minecraft 1.12.2 / IC2 2.8.113 from the Enigmatica 2: Expert modpack

    Ok, how the hell do you build the new multiblock reactor? I've tried a hollow 5x5x5 cube of pressure vessels, with 3 replaced with 1 each of an access hatch, fluid port, and redstone port, but no joy. I've also tried a solid cube with the same 3 replaced, also no joy. What am I missing?

    Google turns up nothing, as does the craptastic forum search. Is this information even documented anywhere?

    Edit: Ok, so I finally figured out that you put the 5x5x5 cube of Reactor Pressure Vessels AROUND the existing nuclear reactor setup. Jesus that was obtuse.

    That sounds logical. I hope someone can confirm the thing about the transformers.

    Before I begin, let me say that I am very well aware that I don't have to use any sort of transformer and that there are currently no power limits on cables and machines. I'm doing this a) so that one day I don't have to tear out all my wiring and redo it (assuming the world lasts that long... meh), and b) as something of a personal challenge.

    Anyway, I'm setting up a wall of machines for en masse crafting batches. One row of the machines contains a canning machine, extractor, macerator, compressor, electric furnace, and metal former, so should (assuming the current tooltips are still correct) consume a max of 23EU/t without overclocking anything. When I refer to a 32EU/t line from here on out, I am referring to a setup like this. When I refer to a 128EU/t line, I am referring to the output of a CESU.

    I have some questions about how devices and transformers utilize energy on the E-net. First off, if a BatBox on the line were outputting at 32EU/t, how do machines utilize that? If the first one on the line is, say, a metal former in need of charging, does it take its 10EU/t and pass the remaining 22EU/t on down the line? If not, then how exactly does it work?

    Second main question. How exactly do transformers work? Say I had four 32EU/t lines coming out of a LV-transformer, and said transformer is being fed by a 128EU/t line. If all four of the 32EU/t lines were requiring power, would the LV-transformer break the 128EU/t into 4 seperate 32EU/t units and send them on appropriately?

    What about if there were four LV transformers (all being fed by a single 128EU/t line), each powering a separate 32EU/t line? Would the transformers only take 32EU/t from the 128EU/t line and put the remaining (96EU, then 64EU, then 32EU) back on the 128EU/t line?

    Inquiring minds wish to know!

    Thanks in advance to any who contribute.

    It's not perfect, but with a bit of (coding) work, it could work really well.

    Unless IC2 adds something similar to Buildcraft's pipe wires, then no, it doesn't.

    But that's the whole point. There's a whole library out there that already has support for this. Why not use it?

    Plus there seem to be more and more mods doing so, Applied Energistics 2 and Mekanism, to name two.


    Ah, well there you go. Not entirely intuitive though.

    Extend the flexibility of blocks that the obscurator can copy.

    It's actually not working at all for me right now, probably a bug though.

    And it still doesn't address having redstone wiring in the same block space as the power cabling.

    I realize this has been suggested before, but I would like to broach the subject once again.

    Forge Multipart support.

    With the current cabling system, putting machines of differing power tiers in close proximity is a bit ... clunky, to say the least. Particularly if one doesn't have the spare resources to spend on transformer upgrades, or simply doesn't want to, whatever. With FMP support, you could simply toss a 'cover' block up and stop cables from canoodling.

    Additionally, it would be a very nice way to route things like wire from Project:Red. You could basically use the same pathways as the power cabling and make things look very nice indeed.

    It would even allows us to hide power cabling in a 'wall'. (Yes, I realize that you can just spray construction foam on the cabling, but it's nice to be able to make the block truly look like almost anything.)