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  • So I'm using a pump (standalone, not attached to a miner) to suck up water to supply an ore washing plant. I've got the water set out in the usual 1x3 config for an infinite supply, with the pump sitting above the middle block. The thing is, the pump seems to randomly select one of the two 'ends' of the 1x3 strip thus breaking the whole setup.

    Is this expected behavior? I seem to remember the pump only doing 1 block directly below it before, but I admit that it's been a while, so I could be remembering incorrectly.

    Minecraft 1.12.2 / IC2 2.8.113 from the Enigmatica 2: Expert modpack

  • Work around: use a 2x2 source. No single block loss will kill it.

    If you want double redundancy, use a 2x3.

    I thought about that, but the layout of my set up doesn't make that ideal.

    I figured out that the pump for some reason tries to grab the block below and 1 block to the east of it first, so I just offset the 1x3 by one block to the east.

    Is this a bug or working as intended? If a bug I'll file a report in the tracker.

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    I have seen Minecraft not update fast enough, such that there is no water block directly below when the pump pulls. The pump is designed to pull from farther away if the closest block is air. I think this is what is happening.

    I have even had a pump kill a 2x2 when the conditions were just right... Maybe once in 60 Minecraft days or more.

    What about using a miner + pump to pull from much farther below your need? I can't think of a good way to ensure the pump does not pull your 1x3 Apart.

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    The pump will draw from all connected fluid blocks in a 64 block radius around it, and it searches from the same direction each time which is why you'd notice the same source block would drain when facing a given direction. I normally recommend doing 3x3 pools with the pump above as it will normally never be able to completely drain a side of it out although that is at the expense of being much bigger. There might be cheaper unlimited water sources in your modpack though.

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