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    If people use other mods generators to avoid pollution let them be. Those aren't the ones that would actually like to deal with the challenge of dealing with pollution. It might be better for those to just turn pollution off in the configs.

    Don't let other mods be something that will be on the way. Think only of GT and GT only, maybe BC, RC and some other mod that GT plays very well along with.

    I agree 100% with Spwnx here;

    Just a quick note about one thing: Effecting certain blocks that can be everywere in the world is really difficult to do. With that i mean mostly all the ideas about pollution effecting any sort of plant. While i hope that vanilla plants extending vanilla behavior (Trees) create events i can catch and modify, there are many other plants i can't easily access. For example the crops. To effect them, i would need to scan EVERY BLOCK in EVERY LOADED CHUNK to find them. Same with most other mod plants. To effect the IC2 Crops i only have some hope with using reflection... Doing that for every mod i would like to effect... Meh...

    Well, I don't know how hard would be modify water, but turning into polluted water, would affect directly crop production.
    If Polluted water keep substituting normal water, crops will grow as if there's no water.
    Maybe trees growth wouldn't even be changed, as I assume they would be used for steam, that already will need clean water.

    I think that the simple way of doing is to only affect energy generation.
    Hit hard the source, and you will end affecting everything. I think that best way, would be find a way to pollute water, that is the source of for almost every generator. I think that would be good enough.
    If you affect both generation and consumption, you will be dealing a double penalty on players, that might be a little hard to balance;

    is it inappropriate to ask for the gravel, and sand small ores in GT6 be added to GT5u? combing the desert for tiny amounts would be better than nothing at all. Tin can just be such a pain in the ass early on, or even adding the option to use zinc wires in LV machine recipes. I have played GT5 through to HV+ at least 5 times, and except for getting lucky once, I always fight for tin early on.

    If I am just a unlucky minority then, ignore this request.

    Yes, I know how you feel.
    I started to play with Thaumcraft because how hard was to find tin.
    But then, I ended find a lot before even getting into alchemy.
    On my world, there's a huge vein even on the END, just to annoy me...

    The reason why i will not do that? Because it would invalidate a huge part of GT, namely all transforming beween different voltage tiers... If higher tiers would be the same or better efficiency, you would only build the highest tier machines and remove the low tier ones. The whole base would become one, at best two voltage tier/s and that would be simply booring...

    What? How is that a bad thing?
    Shouldn't we be playing to progress in the game? If I can afford to change all my machines to the highest tier, I should be able to.
    The transformers are still needed while you're progressing, but to downgrade and spam multiple lv machines in name of efficiency, is what I find extremely boring...

    And guys, I don't want to touch this again, but if pollution is a way to encourage less machine spamming, the 2xEU/tier consumption (and the decreased generators efficiency) encourage us to spam;
    Will we have to choose between pollution and efficiency or cleanness and inefficiency? Or all that will have an overhaul as well?

    That said, as a regular (solo) player, the only machine I needed to spam was 16LV generators, before I built my large Turbine, because GT kinda forced me to do it. I love how the Large turbine is more efficient than those LV ones, really felt like an upgrade. Would be better if I was encouraged to change LV turbines to MV, and MV to HV before going to the Large Turbine (hint: change turbines ef. from (85,75,66) to (66, 75 and 85) ). I would feel more like I am progressing.

    The only other thing that might force me to spam machines again, it is the fusion reactor, because Deuterium and tritium REQUIRES LV machines to process having a positive gain EU gain. And I hate this design.
    Give me a efficient Multiblock machine to process those, and I will fell like I'm progressing (the processing array is still spam machine to me).

    I prefer GT5 because of how much more there is to the logistics. The progress isn't spoon fed to you. You have a need to make more energy (because that's what's fun, right?) to process more materials and make bigger things to make more energy. You need to do much more complex designs in GT5 to get that power.

    With AE2 literally hundreds of machines get made, each with their own interface. One for tiny pipes, one for energy xtals, fluid extractor/solidifier combos for plates, nitrogen distillation for gunpowder for ITNT, etc. Even though the average machine gets used rarely they all have their use.

    If GT5's lack of linearity bugs you don't even look at GT6. There's no straight path in materials. What you get day 1 is what you'll use on day 100. You'll be able to utilize the materials more effectively and get more of them but at tier 1 you have to choose between bronze, lead, and about 20 other metals. How you get your machines to do the things you want to is up to the materials you choose. There's no set breakpoint.

    Well, I didn't say I prefer GT4, it was about the only thing I liked better, comparing now. And I agree with you, the logistics are almost perfect on GT5.
    And liked the ore veins too.
    I think my problem is with the old machines, really. If I could disassemble manually by hand, 100% efficiency, I would be happy ( I mean, I'd assembled it. So i know how to disassemble it too).
    But I understand that must be a balance thing
    I'm happy that I have this option with the IV machine (paying 20.000.000eu to do it), I just have to get used to it...

    I'm overcomplicating? Yes. Do I care? Not really, I just wanted to show my idea. If nobody likes it, it will fade just like all the others.

    I like the variety which we can destroy the environment, that would be fun.

    Technically, there is another exception: recipes that require a specific voltage. I think this mainly applies to the forming press, laser engraver, assembling machine, electrolyzer, extruder, and fluid extractor, though. Oh, and there's the higher chance of returning materials for the disassembler. However, I'll agree that other machines currently offer no incentive to build the higher tiers beyond the faster processing (and possibly less pollution once that gets implemented). Also, the macerator upgrade scheme is a bit limited, since there isn't much incentive to building at tiers other than LV and HV. (MV has no additional outputs; when recovering raw materials from machines, the arc furnace tends to be more attractive; and the stone/netherrack/etc. dust that ore blocks can give as the third macerator output can easily be obtained as primary outputs when macerating stone-type materials directly)

    GT5 Is great, but there's a thing I miss from the GT4: We progressed creating new machines, instead of more powerful versions of the same that we already have.
    I have a chest with lots of old machines, like lv and mv assembler, mv forming press and laser engraver.
    It's good to have this option to upgrade to a better version, but I don't like this idea of building a machine to use a few times until it becomes totally disposable.

    Well, yes, I understand that certain things are better to not to do realistic, I just didn't consider other kinds of pollution, like stone and ore dust, metal residues, etc...
    Now makes a little more sense.

    One thought: What you think about Ore Washer, Cutting Machine and other water using machines, producing dirty water? So it could be filtered and used again?
    I know it would be a little more complicated - as some machines would need a output tank, and different from multiblocks, they don't void excess fluid - but I think that this could be kinda good to finite water users...

    Maybe It's not a thing to do now, but to consider to implement later;
    I don't know Blood plans to this mod, But I would interesting if all high level machines ( >EV ) had multiblock versions (we already have a Smelter as a furnace alternative), So this output would be easy to do.

    And while I didn't wanted to go off-topic, I really want to say that I dislike the idea of the need of a Processing Array, for things like the fusion reactor.
    Don't get wrong, Blood's idea great, but to mitigate another problem: the higher's tier EU consuption, forcing the lv machines spam.

    End game I don't really wanted to produce tons of LV centrifuges to put inside a multiblock.
    I think that would be way better to have a Multiblock (maybe upgradeable?) version, like the Smelter - that would be way more interesting.
    As that seems more applicable to the Fusion Process than anything else, I think that just new Multiblock Centrifuge and electrolyzer would end that problem.

    I know that my idea isn't too different from crafting a few Processing arrays, It's just I'm tired of making XXX lv pumps and motors using bronze and tin. Higher tiers materials could have even more use that way.

    So, all machines will produce pollution, even being electric?
    That's doesn't make sense to me...
    I think that the generators could be heavy polluters, but machines should be clean. That would encourage
    generation and consumption on different places, and the use of power lines.

    One thing I was thinking, is how would be to make my generators on the nether: LHE arrays, turbines etc...
    They would charge crystals, that would be sent by Thaumcraft mirrors to my house on overworld, and inputed on a big battery buffer.
    Empty crystals would be outputted back to nether to recharge, using golems, of course, because they are cool.
    Not so practical, but seems very fun in theory.

    Affect water? Greatly increase cost to distill water, since the water is polluted.

    Machines that use water to produce steam would produce less steam and might even jam sometimes due residue.

    About my nickname: Yep, no vowels. It used to be Spawn, shortened to Spwn, then added an X to avoid the problem of "username already taken".

    I was going to say that, as the water is polluted, the boilers would spit boiling angry three-eyed fishes on your face, when you approach them. But your idea is good too.

    (Ah, Vowels, that was the word... Fixed!)

    Isn't AE2 must have with GT?

    Is that so?
    I was looking into, seems I would to need another tech tree, and I would need to search chunk generated meteorites. As I already explored A LOT, would be a pain to add it now.
    Maybe I do this weekend, seems fun though.

    How will polution work? Limiting the amount of boilers you can have per chunk? Or just adding up over time, until you remove it with some kind of filters or plants?

    So, after you produced a lot of pollution, some fiscals will spawn, and will charge you with a fine? Then you can pay it, try to bribe the guy - or kill them, and after that, cops would be coming, and from this point, it becomes a tower defense game?

    Seems too complicated, I hope the fines will be just a few diamonds or emeralds...