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    Well, you can estimate an approximate level by looking at the bar. 6000 heat means 40% durability cooling elements, which is slightly below half durability. I mean, it's imprecise, but +/- 500 heat doesn't really matter when you're aiming for 6000/10000 heat.

    Also, to make sure you get the 40% right, you can simply take a tool with a known amount of uses (like a drill with 150 uses) and use up exactly 60% of its energy reserve. For a drill, that would be 90 uses. The remaining bar is what you should compare the state of your cooling elements to.

    You forget the 300 rubber.

    That's because I never have a problem acquiring it. A 1-hour trip around my base netted me what you see in the picture. And I didn't even plant any saplings yet. Now, I was rather lucky to stumble upon a large chunk of rubber trees, but if you plan on making HV lines over 100 blocks long, chances are you are more than able to explore the area around your base a bit.

    It still is the most efficient way of transferring power over long distances without putting up a line of batboxes with 4 pieces of copper cable in between them.

    And yes, you lose 0.8 EU/block with a 3x insulated HV cable, but that's 0.04% loss per tile. If you, say, take a normal batbox output (32 EU/s), and transform it up to Extreme Voltage (2048 EU/s), and send it 100 blocks, then transform it down, the output will be 30 EU (30.72 rounded down). That's a negligible loss.

    Also, it's funny how you say 25 refined iron ingots(1 iron per 4 tiles, enough for 100 tiles) is a lot compared to 6.25 diamonds (1 diamond per 16 tiles), when 25 ingots = 12.5 ore, and I personally have a much easier time finding 13 iron ore than 7 diamonds, but that's just me.

    Oh, alright, there exist engines which work on gaseous fluids. But the point is, Geothermal generators don't. In real life, all geothermal generators utilize the power of the steam heated up by the geothermal process to work the turbines. That's just how it is.

    Right now, there are a few bugs with the quantum suit, yes:

    1. The Quantum Bodyarmor does not completely negate damage (fix confirmed).
    2. If sprinting using Quantum Leggings, jumping will reduce speed in the air to walking speed (fix confirmed).
    3. Falling from too high up overrides the Quantum Boots' fall protection, making you hurt yourself. Just now, I fell from about 60 blocks up, and suffered 7 hearts of damage while wearing nothing but fully charged Quantum Boots (fix unconfirmed).

    I actually am starting to like this idea. Fact is, neither geothermal, nor conventional generators can work on heat alone. You need some working body. Namely, water. Creating generator designs that utilize the heat of the fuel to the fullest is a great idea. This way, the energy values for different items can be increased without compromising balance - simply make those more powerful energy sources require more management - more water, more space in the "generator grid" (which can be between 3x3 to 5x5 depending on the tier of the reactor).

    Then why not go back to the drain energy every time you use it system? Give it just enough power for 20 hits but let those hits one shot. We already have the laser which can 1 hit enemies from across the map and it has enough charge for 10 shots. So why not let the sword do it too?

    The laser cannot onehit anything. You need 3 shots from the Mining, Long-Range or Scatter Mode to kill hostile mobs.

    WhyTF do you think plating gives 1000 hull durability to the reactor? It solely awards 250 (in 1.0)

    Okay, so it doesn't give 1000 durability. With 6 reactor chambers, you still only need 8 plating in 1.0 to get 18000 durability, so my post can be said to be 100% accurate for 1.0 :3

    Bugger it! D: Can the code please be changed?
    I had great plans for 18000 heat reactors :D

    Just a hint:


    2. Reactor Plating
    Reactor Plating serves multiple functions:
    It can store 10000 heat and will (though 10 times slower then a coolant cell), cool itself down as well.
    More important, it can transport heat to adjacent components. If a reactor plating is heated up by something, it will instantly divert the heat among all surrounding coolant systems. Even to other platings (which will again divert the heat, however, NOT to other platings anymore).
    Additionally, each piece of plating will increase the Reactor Hull's integrity, causing it to to take more heat before melting.

    Insert 8 plates into the Reactor, bam, it can tolerate 18000 heat.

    Would it be possible to output heat generation realtime, i.e. as soon as you insert heating elements? That would make it able to judge on the fly the amount of heat generated, and thus adjust the amount of coolant cells in the design.