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    I've been thinking about this, too. A generator is never just a box full of heat. It has to transform that heat energy into electrical energy. The main components are the heat generator itself, the steam turbine and the electrical generator.

    Now, this does increase complexity of electricity generation, and does make the start of a new world slower (as you need to create more before you are able to efficiently use the new machines). However, this does open some room for flexibility. Such as: a heat system for generators, a possibility to fuel several turbines from a single generator, or the other way, powering a single turbine with many low-power generators.

    Now, this does not apply to windmills and watermills. However, both conventional, geothermal and nuclear reactors can use this system. Would be especially useful for nuclears, as it gives a further use of their heat (higher heat -> higher steam pressure -> faster turbine -> more EU). The problem is, all the energy calculations go out the window with this method, so I am not sure Al will approve of this.

    3000 EU per lava bucket and refined iron.
    8000 EU per 2 lava buckets and 3 refined iron + redstone + cable.
    20000 EU per 3 lava buckets, and a ton of other resources.

    I mean no offense, but are you insane? The current EU cost on lava buckets is absolutely fine, no need to nerf GeoGens JUST after they became viable now that we can actually stack the damn fuel. It's enough of a hassle to haul as it is.

    In short, if your suggestion were to come through, nobody would EVER use GeoGens again.

    And it's not just about the low EU output. Nobody in their mind will use up Refined Iron (one of the most valuable resources in IC2) on some energy that can be produced by one-time investments like Solar, Wind or Water generators.

    On outward cooling: the reactor only considers the 3x3x3 cube with itself in the middle. Yes, Reactor Chambers are included in this cube (if any), but they do have 2 cooling per chamber, as opposed to 0.25 per air block or 1 per water block. No, the chambers do not have their own cooling cubes.

    On cooling elements: do remember that Reactor Plating only cools 0.1 heat/cycle, not 1 heat like Coolant Cells. Also, I am not sure on how much Heat Dispersers cool down. However, Water and Ice are NOT traditional cooling elements. All they do is extract excess heat from the reactor hull and vaporize immediately. They can only work if the reactor hull is not enough to vaporize them.

    This. Annoys. Me. So Much.

    A reactor going critical is a good thing. If a reactor didn't, it could never work. What you're referring to is when the reactor is supercritical, when it's heating up. Of course, it's always the most fun when all control is lost and the reaction goes prompt supecritical. Also known as "kiss your base goodbye"

    You do realize you are just nitpicking at naming, right?

    Yes. When you are using a jetpack, it considers you "off the ground", which gives you a penalty to mining speed. This applies both to jumping, swimming and jetpacking.

    You can, however, use a Mining Laser in Low-Focus mode to effectively have an insta-mining drill which uses slightly more charge per action (I believe, it's 100 EU/beam in Low-Focus, versus ~67 EU/drilling operation for a Mining Drill). So if you don't have EU shortages, and can afford to spend a few Energy Crystals on a Mining Laser, you can get a superior mining tool.

    Do keep in mind it doesn't support the use of a Batpack, but considering a single full-charge Mining Laser can be used a whole 800 times in Low-Focus mode, I don't think it's a problem.

    In BC 2.1.1, the smaller hitboxes are definitely genuine. In previous versions, you could not access a container or a machine from the side that was obstructed by a pipe due to the hitbox. However, in 2.1.1, you can completely surround, say, a chest, with pipes, and still access its contents through the edges.