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    actually i reinstalled my industrial craft and updated it then it stated working again. but my if i open my redstone chest then my game saves and quits. you probably can't help me there but if you can i'd like that. thanks.

    There are some items in that chest with items that have invalid ID's for your installation. Probably, reinstalling IC changed some block or item ID's, and one of those old blocks/items is in that chest. Did you tinker with the IndustrialCraft config file before or after reinstalling it? Do you have any other mods, like BuildCraft?

    It is possible to merge the Forge and IC properly, with everything working, picture is proof:…_Berg/workingjustfine.jpg

    What I did was simply:

    Install IC 8.50 (in this case, it still works with 8.55, but I use 8.50)
    Install Forge
    Install the conflicting .class files (gs and fd) from Industrially Improved Pickaxe and Nanosuit folders


    Note: this means the gs and fd classes are not forge ones. I am not sure how it affects the game, but so far I met no problems. Maybe if you install more forge mods, it will show. However, right now, it works flawlessly.

    How about producing antimatter from a self-made Large Hadron Collider? It would slowly, very slowly generate antimatter particles, and consume ungodly amounts of energy. However, those particles, when used in a generator, release several times more energy than what was used to create them, effectively creating a self-sustaining generator.

    The LHC would be very expensive, and require something like 32 blocks put in a horizontal circle (or square, in this case). Then, each block should be fed some amount of EU, and a certain "collector" block would slowly generate antimatter.

    Furthermore, this LHC would be able to be used to create all sorts of different elements from hydrogen (water as a source), including carbon (coal and diamonds), ferrum (iron ingots), etc. Every element would require a different program (could be set by right clicking with the EC Manipulator), and different amounts of time/energy. Effectively, this would replace the Matter Generator, only more complex, a bit faster, and more costly.

    I am not sure if it's possible to code such a complex, multi-tile machine, though...

    Actually i at first misread your idea, assuming you meant a block sending EU to players with the specific tool in their inventory. :3

    Dunno about your idea, but the thing i first understood would actually be a useful feature. Imagine you're mining underground, constantly receiving energy from your surface power-plant via an antenna :D

    I was actually going to suggest that myself. Wireless energy transfer is an experimental, and yet not very successful thing in real life, and was actually first attempted by Tesla himself. Therefore, such a wireless transmission device would be including a Tesla coil as an ingredient. That would make it expensive, but make the recipe create two, and then pair them with FreqTrans.