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    Boy, do I feel like a retard. The receiving MFSU had been connected to the OUTPUT side.

    Pardon for the trouble.

    Also, what is the point of glass fibre if it can't carry 2048EU? Does it have extremely small energy loss? Because with diamonds at its core, the recipe is damn expensive.

    The 512 eu current will later use the Glassfiber cables you can currently just get through TMI. So each has its own cable, but are usable downwards.

    Edit: To your problem, they currently dont work with a Redstone torch i think. use a Redstone dust (pointing into the transformer) OR a switch ON the transformer (cheapest way).

    Thanks for the reply, but it still doesn't work, neither with Glass Fibre, nor with HV Cable. Or does HV Transformer plain and simple not work at all in 0.90?

    HV trans from 512 to 2048 (HV).
    HV can solely be taken from and to HV-Transformers, for long-range transmission purpouses.

    Alright, then the question of cables remains.

    LV is serviceable by any cables
    MV needs golden cables
    HV needs HV cables
    EV (I call this extreme voltage, as I have no idea how you call this, considering HV is already taken by the 512EU part) needs HV cables as well?

    Oh, and what am I doing wrong here? The MFSU is fed from 10 geothermals, its output is facing the HV transformer through a HV cable. The HV Transformer is applied redstone power in order to transmit EV to another HVTrans, which should feed it into another MFSU. But it doesn't.

    Okay, can someone explain me what I am doing wrong here?

    The top is MFE, the bottom is MV transformer. The three-dotted side is pointing up, and is fed MV. Upon connecting a basic machine to any of the 1-dotted sides, it blows up.

    On that note, using a wrench to rotate machines is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Very easy to accidentally destroy. Very annoying if you want to make sides face each other or a wall, or a ceiling, or a floor.

    Not if you balance it right. I'd say enemies that can jump as high as a nanoboots-equipped person would are pretty scary and challenging, without being overpowered.

    It's the same for all transformers: 5 Sides have 1 Point, 1 side has 3 points. 1 point means Lower voltage, 3 points mean higher voltage. No redstone: High voltage goes in 3point side and will be distributed through the 1 point sides. with redstone: power goes in on the 1 point-sides and goes out higher on the 3 point side.

    Are you saying that in order to send high voltage, every sending transformer must be applied redstone power? That can be somewhat inconvenient.

    That's what the controller will be used for.
    F.e. you could just place it next to the reactor, telling it to emit redstone if heat > 5000. The reactor will then proceed to go on/off around that line.

    I was just about to propose the idea of such a controller. Will it be implemented in the near future? Also, will such controllers be available for determining the amount of EU in storage devices? Would be useful.

    I noticed not all machines can be removed using a wrench. These include:

    Mass Fabricators
    Advanced Machine Blocks

    The former 3 open their inventories instead, while the Advanced Machine Block remains completely motionless. Destroying it with a pickaxe yields a single machine block.

    How would you design a reactor that heats up, but does not melt any components without using a HD? I am pretty sure that unless some magic occurs for plate conduction/other interaction, this is impossible to do. I know that if you give a cooling cell exactly 2 heat per tick, it will melt EXACTly at the moment the reactor deactivates, unless I missed part of the model, such as how heat gets to the hull without a HD or orphaned reactor.

    I am pretty sure that you have to use the HD here. Or maybe, put an isotope cell against an edge of the reactor, I dunno.

    Now, I know Alblaka stated that until there MAY be released a world conversion tool, worlds with IC and IC2 won't be compatible. But here's the thing: let's say I delete all the items I've accumulated by playing IC in my current world. That includes all the placed IC blocks and all the IC items in the chests (this can easily be restored with NBTedit or TooManyItems later). However, there is still the problem of ores - they are pre-generated in the world, and the transition might wipe them as empty block ID's.

    Here's my question: I am not sure how the items that are supported by MCForge work, but surely they still have some item ID's and stuff? Will there be a configuration file where one could define the ID# for ores in a world, so that the conversion is harmless, and all the blocks are preserved by simply entering the same ID's for ores in IC2 as there were in IC1?

    Sure, if you get SpaceToad to code dynamic non-block-bound lights into the game.
    Otherwise, nope.

    Haven't dynamic lights been coded in before? There was the carryable torches mod, and there was the mining helmet mod. They did require alteration of like 5 base files, though.

    I like the idea of a refining agent for metals, but I'd rather it worked during MELTING them, and was called, you know, flux.

    From Wikipedia:


    Some of the earliest known fluxes were carbonate of soda, potash, charcoal, coke, borax,[1] lime,[2] lead sulfide[3] and certain minerals containing phosphorus.

    So, out of all these, phosphorus seems to be the most likely candidate. It would be mineable, and since there are 4 different types of it (white, red, violet, black), the violet one would produce a unique-looking ore.

    Phorsphorus could also have a wide variety of different uses, beside its main use as a flux: fertilizing plants (most IRL fertilizers hold ample amounts of phosphorus), and if somehow remade into white phosphorus, can be crafted into extremely dangerous incendiary bombs (white phosphorus is known for it's extreme chemical reactivity).

    Oh! And it could be used to create stuff that glows in the dark! (Phosphorescence)

    but what about the wires from Eloraams mods (RedPower) and the single use logic gates, isnt that much better to install than create an addon or make it in ic2? (will save a lot of time and effort)

    I agree with this, although colored cables are still a very good idea in case one wants to do some tight electrical wiring in walls etc. Especially useful for solar flowers and other kinds of generator clusters - prevents power leakages.

    Alot of machines have a 5% (I think) fail rate when wrenched returning only a machine block.
    MFE's, HV Transformers and Miners are exempt and won't fail, probably MFS's as well.

    There are a few more. Electric furnaces and watermills don't break either.

    Oh god, My head is about to explode from thinking too much about how I could use an ion can't be used to take down force fields, because it'd need to be portable for that, and a giant power coil isn't portable...but I can't think of anything else to use one for. unless there's a targeting system implemented, and you can hit places far away from the cannon itself.

    It might work in such a way that you have the machine itself, which charges the shot, and a certain kind of mobile targeting device, think of a combination between the FreqTrans and the Mining Laser.