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    Anyone bored, and want to help with designing/ testing a modpack? a base build is ready for testing, but it is open to additions and subtractions, along with recipe balance. Interested?
    (Note, recommended 4GB ram dedicated to Java)

    sure, why not?

    How about a laser to transform large quantities of electricity into heat and "transport" them? It could also be used to power high-end machine, for example in material processing, uranium enrichment or to start up a fusion reactor?

    well, the laser initiated fusion reactor would obviously use lasers to initiate the fusion, while tocamac reactors use microwaves I think. also, the laser would lose power in the atmosphere, especially when it is really high powered. how about a vacuum tube you run a laser through, though, for lossless heat transport?

    maybe something blasted away the ozone layer, and the radiation from the sun is the problem. in that case, the radiation would only appear in the day, when you have line of sight with the sun.

    there is a reason most games are about contest of some kind or the other.

    it's not a prototype. it's a different type of reactor. if you need a lot of energy from time to time, but not a consistent stream, the design I proposed is better. if you want a consistent flow of energy, take a tocamac. say, for running your machines, you could use a (small) inertial reactor - or a bigger one if we get really high end machines that actually use a lot of power, and maybe for running your magnificent monster of a base, automated processing, etc, you use a tocamac design. at the same time, fusion reactors should be so expensive that you really want them to just cut it (assuming they are going to be modular, which I think they will be). also, it would be cool (and make more sense) that, instead of weird energy crystal thingies, we have nuclear fission/fusion batteries, plus a very good (but not good enough to operate your quantum suit and tools off it) battery for a a kind of laser initiated fusion reactor in battery format. this would also allow for a kind of modular system for batteries, as you'd need cooling, a energy storage/fission battery to provide energy to start up your fusion one, etc.

    Double extender. A thing extends from the block, which is 0.5m tall, another thing extends from this thing, which is 0.75m tall. Success! Also would look cool visually, especially if you add the *ding* sound on the impact.

    or just make the hammer 2 blocks tall. I'm not at all an expert, but I don't think it's easy to get a lot of power behind that double extender thingy.

    and the screen would be red.

    EDIT: I'm currently trying to figure out the length of both cathetuses? catheti? of a triangle based on it's angles and the length of the hypotenuse(in a program), and failing. any ideas?

    Achievement get: Post something in the completely wrong place on the forums without searching first if something like that was already asked somewhere else.

    Aroma1997 got "Achievement get generalized: Post something in the wrong place on the forums."

    I know it's a joke, but this is for in game achievements.