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    1: ok.

    2: Did you register your Entity? Because when you spawn a Entity on the server and you didnt register it it will not spawn on the client. Minecraft automaitlcy spawns Entities on the client when they are spawned on the server. And if a Entity is on the client it can actually only see what you see, when its on the server it can see what is on teh server and things you actually maybe can not see.

    3: Entity Renderring allows you to render with OpenGL how you want to render things. You dont need a finalized model to render everything. Thats just there to make simple shapes easier to do but complex stuff is PureOpenGL renderring. So yes its possible but i am not as advanced with openGL to do those kind of things. I can do simple shapes with PureOpenGL but anything complex like you want is for me impossible.

    4: ok

    My Errors found.

    1: ElectricItem.manager.use() has a buildin chargeFromArmor call. So useless.

    2: You spawn the Entity on the client side so it has on servers no effect.

    My answers to your question:

    1: Custom IItemRender class with the draw call. From what i know Quantum Pack (the version i link to in my version) has a OpenSource renderer. That didnt change between 1.6.4 to 1.7.10

    2: Check my found errors.

    3: i think there is a function called canBeColided with or something. But that removes all Interaction code from other entities so you have to do that yourself then.

    4: read 3.

    ItemNBT is provided in the ItemStack. So you have per ItemStack a cooldown (in other words infinte cooldowns)

    The downside with your 1 Person can only do that is what if you play on a server? That means someone could setup a clock with the item that gets automaticly recharged and ensures that nobody on the server can use that tool. Even worse someone could build a contraption which ensures that he can control who is using the tool and who not. Which is kind of a problem.

    If you make a cooldown bind it to the item and not the entire server.

    to give you infos:

    ItemNBT = ItemStack.getTagCompound().

    That can be null so make a != null check before you make something.

    And a NBTTagCompound is basically a hashMap. you have your Key and you get the value from that.

    Question. Why dont you store the LastTime used in the ItemNBT?

    Then you compare the current time with the lastTime item used. So you can compare it better. And that allows you also to support fakePlayers.

    Just to point that out. I use the IC2Exp API still and i kinda want to get informed when you guys rewrite the 1.10.2 API because its also something i need to take care of...
    Thanks that i get that through the backdoor.

    Did you take out the Jar that is inside the IC2Exp jar and put it into your Eclipse/Idea lib folder and registered it into your aviable source?

    Because IC2Exp has a Library that it can't extract when its in a dev envioment. And that could cause the crash. (I had that issue already)

    What you tell herr Chocohead: Breeding is wasting uranium to get a product out of it to make a different type of Uranium.

    Thats not the case. Create a new term for that because breeding is already used for a different one..

    They can't really fix that since these values are auto generated...
    But what you can try is use IC2 scan command and do a recalculation of the values
    And then rescan the Obsidian.

    Since the values generated in the scanner code are random...
    (They use worldgen (which is random) to determen the base values of resources and all other values are based of these values then too)

    MauveCloud i may update the mod to 1.10.2 but not as addon anymore.
    If its going to be updated then it will be intigrated into ic2c.

    Because the calculation time would be way much reduced since i can process the caluclations while the game loads and the crops get registered, and i dont have to wait until the game is 99% loaded and then process the stuff.

    And on top of them i have kinda no interest in supporting IC2Exp anymore in that regard.

    That maybe for a dumb or dull reason but its going not to change xD

    Well in 1.4.7 and older versions where the Enet was fixed (it is not fixed yet in Exp) there was the thing that Transformers outputed 4 of the lower power packets. (in your case 4x512EU)
    And IC2Exp even supports that kind of API but they will not implement it because its harder to implement then the stuff that everything is using.
    Even so the amount of work is like 5 minutes max.

    You can't even implement the crop calculator in 1.10.2? I guess that's not really a big deal. Unlike the AgriCraft author, I don't mind experimenting a bit to see what I can get from crossbreeding.

    The calculator in itself? Yeah i could but i wont add that since most people wont use that kind of thing since you need to have a item to get it and it doesnt give you the best combo.
    And Agricraft is so simple that it takes no time to calculate... IC2 Crops are so complex that you can have a lot of cases to calculate.
    Its basicly a EnderIO AlloyFurnace.

    You can, the logic hasn't changed from 1.7. The difference is because JEI wants all the recipes it shows to be defined at game startup, all the combinations have to be worked out then rather than as it was running like NEI allowed you to do. Or at least that's what Speiger seems to be getting stuck with.

    Chocohead its not like that i can use the FMLPostInit event to start the loading thread if that would be possible then no problem... But i have to use the onLoadFInished event so that i get done as soon its done. And the calculation amount is really big and the sorting for duplicates to be removed is also not something that goes fast...
    And that would do the loading time really long or you wouldnt be able to load since i would have to lock the game until my stuff is beeing processed which basicly doesnt allow you to load worlds or join servers for that matter...