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    Just do a Checkerboard of reed and then breed in the middle.
    Do like a 25x25 area or 50x50 area then you have enough probing spots to get a really quickly.
    In IC2Exp its faster to get then in Classic since classic has more weak lvl crops then Exp.

    Ok here is a point:
    You have to give some players a reason to use something. If everything requires a complexity you only reach a certain group of people who like that feature. But those who want a relaxing phase or not a so hard entry into the mod to get compfortable with it get scared away.

    Yes the Cobbelgen upgrade is a solution to a problem. On the other hand those solution exist already in many different ways. How quick do you setup a cobble producer its litterly 2 blocks which are cheap and easy to make and then 1 lava and 1 water source. Thats all you need. There is nothing new or inventive about that.

    Using miners which arent designed for that type of thing are just an inconvience that stops the flow of the mod.

    Take for example crops: I hear people hate using crops in IC2. But i got people to love them in Classic because they were able to use things and understand things.

    The logic for breeding is still the same. the logic of the crops is also the same. Even so some tiny requirements got a bit loose but thats still the same if you look at it.

    But they can see: Ok i can do this and this and i will get this. Its not 100% chance but its also not something i cant see or cant control.

    On top of that you can speed things up but you have a price to pay when you use it. It makes early game use interesting and introduces a interest in going into other parts of the mod.

    On top of that a higher yield in drops for metals for example make crops much more worth using since you can actually have a option to generate resources in a "reasonable time"

    So what i did was:
    Make things visible for people, made it not impossible to obtain but still keeping a balance, and made things more worth in gaining them.

    These things are what IC2Exp lack a lot. I just got a request: Hey couldnt we make a addon for Exp that add Ic2Classics machines into it.
    Funny thing is one of my testers jumped in and said: Its easier the other way around to port Exps stuff over to classic then other way because its more open to those kind of things.

    But as i know i have no arguments in your eyes. No worry classic is anyway over but i can tell you those who played it will miss it more then when Exp will leave. I can tell you that for sure!

    THat may be true since its just a upgrade where you get items. but i think the logic comes into play with the things you can do with a basic buffer machine that can accept upgrades like these.
    Also its much more server friendly.

    Also it allows for small builds like a Cobbleworks.

    in 1.10.2 it has shields. Yes

    Also electric armor enchantments,

    Resistance to electric damage when you weared electrical armor (the armor did recharge from it)

    and also a lot of new jetpacks + new flight options with the jetpack.

    Also a laguneffected hovermode switch for emergency or common use.

    And a lot more. Like a Recursive crafter (Instant AE machine for normal crafting)

    but all these things are 1.10.2 only xD

    Have fun reading this

    Even ic2classic has 3D shields.

    With more durability or infinite Durability but uses Electricty to protect you.

    Hello! First, i wanna say that i love your mod. I started playing it (1.7.10) for nostalgia like a week ago, but there's one thing I miss. Enchantable drills. You could enchant them back in the MC1.4.7 IC2 version, is it possible for you to add that? Thanks for your time and keep it up!

    Electric Enchanter is the only way to do it. So you have a bit of an Extra Gap to do it.

    Its a more XP effiecent way of Enchant it costs eu but you use XP points instead of XP levels which saves you in the long run a lot more XP.

    Basically capabilities make with a EnergySystem Processor like IC2 has it no sense at all. It actually makes the System slower,
    more complex, and more likely to break. Since its a Global Manager that handles everything about EU.
    RFBased Systems dont work that way. Each individual part in a RF System processes its own little thing, which is actually more havy then a Global manager. Even if the Global manager is poorly written...

    Its overall less to process, more stable and has a lot of upsides to it. I am wondering why RF is not using one for their system. Because RF would benefit more then EU out of a Global Manager System.

    But yeah capabilities would bring in only more instability thats all what it provides, nothing based of Uniqe freedome, its actually less freedom for the person who handles the EnergySystem and is not a user of the build System...

    And the User can use a Interface the same as a Capability. Forge even adds systems that allow you to make interfaces more worth then Capabilities.

    Worst Idea ever... It will hurt performance in every single way and also breaks the EU network...

    On top of that Capabilities doesn't have to be persistend. The Enet relies on Relyability... Which capability can't provide

    With the 190th build or in that range Player "Improved" (what a bullshit) the Energy net and gave up one of the most important features of IC2.

    Equal destribution. On top of that that new enet was forced to now longer allow overflowing as player states. From what I remember. He could have changed that in the time its a long time since I lookt into ic2exps source...

    But basically I still state: The energynet of Exp is broken.

    Well to be fair it should be fairly easy to add a vanilla text flag to make them use vanilla/forge recipes.
    but player didnt designed it for it and he doesnt want to have it there thats why its impossible