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    Just a Note aroma. Its not my request that you add that kind of feature. Since i have already that kind of system installed and its fully compatible with ic2s current system...

    Did i say entire API? No!
    Overhaul is überarbeiten. That doesnt mean "You have to do everything of it" You only have to redo KeyComponents of it. And since i did point at the RecipeAPI that actually makes sense...

    Its a Overhaul of the RecipeAPI since your RecipeAPi doesnt support Custom RecipeOutput class. Overhaul doesnt mean that you have to replace everything but you have to do a good chunk of changes to make it actually work.

    Things that need a rewrite:
    -RecipeOutput Class: Needs a secondary function that shows all Outputs. Final Class modifier needs to be removed. +Maybe some extra functions to make fortune upgrades an some other things possible.

    -Machines: Need to support MultiOutput which they dont. All Machines are limited to what slot amount they have. It does not matter if they have 3 output slots. As soon there are 4 differend outputs the recipe will not be supported anymore.

    For you guys thats about 2-4 classes but the change that is requried to allow that is not as small as you think...

    From what i saw about that mod. Its not a good one. Instead of using the API how its supposed to be used its just hack into IC2Machines and just hopes for the best that it will get the EnergyData.
    Its unstable and not compatible with addons if they dont use the core classes and its not a good idea to use that mod at all...

    If you want a mod that supports RF=EU conversion properly how it is supposed to be here is one:

    It would also allow like sifter like recipes In IC2Exp.... On the other hand they would have to rewirte the API to make that happen since they dont allow RNG recipes. (In other words that what you ask for)
    Chance based Recipes. Or Recipes that change their output on Random calculation (or % chance) are not possible In IC2Exp with their current system and i doubt they change it. I did ask long ago for that kind of things and they didnt do it...

    Basicly EnderCraft:
    You have 1 Output Slot. Behind that Output Slot you have a OutputList.
    The Recipe injects the Items into the OutputList. The output lists tries always to inject into the output slot. It does then not matter how many outputslots a machine has since they do add stuff to the "To OutputList".

    That system allows you to have like 5000 differend outputs to 1 Machine that has only 1 output slot and everything is fine.
    And if the output list is filled with something that it cant push because the output slot is lockt then the machine wont run.
    And since IC2Exp has a upgrade call whenever a Machine processes something Upgrades could export stuff before it comes into the output list.

    Basicly: Recipe => Invisible Chest inside the machine (Also called buffer / List) => OutputSlot.
    Instead of: Recipe => OutputSlot.

    Or just make it possible that the machine has a output list which allows recipes to have multible outputs and the machine only runs when that list is empty...
    (Promoting that IC2Classic can have to any machine multiple outputs if the recipeList supports it)

    true on the other hand MauveCloud look up on the Wikipedia page what Pahoehoe lava actually is. Its basicly Lava that is almost to the state of beeing stone again. Still molten but you can compare its kind with almost cooled of wax.. Aka still hot enough to be a fluid but not as hot as lava...

    True but i never leave a "Missing Texture" beeing a thing. And also this applies only to machines/Electric Blocks and not to None Electric Blocks. Crops dont do that at all

    1. When placing crops I sometimes get a pink block before it loads the textures:

    That has something todo with IC2 using 1 BlockID for all TileEntity Blocks they have.
    This system saves on BlockIDs but causes all kinds of networking bugs and that what you discribe is basicly "Minecraft" waiting for IC2s network packet to update the Block on the ClientSide.
    They could fix that really 2 Ways:
    1: Remove this whole "32K BlockMetadata System" (Hard for them but it would remove all bugs they have with networking tiles)
    2: Place the Block with its "Possible" TileEntityData on the Client so that the client gets updated later but at least the pink stuff is not appearing. Also if packetloss is happening the client at least has a default made.

    IC2 Classic has this bug in a differend way to. Activity State & Facing gets set only on the server so Rotation updates when you place the block. But its not as worse since the data is not essentail for the Block and most Blocks have a default facing.

    to be honest i am not deep enough into IC2Exp code to tell what causes the bug exactly.
    But what i saw is that aroma had made like way to many "Sanity Checks" inside of the Enet reducing performance, + a lot of Extra Randomness which could cause you to waste power and also not distributing power properly anymore with multistructures, and a system that can not handle "IMetaDelegate (Its the code for multiblocks)" properly and will fail sooner or later.
    On Top of that Every EnergyAcceptor is also a EnergyEmitter and opposite which is a lot of Extra Calculation time.
    Cables seemed to be programmed ok but it seems that i was wrong on that point...

    So people say the enet is fixed in 1.10.2 thats wrong. They just added the core features back to it but its still not fixed in my eyes.
    But i am really happy that the didnt follow the hype of Making the Enet a capability based system because that would make server performance even worse...

    Potential bugreport:
    -Charger 4 items in a row and then removing the energy. That could turn into that you run into -EU
    -Charger that can charge other blocks checks every tick for the Blocks. It should cache the TileEntities and look if they are valid and if the coordinates are chunkloaded. (Because You cause chunk flickerring with that)