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    So to get the maximum output, I want to put it somewhere in the middle? Instead of towards the top or bottom?
    It doesn't tell me that it can't produce power in the BiomesOP sections, but it also doesn't seem to produce any power. But, given the information you just gave me regarding how much power it's supposed to output... maybe that was part of the issue.
    Thanks for the quick reply :D

    I'm currently looking into the kinetic water generator, and it seems there isn't much documentation on it... And what I can find isn't very useful.
    I'm using IC2 with Biomes OP installed.
    A) What determines the strength of the current for the kinetic water generator? Placing it near the surface of a Vanilla ocean and placing it near the bottom of a Vanilla ocean seems to have no effect.
    B) Does it ONLY check for Vanilla rivers/oceans? I've only had it max out with an iron rotor at 1-2KU/t, only in a Vanilla ocean. Kelp forest doesn't give me anything--although the UI doesn't tell me that I've placed in an incorrect spot, which some documentation tells me it should--, coral reefs (reeves?) don't give anything... etc.

    It already doesn't allow direct enchantment from the enchanting table for a reason. Enchantments screw up armour up to the point where things like Protection or Thorns can make it disappear when you're hit. I can't see why you'd want to enchant it anyway, because you're getting complete protection from the armour in the first place.

    On a slightly related note, is this also why Nano-sabers do/used to do the same thing? Same type of interaction? I believe I remember reading somewhere that hitting someone with an activated nano-saber had the chance to destroy activated quantum/nano armor on SMP...

    You have 10GB allocated??? If you have 16GB of RAM(witch you probably do), that won't work because minecraft itself uses 10GB of RAM but Java also needs some RAm so it uses 10GB for itself so it's 20GB in total. if you dont have that much RAM(random access memory, for all of you interested), then lower to like 5 gigs of ram.

    Minecraft using 10GB of ram? ._. On my desktop at home I only have 8GB of ram and I run it smoothly with ~100 mods loaded...

    The axles are a currently really badly written block, that is there to transport energy, not to distribute it. Therefore, the only side that can output energy is the opposite side that inputs the energy.

    Is there any chance that I might ask you to make them like cables, for distribution? I understand that isn't very realistic... although, if you want the realism aspect to it you could also have gears that rotate the axles effect 90 degrees. Just a thought, though I highly doubt it'll happen as a partially dead addon. :D

    Quick question as to how the axles work, as they don't have a texture. I'm toying with the addon because I increased the KU yield on wind generators by 1000 not realizing that KE generators can only produce 512 eu/t... In using the axles, it seems as though they only have one orientation which produces any output? I've been trying to orient them in the way that cables are oriented (which I'm only assuming is how they're made). Basically, what I'm attempting to do is have one Kinetic wind generator hooked to a bank of maybe 10 Kinetic Generators. I apologize if this is a necro but, I don't know where else I could go for clarification

    so essentially, I can pretty much only use KE generators to power them> Or a reactor... I'm pretty sure this next question is a no, but is there some way to spread KU thorughout multiple machines? it would be useful considering my wind generator is going at about 50000 ku/t

    In my world, I'm trying to speed things up a bit by creating a power block to an MFSU, to a terraformer. The terraformer theoretically needs 512EU/t. So, in order to speed things up because I was already cheating in using the damn thing, I decided I'd go into the .ini file and kinda change some energy generation/kinetic unit generation values to oh say about 1000... I now have a wind turbine producing 1.3E7 EU/t, and a block of semifluid generators with buildcraft fuel producing 32000 EU/t. My issue is: the internal storage of both don't empty quick enough in order to take advantage of the 1.3E7 or 32000 EU/t values. How can I get the internal storages to dump quick enough to power the terraformer(s)?
    Edit:I should mention just in case it makes a difference, although I don't have it turned on in config. I'm using glass fibre/rednet energy cables.

    I would also add to the above^ if you go grab MFR (which is wonderful for automation of practically anything you'd want to automate), you can use the rednet cables from the mod. They're universal cables, will connect to anything and transfer energy and convert it o what the block it's powering needs. Comparing to other mods, BC's oil and refinery method is one of the easiest to set up, especially with the pipes it provides.

    Hello everybody! Been a while since I posted anything in here but I have question, as I've begun playing with the mod (and a few others in conjunction with it) again. So, I was toying with steam generators, kinetic steam generators to get back into how everything works in ic2. Once I'd finished setting up my steam generator/kinetic steam generator for IC2, I figured, hey, I have railcraft installed! Why not try their steam? I also have mekanism installed, as their fluid pipes are sexy. Way sexier than BC fluid pipes. So, for giggles I set up a liquid fuel 3x4x3 railcraft steam generator, gave it water, gave it BC fuel for power, and just let it sit to accumulate steam while I toyed with other mod stuff. Once it was full, I tried routing the steam produced in the boiler to a kinetic steam generator. I wanted to see if I could get the steam generator all the way up to 4000KU/t. I know it will give me 1000eu/t. Unfortunately, with a steam generator and a basic heat setup I could only get to 200 hu/t with fluid generators and bc fuel. My question is: Why won't the steam routed from the boiler be accepted by the kinetic steam generator? Is there any way that I can make it so that it is accepted? If not, is there any way in hell that I can get that to 4000KU/t? I'm extremely curious.

    That is correct, it was to show the reactor inside. I would've only had 1 pressure valve removed instead of the chunk that I removed for photo purposes.
    Also, as an aside. I believe this is a bit of a bug, but it seems to have only been for me? It happened to me again, but I simply had to restart my world. Once I placed the full multiblock around the reactor and got the HU GUI up, I removed one block to place a cable, and it didn't connect again. Taking away the multiblock did not help. I restarted my world, placed a multiblock WITHOUT completing it fully and I was able to connect cables. Should I post this somewhere or...?