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    But aren't things that are primarily tools but can be weaponized (Mining Laser, Chainsaw) fair game? Granted lighting mobs on fire would see more use than burning down forests or ignited huge swaths of netherack, but I can still see a valid tool in this.

    Fairly sure the reason rubber trees don't have fast leaves was for identification purposes, to make them stand out more since they're not common enough for transparent leaves to really become and issue. Still, I prefer the look of fast leaves and the odd shape of the trees should be enough to distinguish the two types.

    I imagine he'd have the same problem using RP2.

    This idea is basically the same as NEI's magnet mode. I always kind of felt like magnet mode was cheating however and I wouldn't mind a way t make it more legitimate.

    Alright so either I don't understand exactly what this suggestion does or some of the people in this thread don't.

    Correct me if I'm missing something but this suggestion appears to be a sort of powered crafting table that if supplied with the materials to construct a given item and power, it will consume less parts than if you used a standard crafting table. Ex: Put in 6 copper cable, 2 redstone and 1 refined iron and get a circuit, 3 copper cable and 1 redstone. This seems like a reasonably good idea. Not necessarily something for core IC2 but at least a decent mod.

    Also, if making Titans would be heresy, how about lasguns? I could always use more lasguns.

    Just had a thought. The town could start with nothing but standard equipment (furnaces, crafting tables, etc) but by trading with the player they could obtain metal and redstone they need to industrialize. On their own they aren't capable of gathering those materials for some time, meaning that players can't just raid their towns for supplies without having given them the materials themselves.

    I'm with Alblaka on this one. I get where they're (supposedly) coming from about not making people download large sections of the mod they don't want, but I don't know anyone who would only want a part of Redpower or Buildcraft. One link I don't mind, but five is overkill when you want the whole thing anyway.

    Something like that will most likely hung or explode your machine, since stone its the Number 2 block in terms of numbers (Air being the first). Add that to the fact that it will drop every single stone and those stuff its what causes the lag during several nuclear explosions...

    I believe it can also be configured so they don't drop anything, resulting in a massive subterranean cavern.

    I tried the mod you mentioned but every time I break any block the game crashes. No idea why, tried do a minimal mods run using only forge+that mod, yet it still crashed. Anyways, looked like an interesting mod and put the crash log on the "official" forum of that mod.

    Probably should have mentioned I haven't actually used it yet (having thought it was for 1.3.2 until recently) so I have no idea how well it works.

    Treecapitator has a companion mod called "Connected Destruction" for 1.2.5 which basically does just that. Plus you can also make it break an entire ore vein for easy mining or all the stone in the world if you're completely insane.

    Well griefing and not hunting down an Ender Portal/making one in your base. It's been a long time since I really checked, but isn't it possible that the three fortresses the game spawns won't actually contain a portal room or that it will be broken?

    I dunno... imagine if they started using proper machines etc. What would stop someone like me from going on a raiding spree raiding all villages I see and steal all their machines... Why would you look for a rubber tree when you can go straight to the source and just take what NPC's build. I'd turn into a bandit but villages wouldn't know it and let me in to raid them and them move on.

    Good point. Even if you lose some of the machines when you wrench them it's still free mats. They'd need some kind of crime system that would cause them to become hostile if you did, maybe siccing Iron Golems on you or something.

    I've never looked into it, but I wonder if it's possible to make a millenaire culture that would do this? Would be interesting to check out.

    Theoretically it could be done. I looked into something like this last time I used Millenaire and didn't see anything that would stop it other than block ID problems. I don't know if anyone has ever designed a Millenaire Civ to use blocks from another mod though.

    No one is asking for help in the last page or so.

    Wait, does tekkit steal your username and passwords? I decided to see myself what all the fuss is about and I was aghast by the launcher. Will the data packets be intercepted? Is it secure?

    Yeah, the launcher is secure. I used it for months with no problems. Something about sending the username/password combo to the same Mojang servers as the regular launcher.