What to target extra EU with ?

  • Hello,

    I've been wondering, what are people doing with the excess EU boiling out of their generators/etc, that ends up not to be burned into their daily routine or UU matter generation ? Are there mods who do consume a lot of EU to achieve (insert goal here) ? Generally I'm mostly curious, as I found myself stacking up no EU and lacking a goal to burn them with.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Teleportation grids with GregTech power systems to make UUM harder to get, and more expensive.
    Also a Force Field grid.
    Also doesn't hurt to use a GregTech computer cube and other things to automate my Industrial farms, save for the crossbreeding, which I don't think could be automated due to weeds.

    Also, if it gets updated and works, use EU to power a Trains and Zeppelins mod tram system in a massive complex with Railcraft and ComputerCraft to automate rail switching so no part of the base isn't accessible from one station.

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  • I usually make some aditional Mass-Fabs and if RP2 and GregTech are present i like to make some automatic factories.

  • I store it in gaint LESU Towers holding the max 2 Billion, then use that in my insanely EU Expensive Nuclear Missile Silo to threaten people with.