Suggestion: Flamethower >:D

  • Probably has already been suggested but I'd figured I'd put in a post anyways. I just like to set things on fire: monsters, animals, friends, entire forests for appearently no reason. And I though, "Why isn't there something that lets me burn things from afar with ease?" Crazy that there isn't I know but here's my suggestion.

    So I figure it should be in 2 parts like most things in IC2. A weapon item and a pack item. Both filled via the canner.

    There were options I thought about for fuel with and without other mods.
    Without mods
    Extracted biofuel making bio-diesel
    Maciated firecharges which is then crafted with biofuel
    Maciated netherack which is then crafted with biofuel
    Or any combination of each

    With mods
    oil or extracted oil to make diesel
    oil, water, and maciated netherack to make napalm

    Possible crafting formulas could be

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:
    :Fuel: :Refined Iron:


    :Refined Iron: pipe | cf sprayer
    :Fuel: :Refined Iron:

    Flamethrower Pack
    :Fuel: :Refined Iron: :Fuel:
    :Fuel: :Jetpack: :Fuel:
    :Refined Iron: pipe :Refined Iron:

    Functionality would normally act like a wand of fire from thaumcraft with 2 alterative mode of fire one acting like a fire charge which uses a bit more fuel and one acting like a ghast shot which uses up even more. I would love you long time if this was added.

  • But aren't things that are primarily tools but can be weaponized (Mining Laser, Chainsaw) fair game? Granted lighting mobs on fire would see more use than burning down forests or ignited huge swaths of netherack, but I can still see a valid tool in this.

  • I guess griefing is primary reason why vanilla minecraft doesn't have flammable potion (aka "molotov"). However sometimes it can be extremely helpful - for example to quickly clean mine from mobs/slimes.

    - Always yours, captain obvious. ;)

  • But its for Science!


    it actually sound funnier to me, when mythbusters do a stupid experiment, and I think of that.

    The Viper will hide in the shadows... unseen... unheard... and when you least expect, she strikes.

  • For science or not, weapons are mostly denied before the mythic industrial conflict addon comes out (like many said, if it ever comes), but nothing stops you from suggesting a tool (which is the "main" use of it) that can be used as a weapon, an example is the mining laser.

    Closed for enough off topic science.