Machines conducting electricity (rp2 style)

  • Oh boy..this is probably going to be a big no-go again for some reason but well..

    anyway.. It'd be quite convenient if machines were capable of conducting electricity to other machines just like in rp2. (with some kind of fixed energy loss of course to prevent lossless energy transmission)

  • I do like this idea, but I don't think it'd work well with what we have now with the input and output sides of energy storage devices and transformers.

  • mm well if it was only enabled for "consumers" like macerators, furnaces etc.. since those are usually found together anyway ...(well i'd also like to have this for solar panels but that's a whole other subject^^)

  • i think you're going into a bit of too much detail here.. following that point of view i could also say that no one connects the dishwasher to the main power line..right?

  • It's convenient, but it's also a behaviour change that would break a bunch of setups. Not that that's necessarily a terrible thing, but it needs to be considered in that light.

  • Since my Automation Devices can transmit Power to Machines (chaining Buffers for example) I know that it can be quite Problematic in things like Power Transportation. If I wouldn't connect my Main Powerline to them in a Parallel Cable, then my Factory would pretty often Stuck at some Points.

    Same Problem with Redpower Machines. If one thing Consumes all the Energy, then one cant disconnect the Machines from each other to make sure, that the other ones get their Energy first, before getting it to the large Energy-eater.

    Thats, why I like and hate the Blutricity of Redpower. Its one Main Network, which is impossible to be seperated from other Networks. And that is what would ruin the control of IC²-Machines and their EU.

  • How about making this as a GUI option in the machines (like redstone behavior button)
    A mode to disable energy sharing (default mode)
    Another mode to enable energy sharing

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  • Just make it an upgrade, like overclockers/transformers/storagers, so that it is an extra cost, and toggleable.

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  • Stacking upgrades causes the machine to pass along more and more EU/t?

    With this, I kind of wish that the "Pass-Through" upgrade was not stackable and so the machine that the upgrade is in would only pass EU to adjacent machines, then it could be chained by using multiple upgrades in multiple machines. In terms of EU transfer limit, I would say to treat the voltage as whatever went into the first machine, with the exception of EV (I have no idea how feasible this is), and each machine should be treated as a HV cable, no insulation (refined iron in machine block), minus the shock, in terms of loss, thus requiring more efficient setups.

  • I would really like this, but for terms of balance and simplicity, either a toggle (like in thermal expansion) or an upgrade modular should be implemented

  • I'd rather have a "Cable upgrade" which makes a machine work exactly like a cable of their tier. A macerator with one upgrade would work like a copper cable.
    Every cable upgrade increases the tier of cable, like this : Copper (1) -> Gold (2) -> Iron (3) -> Fibre (4) -> Special conducting (5) [HV + Fibre]
    If machine is receiving packets higher than it can transfer like a cable, upgrades inside it will fry, and get destroyed.
    Transformer upgrades are also needed or machine won't be able to accept high tier voltages.