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    look guys.. you are all right,

    YES it has been suggested countles times before.
    BUT, alblaka denied it on several ocasions just as lightning rods were denied so many times before (forgive me)

    just stand back for an moment and think technically, imagine the instant covering of an nuclear crater WITH and dust that has an lava/water like methode of interacting with the player. it would couse some serious lag for players not using powerfull computers to run it.

    lets ignore the above text an moment and think diferent again,
    you know what? im not what i used to be to criticise idea's so i wil go with my old answer.

    u want it? MOD it urself :)
    hapy coding sir

    what am i doing wrong!! :P

    i have frames, an motor, electricity. and yet i stil cant move one stupid frame "insert epic sigh"

    DAMN I HAVE TO FIGURE IT OUT! "sounds of mayham and destruction"

    can someone help? as for now.. back to painting the hold of the ship..... "sigh"

    FenixR swallow your negative comments an moment, i for one agree on this.

    simply give an "insight" in what you are dealing with is an good idea. it wil give them an knowhow of what they need to do and they wil understand the waiting is longer becouse of that.

    say urself, would you like to have an little bit of information? i would, i would suggest make an "status topic" about what they are dealing with. (and posibly ask advice to the comunity they set up)

    and rofl (nerds behind an computer) this wil go to the offtopic quotes thread :P

    agreed on the additional generators part,

    it seems a lot of ppl want new generators (including me) so making it compatable with BC Fuel (no oil) seems only more then fair.

    forge hooks might be needed for this, but it shouldt be an real isue to code i presume (correct me if i am wrong)
    as the fuel part, it needs to be refined to run in an nice generator. (or crude oil with les eff (i dont know))

    the turbine to transfer bc energy to eu... wel, typing it out:

    one bucket of fuel inside an combustion engine (lets say for demonstrations sake 50k of power) should transfer into 50k of eu.
    while on bucket of fuel inside an generator should equal the same 50k eu.

    as far as that goes, i dont know further. maybe someone else?

    -quite obviously an joke suggestion-
    wel lady's and gentlemen i think its due time isnt it?

    to hand FenixR his certificate of being an asshole :)

    what do you all think? does he deserve the titel or does he need to prove himself even more? correct and rude.
    to make an long story short.

    yes or no? all up to you

    so basicly you suggest the mining dril should have an "spinning" animation?

    im not sure, it would create lag for those with not to super powerfull pc's

    not sure it is an good idea ;)

    Added a link to the tutorial video. Info is in the annotations. The audio was disabled because my mic didn't work very well and the audio was desynced anyway. Most of what I do in the video is pretty self explanatory if you have some experience in redpower 2 and IC2.

    nice job bro, im sure this wil help alot of ppl making an bucket casuc, but for noobs. its recomended to start with using ice

    i like the idea of an in game GUI for the minder, adding one specific ore and it wil target that ore.
    leaving no ore inside, uses the default in the config.

    seems verry nice, and posible to do codewise throu forge hooks (for example. copper ingot wil target ALL copper ores listed in the forge dictionary)

    simple, posible. good!


    passing was right on that part, (edit, WAS right)

    we had an hard time to shoot down those guys who wanted to nerf it. (they were hard headed)
    wel....actually we didnt have an hard time XD more an fun one.

    but hey, dont know if someone said it before. quantum is made to make you god. (at the cost of some serious serious power to produce) and after that to ceep it charged.

    feel those 2 things? right hand, alooooot of power. left hand. being an complete god.

    i think its perfectly balanced as it is right now :D

    (i didnt flame here, couse i can understand the fact that u wanted to nerf it. but not the need)