Suggestion: Some sort of Industrial "Enchanter". (None of this magical crap)

  • While many of the things added in 1.0/1.9 were forgettable and stuff I don't care about, the things that intrigued me were enchanting and brewing. Chemistry, a more powerful industrialized version of brewing is confirmed, but enchanting is a big blank. The abilities to enhance your tools to gain extra loot or do their job faster were quite interesting. However, I understand that the Forge team is working on an isEnchantable hook to prevent enchantments on Forge mod items and that while you can enchant IC items now it is a risky and save-corrupting procedure that often does not even have the intended effect. While many enchantment effects can be overcome or reproduced, silk touch is not one of them. The ability to get a tool that could mine things and get it in its pure form was awesome but I don't want to have to go down the whole rabbit hole of the normal Minecraft endgame to get an enchanting table and a normal pick to Silk Touch, so could there be an industrial equivalent of enchanting, at very least for Silk Touch?

  • I agree with you. This should definitely be implemented. I'd prefer some sort of device attached to drill which can be turned on and off and cost additional energy.

  • Industrial Enhancer (not enchanter) and chemistry lab... I approve!

    Just remove any mention of Enchanting and potions and make it use real ingredients like sulfur, dry ice and hydroperoxides etc. Add more diamonds to your diamond drill and make it break down into a normal diamond drill again after a while etc. The effect would be you get dusts as you mine instead of ore blocks.

    I don't know really. It's problematic too, improvements IMHO should be temporary. Having a super diamond drill that gives you 2 blocks (magic) is really not that great. Making it dig faster when we are already nearly at the limit of how fast it can dig without looking totally stupid is also kinda silly.

    Maybe a mining drill that drills two blocks really fast and inserts a dynamite stick in the hole. It consumes energy AND dynamite sticks. I has a cooldown of .5 seconds before it can dig another 2 block hole and insert a new stick. Perfect for clearing out large underground areas if you have dynamite, useless without dynamite.

  • Maybe some sort of "galvaniser". You'd put your tool in, the galvanising material and fuel. A different material would have a different effect. For example, if you galvanised a tool with iron, it would increase speed/damage/protection. If you galvanised with diamond, it would increase durability and so on. GUI could be like this:

    G=Galvanised tool

    :Refined Iron:
    :Bronze Sword: -> G

  • How about extra parts? i mean make a special "Enhancement" table which will use Energy + a especially crafted tool/extra part + the thing you want to "enhance".

    For example, make a new item called "Silk Drillhead" which will give a drill or diamond drill the "Silk Touch" Enchantment, then you just need to put this part and a Diamond Drill in the Enhancement Table, supply the table with EU and wait for the item to be sucessfully enhanced. Kinda like the enchantment table but instead of using EXP it will use EU, and instead of being craptastically random on what enchantment it gives you can select what you want with these "Extra Parts". Of course recipes for the extra parts may or may not be expensive + The amount of EU used equally expensive to not make it such a "Easy modo" thing.

    Of course i dont know if such thing its even possible in the first place with the currents API's and what not :P .

  • -- Literally a zinc (probably tin since as Eloraam pointed out, there's already a few kinds of soft white metal in the mods) coating to prevent rust. That's all it does. Refined-iron tools would be a better option (logically like galvanized structural steel).

    I know what actual galvanising is, I meant a coat of a specific material to produce a different effect.

  • I know what actual galvanising is, I meant a coat of a specific material to produce a different effect.

    Oh, you mean like electroplating?

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