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    i have recently installed a mod with ic2, the other mod doesn't have an id config file and ic2 wont let me change the ids unless i convert my world. i want to use the other mod as a part of a youtube series so i cant get rid of it.
    Help me! <snipped annoyance>

    define: "Other mod"
    and as many would say: logs or it never happened.

    EDIT 2: Pocket Refrigerant are complete. They protect you from fire damage and let you swim in the lava.
    <image snipped>

    ooh, shiny. sounds like a nifty way of plugging one of the problems with modular power suits: lava protection. (a full q-suit gives you nice fire protection but wow is it expensive)

    What's the energy cost going to be like? Cost per fire tick prevented or something like that?

    "Add back"? You realize the original advanced machines never had that feature, thus one can't "add back" a feature that never existed.

    two things:

    1: provider pipes at the chest (or a mk2 chassis pipe with a provider module and itemsink module)
    2: supplier pipe on the bottom of the mass fab. (NOT a chassis pipe, the passive supplier can only fulfill a supply request if there's something traveling through the system)

    Though it'll work better if you store and supply scrap boxes and not scrap as they last longer.

    I just set up the "Very High Speed Breeder" and startet running it.
    In the description it says, that it takes 60s/Uranium. But it took a whole cycle to re-enrich the 8 depleted cells.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    two things:
    1: how many heating cells are you using? Select Additional Information then highlight the cell to see the number used. (in this case, 60)
    2: is the reactor fully heated up? It takes a while to get up to temp. Best way would to use stuff from the Nuclear Control mod to see it's exact temp.

    Im Playing the DW20 modpack part of FTB and iv hit a point where iv got everything but a Ultimate Solar Helmet but as DW20 is uesing compact solars i can get it. Can you plaeas add a config option or crafting recipie that switches the Ultimate Hybrid Solar with The VH solar. It would make quite a lot of scence aswell.

    Sory for incorect speling if there is any.

    try reading, this has been posted many times already.

    so its not possible to change what comes out when i smelt dusts? and i know omnitools but i cant make that automatic and i hate doing it manually.

    only other way is to stuff it into an autocrafting system of some kind to block it up then de-block it. It should come out consistently one type of ingot.

    I would love the ability to disable this spam, or at the very least have it spit it out once and only once into the log.

    With the 1.112 betas, which are needed for Minecraft 1.4.6, my server log grows to hundreds of MB very quickly. I've tried the industrialcraft-2_1.112.183-lf.jar version on the IC2 Jenkins and it's still a problem. It seems to be related to base IC2 machines not implementing their own API correctly.

    That's rather odd given i've not noticed anything like that via the server I run. (running 112.176) All I get is the usual startup spam (which is steadily getting larger)
    Also don't notice it on the client when i'm testing something in the test world.

    I was reading on the MC forums an article that is shedding some light upon the urban legend known as the "modding API" and what I gathered from that mods like Optifine are going to be extincted as it directly modifies the game engine and that includes other API's like forge. Now I might have misread that article, but that is how I understood it. Also mod delivery would be handed at the start menu of the game, rendering MC forums useless.

    Sounds a bit odd given I heard direct from cpw (in one of Direwolf20's server videos) and he said that forge will basically just "extend" the API, not act like the complete solution that it is right now.

    edit: so annoying how an outdated API can mess with things. removed the extra bees IC2 api folder and everything works.
    crash upon placing a rotary macerator:

    Hi Sentinmel!
    I'm here to suggest something.

    At first, here are the reasons why I will suggest somethings:
    1- I think the Advanced Solar Pannel is too easy to get. 1 Advanced machine, 1 Advanced alloy (for the reinforced glass), some circuits and 1 Ura ... that's not a lot of ressources for something that can store energy, produce 8EU/t and 1 during the night.
    2- Even if I like the fact you implemented some rare ressources for its creation (eg. Uranium), I dislike the fact it makes it obsolete as a Fuel for Nuclear Reactor. I guess servers using your addon don't have a lot of Nuclear Reactor ... even no one would I say. What about making it based on diamonds ? (because, diamonds could be useful as a transparent material).

    If you don't like the default recipes then enable hard mode ones... as stated right there in the OP.