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    When I port the map I am working on to 1.4, I will deploy a 10440 EU/t nuclear plant. I'll need a lot of help keeping it fueled though. Maybe I can employ some of the spambots.

    hmm.. if there's nowhere else for the cells to go (like the only empty spaces are where the cells go after they're removed) than logistics pipes may work.
    You'll need a chassi pipe mk1 and a supplier pipe connected to each reactor.
    Inside the chassi pipe goes an advanced extractor mk3 set to remove any depleted cells. Then the supplier pipe is set to supply the correct number and type of cells. You'll obviously need a few autocrafting tables with crafting pipes and associated supplier pipes (or modules) to support this.

    edit: redpower would of course work as well but i'm only mentioning stuff that works now.

    Related: Minecraft is why I will never own a brand keyboard. I just replaced my old one, which had WASD and space flat, and T a little bit too.

    Cheap keyboard? i've got a Microsoft natural here i've had for many years where I have yet to wear anything out. Course it was something north of US$70 when it was new.

    Since Railcraft needs it for its awesome Steamenergy, even i have installed BC. Railcraft is awesome. Buildcraft is just needed stuff.

    same here, I only use it for the pipes, redstone engines, gates and facades.

    though I did hear something on Direwolf20's recent videos how CPW make it so pipes are less likely to drop an item. instead of dropping on a full inventory it'll go back into the pipe and travel elsewhere.

    after a few days of trying...i am unable to create a perpetual boiler->turbine->whatever setup. have not tried a steam engine/transformer. i did, however, find that iron tanks can store steam, which would be a great method of storing power outside of the boiler, as long as you can cope with the loss from using pipes.

    to really make a boiler work you need some kind of automatic farm (be it tree for charcoal or a peat bog from forestry) and some kind of automatic feeding system.

    Logistics or redpower works for this but redpower isn't around for anything past 1.2.5 yet and logistics is only up to 1.3.2 at the moment.

    also note that while iron tanks can store steam you won't be able to get it out fast enough to do anything meaningful with it.

    Any mod that can filter items based on damage value should be able to selectively extract a drained crystal from the battery slot on the bench, or the appropriate slot on a MFSU. Logistics Pipes, RedPower (when it finally comes out), etc should work. All sides of a bench have access to the battery slot, so the advanced wooden pipe (I forget what mod adds that) should work as well, and it might work for the MFSU if you can come up with a way to send items in through the wooden pipe as well as accept them from it. Does that help?

    already tried it with logistics, didn't work. the advanced extractor just pulled out the partially charged crystal. for 1.3.2 there's basically no way of extracting things based on damage value.
    meh.. guess it'll wait until 1.4 when mystcraft shows up as a mods folder mod.

    Sorry to revive a dead topic, but could you make the furnaces give xp? I hate using the vanilla furnace all the time because it's so slow. You could add it as an option if you are concerned about people abusing macerator-furnaces.

    it already does, I get xp when removing stuff from the induction furnace fine. (the manual one not connected to the logistics network)
    doesn't work on modded items or ores yet though.

    Reported a million times, will disable sounds by default on the next beta

    it sorta looks like the next beta may be the last for 1.3.2 as 1.4 just hit prerelease. so, eta of 2-3 weeks until Forge under ideal conditions.

    Is there an uncharging bench or a way for the charging bench to act as one?
    Trying to come up with another way of transferring power (currently using lava cans) from the nether that doesn't involve using up a ton of tin on cans. (no mystcraft. need forge > 247 for other mods)
    charging up a crystal works great but I can't think of a way to drain a lapotron reliably. (mucking about in a test world)

    Pretty sure this may be alleviated when Redpower releases, as it adds quite a bit of Copper into the world on its own...

    Until then, Industrial Veins and Nether Ores are good alternatives to derive from for the time being...

    except one isn't really supposed to keep multiple sources of copper and tin turned on. with RP2 in place I generally only keep it's copper and tin enabled.
    besides, I had to do something with all that copper. after a max size quarry run I had like 3 stacks of 64 copper blocks.
    in other news: BC quarries are are *slow* as hell... better part of 3 days to finish. I miss frame quarries.

    edit: whoo, project gravisuite chestplate just cleaned me out. down to a stack and a half of ingots. :) (it's why I built a reactor in the first place, needed the power for uu-matter)

    Somehow i actually ended up copper starved in my 1.3.2 world. Got to the point i'm making copper ore with UU lol.

    I'm blaming solar panel spam (never used them much before), those cables eat tons of copper once you start cranking HV arrays...

    I'm using dense ore age + filler (and standing under it collecting stuff into forestry backpacks) for my mining, as without working chunk loaders quarries are useless. Currently mining from Y~=30 upwards (i have more than enough diamonds / gold / lapis / redstone to last a few decades).

    Reactors are also particularly bad on copper. The one I just built munched 2.5 stacks of copper blocks. Plus a set of 7 quad uranium cells munches quite a bit more when it needs a refill.

    it appears that 1.3.2 changed the dynamic from craptons of unused copper (in 1.2.5) to craptons of unused tin with 1.3.2.

    couple relevant screenshots: imgur album
    built in 1.3.2 on a private server.
    8 cobble gens from thermal expansion that drop cobble directly into 8 recyclers that then have their scrap pumped into 2 generators via advanced insertion pipes.
    one needs about 4 recyclers per generator. Would have been easier with tubes on the generator side. the advanced insertion drop stuff once in a while for some odd reason. had to build an obsidien catch system.
    Currently makes 12 EU/t after recycler overheat.

    basically built it for two reasons:
    1: Because I could
    2: needed some power at night.

    probably a hell of a lot more expensive than other day and night generator alternatives but it was fun to build and tweak.

    edit: just had to add a 9th recycler to the setup to keep the second generator running all the time. so down to 11 EU/t now.

    IC2 already stores your IDs alongside maps and fails if IDs mismatch

    already know that. the nice idea is that if you can just hand out a map with a mod list and it'll handle the IDs that'll vastly simplify things.

    Just wait until cpw implements @Block, which is his proposed way of autoassigning block IDs and syncing them from server to client in multiplayer and per world in singleplayer.

    ooh, shiny, the block id sync has been needed for a while. Would also vastly simplify adventure maps if it stores IDs in with the save.

    I've found a bug. When compressing a stack of copper into dense copper plates it gives me a full stack of dense copper plates, instead of just 8 plates.

    not to mention the same thing with netherrack that I reported several pages back is still broke.

    it appears any recipe that takes more than one input material is broke

    About two days ago (was it even running then?) it seemed laggy for me, but after a computer restart it pretty much resolved itself so I think that was just me using too much memory.

    It's like that all the time for me. about half the time when I click a link I get no response. I do a refresh and it finally appears.
    No, it's also not just me, basically every other site I visit is just fine. Aside from MC forums but that's hardly surprising given how Curse badly mismanages that site.